64 Invitation to the Slime Festival

「Excuse me, but I found a certain someone right before my door, do you have any idea?」

There was a nonchalant voice from the side.

The owner of which was Marion’s mother, Jessica.

She held a pink slime in her hands as she climbed the hill.

「Ah, Punyobaron! Thank you very much for bringing him here!」

「Ara, is this slime yours? He’s very comfortable to the touch」

「Is that so!? It’s an honor!」


Punyobaron jumped out of Jessica’s arms and came to Cindy’s side.

Despite rolling down the hill, he appeared absolutely fine.

That said, it’s not so easy to diagnose a slime anyway.

「I see. Does that mean you a slime tamer? Here for Punigami-chan?」

「Yes. I’ve heard about a colorful slime in this village. His color and might were the real deal, so I’d like to extend an invitation to the slime festival! Please participate by all means!」

「If I remember correctly, it’s an annual event where every slime tamer gathers in one place」

「Oh, so you are aware!」

Cindy looked happy.

This village’s awareness of slime tamer is on the low side, so she might’ve been feeling anxious about it.

Thank goodness, Jessica is the knowledgeable one.

「More than two thousand slime tamers gather in one place on this occasion. Exchanging pointers is fine. Competing is fine. Sharing knowledge is fine. A big event for slime enthusiasts!」

「T-Two thousand…..」

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Iris nearly spewed blood at the mere thought of it.

Just one Cindy was enough to force her to hide behind Marion.

Multiply that by two thousand.

In addition, they share a common topic in slimes and are more likely to initiate a conversation.

The difficulty level is much higher compared to simply visiting a city.


Lethal even.

「I-I’m afraid I have to de……」

「Puni! Puni!」

「Do you want to go?」


「I see……you want to meet new friends….」

From Punigami’s perspective, that made perfect sense.

Before Iris came to this place, Punigami was drying on the bottom of the well.

Even later, he didn’t get to meet a single slime.

Now, he met Punyobaron and got the chance to meet two thousand other slimes.

「Gunu……gununu…..two thousand…..but……..alright, I’ll go!」

「Are you going to be fine, Iris!? You’re going to die!」

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「But Punigami wants to go…..he is my friend……..!」


「I-It’s alright, Punigami. I shouldn’t die from the nervousness alone. Most likely」

「Iris……alright! I’m going too. D-Don’t misunderstand. I’m just worried about Punigami!」



Marion turned red and crab-walked behind Jessica.

Embarrassment is quite infectious.

「In that case, This Mistress shall accompany you!」

「I’ll go too. Have to bring so much chocolate with me~」

「Leave the matter of chocolate to me. I don’t what this slime festival all about, but you are our representatives! Of course, I’m going to cheer for you!」

「Ara. In that case, how could I possibly miss it?」

Jessica wasn’t opposed either.

If everyone goes, I’ll be okay. Iris persuaded herself as such.

「Are you going to attend!? It starts in a month. In the city of Slislan! Please look at this flyer for more details! As one of the Four Heavenly Kings, I’m glad I could scout such a magnificent slime. I might’ve lost today, but it won’t happen again! Farewell!」

Leaving behind her title, Cindy and Punyobaron excused themselves.

However, Iris didn’t care much for the Heavenly Kings.

One month left.

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She had to prepare her mind for the horror that is two thousand people.


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