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Chapter 10 – Elf Nim and Vampire Princess Dolin (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1849 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1062 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“That’s so regrettable. Since you won’t eat it, I’ll have to throw it away…”
“No! I’ll eat it!”

Nim immediately stopped Lucy when she heard that the latter was about to throw away food that she wouldn’t be able to afford even if she saved money and didn’t spend anything on food or drink for an entire year.

Honestly, Nim had never enjoyed such a luxurious life before. That was why she wanted to try it.

“I… I’m not accepting any charity from you; I just don’t want to waste food…”

Nim didn’t sound convincing at all as she picked up a fork as her face flushed red.

“Ohh, so that’s what it is. In that case, I’ll leave for now, and I’ll come back to clean up the plates after you finish eating the food that’s going to be ‘thrown away’…”

Lucy especially emphasized the words “thrown away.” She felt that Nim was really simple and easy to understand. Nim was far easier to understand than Mirabelle-

“Whew, now then…”

Lucy intended to send someone to spy on Princess Dolin. This was the second command that the queen gave to Lucy, after all. The spy needed to operate in secret without being discovered by Dolin. This was also an equally important mission as it concerned the peace within the vampires.

“Please pay extra attention to Princess Dolin. You must keep tight surveillance on her whereabouts in this castle while I’m not here…” Heather had secretly told Lucy this when the conference had ended. Heather had ordered Lucy to follow her to her room and gave Lucy such a command.

“Report to me immediately if she makes any suspicious movements.”
“I understand. Milady, may I ask? Why is Princess Dolin the most suspicious one?”
“Do I need to say it? Out of all the vampire royals, she’s the only one who’s the most suspicious and has the highest possibility of approaching the rooftop…”
“Are you referring to the teleportation formation on the rooftop?”

Heather sighed. She prepared to explain everything to Lucy.

“Yes. First of all, I’ve inspected the rooftop before, and there wasn’t a teleportation formation there, so the culprit who created this teleportation formation must be among the vampires who came to the castle.”

However, counting every single vampire in the castle as a suspect would be far too many suspects to possibly investigate. In that case, she could only use the process of elimination to clear those who weren’t very suspicious.

Heather started counting with her fingers while using the process of elimination.

“The first ones to be eliminated as suspects are the large number of guards in the castle. They don’t possess the powerful magic required to activate such a teleportation formation…”
“I see. Indeed, all of the guards’ magic power combined still won’t compare to yours, Milady…”
“That leaves the vampire royals who have stayed long-term at the castle. Out of the royals, the ones who have stayed here the longest are Prince Albert Albion, Princess Macy Angelina, Prince Norris Badifens, and Princess Dolin. They are the only vampire royals who have stayed long-term in the palace, so one of them must have created the teleportation formation…”
“Milady, you are correct. Indeed, they are the royals who have stayed at the castle the longest…”

Heather then used the process of elimination again to eliminate the vampire royals who had always been her loyal followers. Thus, that only left Dolin, who had only recently ascended to the position of the 17th princess.

“Milady, since you’ve already come to such a conclusion, why don’t you capture her immediately?”
“No. I don’t have concrete evidence. If I accuse a vampire princess as I please, it’s likely that she’ll bite back…”
“That’s why Milady wants me to?”
“That’s right. Spy on her and get any evidence that you can. I’ll be able to drag her off her princess pedestal then…”
“If this is Milady’s command, I’ll have someone go spy on her immediately.”

However, Heather made a hand gesture to stop Lucy, who had wanted to leave after only hearing half of Heather’s words.

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“Wait. Now’s not the time to spy on her. Dolin will definitely be highly sensitive while I’m still in the castle. Not only will she do nothing, but it’s also very likely that you’ll alert her if you go now…”
“I see. You wish for me to begin spying after you leave?”
“That’s exactly what I mean. This is a difficult task, but can you complete it for me?”
“It’s not a problem. I exist for the sake of carrying out my master’s orders…”

Lucy never expected that Heather had already analyzed things to such an extent.

Thus, at Heather’s command, Lucy had someone spy on Princess Dolin starting from this time. The spy would report to her immediately if Dolin did anything.

The spy was wearing a cape that had been obtained from a dead elf.

While Macy and Lucy had been cleaning the rooftop of all the elven corpses, they discovered to their surprise that the elves’ capes had strong invisibility enchantments that wouldn’t be noticed easily. Thus, they also equipped their spies with the elves’ capes.

Indeed, this was a highly difficult task for Lucy. A vampire royal was someone capable of ruling their own territory. They were higher-level existences compared to even vampire lords.

Although it sounded simple to remove a vampire royal, accomplishing it was actually incredibly difficult.

No matter if it was the matter with Nim, or the matter with Dolin, they were both incredibly difficult tasks.

As for Nim, although the vampire doctor had just sewn up her wounds, it was possible that her wounds would open up some time again.

‘How can I keep her alive?’

Lucy suddenly thought of an idea.

‘If Milady doesn’t want to drink Nim’s blood, then I shall do it in her stead.’

Lucy smiled evilly as she stood in the corridor – still, this was only to be a last resort. If Nim’s wounds opened up again tonight, then she wouldn’t last until tomorrow even if Lucy summoned the doctor again. This was the only thing that Lucy could do in order to complete the queen’s command.

Lucy had a teasing expression in her blood-red eyes as she looked down the dark corridor.


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