27 It’s Scary Below the Hill

The Lord, Sheryl, gathered the villagers.
Then, she explained that the fight a while ago was between Iris and her little sister, who came with a sudden visit.
Their slightly intense fight was a type of skinship, Eclipse had no intentions to harm the village. It’s just that Eclipse’s mood turns bad when she doesn’t get to eat sweets, so she needs to be repeatedly spoiled — the lies were mixed with truth.
In this way, the confusion should mostly die down. It’s not like it was a complete lie.

Any normal village won’t be convinced by something like that.
However, since there was the case with Marion and Jessica before, people grew much more tolerant.
Hearing Sheryl’s words, they「I see, so that’s what it was」nodded in understanding.

「Everyone, I’m sorry for the inconvenience」

Eclipse stood before the villagers and bowed.
When a girl younger than even Iris does something like this, you can’t help but forgive her.

「Keep yourself in check from now on」

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Said Sheryl as she patted her head.


Eclipse answered with a smile, which made the villagers smile in return.

Iris watched over the state of the village from the top of the hill.

As a matter of course, Iris, being a shut-in, didn’t have the guts to go down the hill and explain herself.
The Guardian Deity should just quietly watch from a distance.

「Punipuni, puni」

The little sister is so sociable, why is the big sister like this, said Punigami.

「How should I know? On the contrary, Eclipse is a bit too sociable」


「That’s right!」

While Punigami and Iris were engaged in an unproductive dispute, Eclipse ran up the hill.

「Big Sister Iris!」

Iris became happy just by looking at her.
Even while being a shut-in, she approached Eclipse on her own and gave her a hug.

「Welcome back, Eclipse! You’ve apologized before everyone, how admirable」

「I did cause a commotion……..but everyone is kind. They forgave me」

「Yes, yes. This village is filled with good people. Eclipse should live here forever」

「I will」

Having said that, Eclipse gave Iris a tight hug.
Iris nearly had a deadly overdose of cuteness.

At that time, Sheryl, Jessica, and Marion caught up with her.
And Marion poured a bucket of cold water over Iris’ happiness.

「You don’t even come in contact with the villagers, how can you possibly know that they are all good people?」

「……Well, you know. I always watch over them from the top of the hill! 」

「Mmm……knowing so much, as expected of the Guardian Deity」

Marion narrowed her eyes and stared with a face full of suspicion.
Actually, Iris just said the first thing that came to her mind.
If she were to continue this conversation, the truth will definitely come out, so there was a need to urgently change the topic.

「E-Eclipse. Today, of course, you are going to stay in the church, right? 」

「Un……Big Sister Iris, do you have more chocolate? 」

「……..Punigami, have any? 」


「……We are out of stock……」

「Eeh…….then I’ll stay with Sheryl」

Eclipse ruthlessly turned her down.

「Yes, yes. There are plenty of sweets in my house」


「W-Wait a second. There are indeed to sweets here at the moment……but I’ll gather some elixir grass here, sell it in the town, and exchange it for sweets! 」

「Arara. You are all over your little sister, Iris-chan」

「Of course! I’ll do anything for Eclipse! 」

「No no, Iris-sama. Exchanging elixir grass for sweets, just how much are you going to buy? I can share some of my own, so you don’t need to go that far. That’s why leave Eclipse-chan with me for today♪」

「Don’t wanna!」

「Eeh……just for a day…….then let’s do this. Iris-sama should just stay at my house too. Like that, everyone will be satisfied」

Sheryl swiftly came up with another option.
Instead of everyone trying to get custody of Eclipse, everyone should just stay together.
I see, like that, there is no need to fight.

「Isn’t Sheryl’s house below the hill? Going down there…..scary」

「…….Iris-sama. There is a limit to being a shut-in. I’m not telling you to interact with the villagers or anything」

「But…..what if they start a conversation first?!」[1]

「Haa…….then I’m taking Eclipse-chan with me」

「T-This……you can’t! 」

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Iris shook her head with great intensity.
Suddenly, Eclipse pulled her hand.

「It’s alright, Big Sister Iris. Eclipse is with you, so won’t be scared」

What a lovely little sister.
Such overflowing compassion.
Iris couldn’t live without Eclipse anymore.

「Yes, yes! Thank you, Eclipse. Big Sister will do her best to go down the hill! 」

Iris shed tears as she hugged her little sister.
As usual, Marion tried to make fool out of her, but this time her happiness didn’t waver.


  1. Oh, horror. 

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    1. Eclipse’s “MOE” personality affects her normal personality, as we saw when she hesitated to kidnap Sheryl when she remembered her giving her chocolate and smiling, so hopefully, the more she interacts with everyone in the village, the more mellow her main personality will become and eventually can come out more often, hopefully.

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