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Chapter 9 – Elf Nim and Vampire Princess Dolin (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1306 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 819 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Lucy felt really anxious inside after she heard this.

“Is that so?”

The queen’s command was to successfully cure Nim, after all.

Still, Heather viewed Mirabelle Brillana as the most important person to her. If it was Mirabelle who was injured here, rather than Nim, Heather Alliyah never would have traveled so far away at this time. She absolutely would have abandoned everything in order to find a way to cure Mirabelle. But, when it came to Nim, Heather didn’t care as much. Rather than the girl named Nim, Heather Alliyah cared more about her own ambitions-

“Hah, I’ve already said it quite bluntly. You can only do what you can now…”

Bertha saw that Lucy had an icy expression. Bertha thought about some things and could only sigh helplessly.

Lucy definitely wouldn’t take care of this elf patient with all her heart. Lucy viewed this patient as nothing more than a lowly elf, after all. The elf was someone who didn’t matter if she lived or died. Asking for Bertha to come here wasn’t much different from trying her luck. If the elf could be cured, then the elf would continue to be taken advantage of. If the elf couldn’t be treated, then Lucy would simply let the elf die.

‘In that case, did I make a mistake in saving her?’

Just as Bertha was thinking this while looking at Nim’s face, Lucy spoke to Bertha.

“Alright. Thank you for your assistance. How much would you like for the treatment fee? I can afford to pay you plenty…”
“Forget it. It’s merely the money for some bandages, so treat it as my gift for the queen… but, you must properly take good care of her. I hope that my patient won’t die here.”

‘Even if you don’t say that, I already know such a thing.’

Lucy’s expression was still icy, but she was still feeling really anxious inside.

Bertha waved her hand at Lucy with her back turned before exiting the room. As a doctor, she could only pray now that she had done everything she could for the patient. She had already tried her very best to treat the elven girl. Whether or not the elf would recover would depend on the heavens now.

After the vampire doctor Bertha left, Lucy glanced at Nim with a slightly sympathetic expression. At this time, Nim wouldn’t be able to die even if she wanted to. It was because of the queen’s command.

It soon became noon. The kitchen staff made some food for elves, so Lucy pushed a cart filled with food into Heather’s room.

Heather had permitted Lucy to enter her room as she pleased so that it would be easier for Lucy to take care of Nim.

Heather’s original words were-

“I allow you to freely enter my room in order to take care of Nim. All you have to do is replace my bed and pillow with completely new ones before I return…”

This was why Lucy dared to enter Heather’s room.

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“Um… Nim, please enjoy the food…”

Lucy almost forgot this elf’s name. Nim’s existence was just that trivial.

However, it was this unassuming elf who had managed to successfully rescue Heather’s blood slave from her side. Nim had succeeded. Even now, the vampires still had no idea where Mirabelle Brillana was.

When Lucy pushed the food in front of Nim, who was already awake, Nim turned her head away in disdain.

“I definitely won’t accept charity from the enemy…”
“How regrettable. This is food that Princess Mirabelle loves to eat. You’re going to die without even being able to taste the same food as Princess Mirabelle…”

Lucy intentionally stimulated Nim with her words. It was evident that Nim’s expression eased up.

Nim hadn’t eaten a single thing since the first day that she was locked in the dungeon, as she had adamantly refused to accept food from the enemy.


Nim still resisted and turned her head away.

‘I can’t accept gifts of charity from the enemy.’

However, the luxurious-seeming cake and alluring thick soup really attracted her.

‘Princess, just what kind of luxurious life did you live here? You actually accepted charity from the enemy – Perhaps she got along well with that vampire queen named Heather.’

Nim even began to wonder if she had made a mistake with rescuing the princess back then. Although Mirabelle didn’t have any freedom in the castle, she wouldn’t have such luxurious meals outside.

Indeed, what Nim thought was real. For a moment, Mirabelle had indeed hesitated about whether or not she should leave here.

However, Mirabelle still chose to leave, rather than stay here as a pet for the rest of her life.

“What is it? You still don’t want to eat?”

Nim resisted the allure of food as she twisted her head to the other side.


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