26 Truth about Eclipse

When Iris took the unconscious Eclipse to the top of the hill, she saw Sheryl resting on the grass. With Punigami as a pillow.
She didn’t wake up even after that intense fight, she was indeed an extraordinary person.
Could she be dead, thought Iris for a moment but, in that case, the rest would have raised a commotion already.

「Ara, welcome back, Iris-chan. It was an amazing fight. It’s no wonder Marion and I can’t win against you」

「……..So frustrating………..I’ll definitely win eventually…..」

The dragon’s reaction to Iris’ display of power was contrary to each other.
The difference in their personalities could be easily seen from that.
However, it wasn’t a right time to worry about that.

「What’s wrong with Sheryl? Is she still not waking up? Does she breathe? Is she hurt? 」

「Calm down, Iris-chan. She is uninjured and there are no signs of magic on her. She’s probably fine」

「Probably!? Sheryl, Sheryl…..she doesn’t wake up. Hey, Eclipse. What did you do to Sheryl!?」

Iris slapped Eclipse and forcible woken her up.

「I-It hurts! What’s going on? If you want to kill me then do it! 」

Said Eclipse having given up.

「Who cares about that!? Instead of that, give me Sheryl back! You must have done something to her! 」

「What are you talking about…….? I just restrained her with binding magic. It’s not there now anyway. Besides that, I didn’t do anything」

「You’re lying! Why doesn’t she wake up then –」

Just as Iris screamed that with tears in her eyes.

「Fuaaaa, I’ve had a good night……….mm? Why am I outside? Good morning, everyone. Did something happen? 」

Same as always, Sheryl greeted everyone with an idiotic face and a carefree voice.
She indeed looked like she just woke up.
However, there was no way for it to be true.
Not after such an explosive fight.
In fact, the villages went outside their houses to look at the sky long ago.

「Sheryl! You were sleeping until now! 」

「Ah, yes. I can understand this much even if you don’t tell me, Iris-sama. Even if I’m an idiot, you don’t need to tell me such obvious things so loudly! 」

Sheryl puffed her cheeks and voiced a complaint.

「No. No, no. I mean, it’s true but it’s not about that. Although I had a very intense fight with Eclipse and used some flashy magic, you didn’t even wake up! 」

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「Ah, so it was like that. Well, I’m used to falling asleep at the fixed time and waking up at the fixed time. Ahaha. By the way, why did Iris-sama fought Eclipse-chan? Did you quarrel? You shouldn’t fight each other. Sisters should get along」

Lectured Sheryl.
Since she got irritated, Iris delivered a chop on Sheryl’s forehead.

「Atata! What are you doing, Iris-sama? 」

「Your carefree attitude is supremely irritating! Just how much do you think I was worried about you!?」

「Etto……..I don’t really understand but I’m sorry…….? 」

Even while apologizing, Sheryl’s face failed to indicate her understanding of the matter.
Still angry, Iris stomped on the ground.
Jessica and Marion looked over such Iris with the faces full of frustration.


Iris is an idiot on par with Sheryl, rudely said Punigami.

「Aah, you’re so annoying! All of this is Eclipse’s fault! It’s time for a punishment! 」

「Time for a punishment? Don’t screw with me! Just kill me already! 」

「Keep quiet!」

Iris flipped Eclipse’s body and spanked her on the butt.

「What’s with this embarrassing position……!? Why do I have to go through this humiliation!?」

「You lack reflection! Big Sister doesn’t remember raising you this way! 」

「I don’t remember being raised!」

「If you are going to be like this, I won’t give you chocolate anymore!」

「C-Chocolate!? Stop, don’t say this word in my presence! 」

Eclipse suddenly panicked.
For reasons unknown, chocolate seemed to be a forbidden word for her.

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「Hey, does someone have any chocolate?」


「Eh, there is still some in the church? Can you bring it here? 」


After a while, Punigami brought chocolate from somewhere.

「Look, Eclipse. This is your favorite chocolate! 」

「Ah, stop! Don’t show it to me……kuh, kill me! 」

「Punigami, put this chocolate right into her mouth!」


A part of Punigami’s body deformed and brought chocolate close to Eclipse’s mouth.
However, Eclipse tightly shut her mouth with no intentions to open it.

「Marion, Jessica san, can you pry her mouth open?」

「If you insist…….」

「Here, Eclipse-chan. Let’s open your mouth」

「Gugigigi……stop, stop it……crunch crunch」

Eclipse did her best but, being exhausted after the fight with Iris, she couldn’t overcome the power of two dragons. She wasn’t capable of resisting.


Now! Punigami stuffed chocolate into her mouth.
And then, what happened?
Eclipse’s stiff facial expression turned mellow as she enjoyed eating chocolate that she hated so much.

「Tasty! Chocolate is tasty! I want more! 」

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Punigami was greatly confused at her sudden change of expression.

「…….Punigami. For now, just give her the rest」


「Wai, I love you, Big Sister Iris!」

This Eclipse was Eclipse of yesterday.
She wasn’t acting, no matter how one looked at her.
The person in question honestly wanted to eat chocolate and had no ill will towards Iris.
She was just a kid that wanted to eat sweets in front of her eyes.
However, until a while ago, she was seriously fighting against Iris.
Which one is the real her? Or are they both real?
In other to determine that, she was fed chocolate.

「Sweet! But not only sweet like a sugar lump! Tasty, tasty! More, more! 」

「Sorry. This was the last one」

「Eh, why?! I still want more」

「I don’t have any, but Sheryl right there might have some」

「I still have some at home」

Sheryl swung her hands as she tried to make an appeal.

「Wai, I like Sheryl!」

Eclipse, while still being held by Iris, flapped her limbs in joy.

「But Eclipse. You took this very same Sheryl hostage. Don’t you think it was awful? 」

「I’m awful! I did something bad…….I’m sorry…….! 」

Unexpectedly, Eclipse immediately admitted her fault and apologized.
Everyone present tilted their heads. It’s unknown where Punigami’s neck is located but his behavior hinted the same.

「…….Etto…….so you understand you did bad…….then why did you do it? Just yesterday, you’ve said that you would be fine as long as you have chocolate」

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「Un. It’s still the same for me. But I’ll turn weird if I don’t eat chocolate……」

「Turn weird?」

「I start to think that I must obey the orders of the Great Demon King. In truth, I’m fine as long as I have sweets to eat. But I without sweets think of this me as weird. Weird, right? 」

Spoke Eclipse in amusement.

「In other words, split personality?」

「Don’t know. Our memories are properly connected. We think completely differently, though」

Iris too didn’t understand.
But she did understand that it wasn’t appropriate to push the sins of the previous Eclipse on her.
No, there was one more thing.
As long as she’s given sweets, Eclipse would always stay cute.

「Alright. Then let’s do this. Sheryl, as the Lord, you should prepare some sweets. Various kinds, so Eclipse doesn’t get bored」

「Understood! I have a stash full of chocolate and cookies at my house. Let’s also order a lot from the capital. Also, we’ve planted wheat next to potatoes, so next year we would be able to make our own sweets. Right, we are also going to make some profit next year」

「As expected of Baroness Silverlight! In case Eclipse goes wild again, she is going to live with me in the church, so I could stop her at any moment」

「Eh, Do you want to monopolize Eclipse all to yourself, Iris-sama? How horrible」

「What are you saying? Eclipse is my little sister. Of course, we are going to live together. Hey, Eclipse. You do want to live with your big sister, right? Punigami is here too」


「Un. I like Big Sister Iris. I want to live with you」


Iris rejoiced as she patted her head.

「But I like Sheryl too. I want to live in Sheryl’s house too! 」


Sheryl danced in joy.

「Wait, Eclipse. Are you planning to split in two? You can’t live in two places」

「Un……I’ll decide where to stay depending on my mood at that day」

Said Eclipse in a carefree manner.
She was much more free that Iris the Shut-in.

「Ara. Then come and stay at our house too」

As Jessica suggested so, Eclipse happily nodded.

「Okay. Then give me sweets」

「Fufu, how cute. I’ll give you lots」

「Don’t just advance the conversation at your convenience……well, it’s okay, I guess」

And Marion seemed to welcome Eclipse to her own house too.
No one could contend with Eclipse cuteness after she ate sweets.
She might just be the strongest biological weapon.


Nope, none.

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