28 Evil Conference

「It’s been a month since Eclipse headed towards Iris’ place」

Said the Great Demon King in irritation as he sat on his throne.

「Yes, Great Demon King-sama. It seems so」

The development chief answered unperturbed.

「……Why? You’ve been so confident about her. That’s why I believed you and sent her out. Nevertheless…….is there a report of her whereabouts? 」

「Yes. There is a report from one of our spies. It seems that Eclipse-sama had a fierce fight with Iris-sama in the air above the said village」 [1]


There was finally some relevant information.
After all, they haven’t fought before.
Until now, there were only saddening news about the biological weapon, who had the hopes of all demons on her, becoming a NEET and shut-in.

No matter the result, at least Eclipse showed some motivation.
There was a need for a strict evaluation.

「So? Did Eclipse win? 」

「……Apparently not」

「I see……so Eclipse is already……」

「No. After being defeated by Iris-sama, Eclipse-sama was tamed by chocolate and lived with the villagers」

「Ha? Haaaaaaaah!?」

Having heard the conclusion, the Great Demon King exclaimed disregarding shame and dignity.

「How did that happen, how the hell did that happen!? You, being tamed with chocolate is even worse than Iris! She will definitely listen to any command given a piece of chocolate! What are we going to do if she attacks the Kurifot continent? 」

「Yes, indeed……that was a miscalculation」

「Calculate properly! Our side only has sugar lumps! She will obviously switch sides if someone gives her something better! 」

「But didn’t the Great Demon King-sama fail to point it out?」

That, being a sound argument, made the Great Demon King swallow his words.

「A-About that……..you know. I believed you had a countermeasure prepared! 」

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「Is that so?」

「I-It is………」

Of course, it was a lie.
As a matter of fact, he hasn’t thought of that possibility either.
However, if he were to admit that, it would hurt the Great Demon King’s prestige.
That being as it is, he had no choice but to lie.

「Haa, I see. As expected of Great Demon King-sama. I apologize for betraying your trust」

Coolly said the development chief as he gazed at him with contempt.
He’d definitely seen through that lie.
Might have just said the truth.
But it was already too late.

「Ah, un…..that settles it. Aren’t we actually in deep trouble? Not only Iris, even Eclipse joined humans. To be honest, any one of them can easily destroy the Kurifot continent」

「Fortunately, humans don’t attach even the slightest bit of value to the Kurifot continent, so the possibility of invasion is quite low」

「This is just sad!」

However, the Kurifot continent was truly desolate.
In the first place, since the sea was so violent around here, no ships could easily approach it.
Only those who could use flight magic could freely leave.
Who would want such land?
Even though demon called it a continent, it was listed as an island of the humans’ maps.
But even that was a matter of the past, currently, it was covered in uncertain rumors and humans didn’t even know its proper location and shape.
To summarize, humans cared neither about the Kurifot continent nor about demons.

That’s why there was a need to show them the real deal! Make them afraid!

「Great Demon King-sama. It’s too early to give up. I’m working on biological weapon even stronger than Iris-sama and Eclipse-sama」


「Don’t sigh right away. This one is truly strong! 」

「Even if you say that, your behavior is incredibly suspicious」

「My heart is about to break but I’m going to do my best!」

「Alright, alright. I can hear you out. There is no harm in listening」

Hearing the development chief’s confidence, the Great Demon King decided to give him a chance. However, since it didn’t spark much interest in him, he only intended to listen halfheartedly.

「Acknowledged, Great Demon King-sama. The biological weapons from before such as Iris-sama and Eclipse-sama were created from the Great Demon King-sama’s genes」

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「Indeed. I’m the strongest demon at the moment」

「I was thinking that it might be the problem」

「Oi! You lack respect! I’m still the Great Demon King! I’m amazing, okay!?」

「Please calm down. I’m definitely not trying to insult you. But using you as the base of the biological weapons whose sole purpose is to eradicate humans is a bit……no, it’s quite unreliable」

「Can I cry in the corner until my throat is sore?」

「You can’t. That would be supremely annoying」


The Great Demon King cried.
Nevertheless, the development chief ignored him and proceeded with the explanation.

「At that point, I decided to mix the genes of various demons and monsters」

「……So how did it go? Did it become a NEET or a sweet addict again? 」

「No no. This time was a success. The strongest one」

「Bing the strongest is good but will it obey the orders?」

「No, there is no problem whatsoever. If it were to be allowed to communicate, it might switch sides again. Once released, it will destroy everything in its sight! The ultimate biological weapon indeed! 」[3]

「It’ll be the death of us first!」

「Of course, we won’t release it where there are demons. We’ll first bring it to the village where Iris-sama and the rest are staying and then unleash it」

「Un……you won’t be able to retrieve Iris and Eclipse that way」

「Can’t help it. Doesn’t matter. As long as humans are destroyed, that’s fine in the end」

「There is just one problem. You’ve said that your latest biological weapon is the strongest capable of defeating Iris and Eclipse and destroying humans, right? 」

「Yes, what’s the problem?」

「What would happen after it does all of that? If such a dangerous being remain then we won’t be able to use the land for ourselves anyway」

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「About that…….」

Hearing this, the development chief crossed his arms and assumed a troubled look.
Apparently, he didn’t think about this problem before.

「Let’s make an even stronger biological weapon and defeat it!」

「And that even stronger biological weapon would be able to communicate and obey?」

「I’ll do my best」

「Just, stop, it, already!」

「Then should we postpone the usage of the newest biological weapon?」

The Great Demon King hesitantly answered after a brief pause.

「…..No, we’ll use it」

「So despite all of that you still can’t do anything without my biological weapons」

The development chief let out a faint victorious laugh as he said that.

「But, you know? There will be another enemy on the level of Iris and Eclipse, you know? Humans are multiplying every year, you know? The Kurifot Continent is small and the land is desolate, you know? I just want to blow everything away, you know? 」

Said the Great Demon King in desperation.
Since his every plan failed, might as well destroy the world itself.

「What a violent Idea! The incarnate of destruction! An idea worthy of the Great Demon King! 」

The development chief seemed to be deeply impressed.
Seeing this, the Great Demon King nodded in approval.

「I-Is it? I knew it all along. That’s why you are to send your new biological weapon to Iris and Eclipse’s village! Let’s start with defeating the traitors. Let the world burn in flames! Wahahahaha! 」


The Great Demon King and development chief laughed together in joy.

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  1. Who’s the spy? One of the villagers? 
  2. That escalated quickly. 
  3. How are you going to stop it after it finished the humans, guys? 

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