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Chapter 8 – Lucy Receives a Secret Command (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2035 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1172 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Lucy entered the clock store and immediately took the direct approach with the owner.

“Are you Miss Bertha?”

The owner wore a black robe. There were dark circles around her eyes, and her hair was incredibly messy. She was also smoking a pipe in her mouth. Currently, she was seated on a chair as she glanced at Lucy with deep suspicion.

“That’s right, and who are you? You’re wearing maid attire. Are you getting something for your master, or making something for your master?”
“No, I heard from the nobles nearby that it seems you know how to treat injuries?”
“That will depend on how serious the injury is. How severe is the injury? Is it deep…?”
“I don’t know such things very well, which is why I’d like to invite you to come with me to treat that person.”
“No way. I still need to open up my shop and do business. Besides, I don’t want to have anything to do with someone as strange as you…”

‘-You’re the only one who doesn’t have the right to say that,’ Lucy couldn’t help but think to herself as she looked at Bertha’s really strange appearance.

“What if I’m doing this at the command of the vampire queen?”
“Where’s your proof? If you don’t have any proof, I could also say that I’m running my store at the vampire queen’s command…”
“If you want proof, of course I have it-”

Lucy brought out the queen’s token, which Heather hadn’t taken away from her, and showed it to Bertha.

“This is Her Majesty’s personal token. This proves that it’s Her Majesty’s command, so you must come with me…”

Bertha put down her pipe and took a closer look. She had an astonished expression after analyzing the token.

“What did you say? You’re actually capable of obtaining Her Majesty’s personal token?”
“That’s right, because I’m the queen’s personal maid…”
“I see, so it seems what you say is true… I really can’t help it.”
“Also, we’re heading to the queen’s castle. If you still don’t believe me, feel free to ask the guards there if I really am Her Majesty’s personal maid or not…”
“No need. I understand now that you’re Her Majesty’s personal maid. It’s the death penalty if you impersonate such a thing, which is why I don’t believe that you’d be able to impersonate it. So, I’ll just follow you…”

No matter how willful Bertha was, she still had to listen to the queen’s command. She brought along the medical supplies that she had prepared at home. -Even after getting on Lucy’s carriage, Bertha was still smoking her pipe.

“Hey, queen’s personal maid…”
“My name is Lucy. May I ask what you need?”
“It’s nothing. Since we still have some free time, let’s just chat a little. I want to ask you a question. You know that incredibly few of us in this Blood Dungeon know medical skills, so why do we use bandages to bind our wounds?”

Bertha spat smoke out the window as she revealed a deeply contemplative expression.

“Why? I don’t know anything about the subject you speak of…”
“I suppose so. This is considered vampire common sense.”

Bertha’s tone made it sound as if she didn’t consider herself a vampire.

“No matter if it’s a vampire or elf, anyone injured will have an injury. That’s why a bandage is used to bind the injury…”
“Hah? If that’s the case, why are there no doctors here?”

Lucy became slightly interested due to Bertha’s words.

“That’s naturally because vampires all possess powerful regeneration abilities. No matter how deep the injury is, a vampire can use their regeneration ability to fully recover. That’s why vampires of the past never needed medical skills, and medical books are incredibly rare…”
“If that’s the case, why did you study medicine?”

Bertha crossed her legs and glanced towards the distant sky. It seemed like she was recalling something as she furrowed her eyebrows.

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“Why? I’ve long since forgotten the reason…”

Her eyebrows suddenly eased up as she gave an ambiguous answer. Bertha smiled slightly as she spat white smoke up towards the blue sky.

Their conversation ended there as incredible awkwardness reigned between them. Bertha had simply wanted to chat about something meaningless with this maid that she had never met before.

Apart from this, it seemed like they had nothing in common to talk about.

After several dozen minutes on the road, they quickly went towards the queen’s castle from the western street. Bertha got off the horse-drawn carriage while carrying her medicine box.

“Where’s the patient?”
“She’s on a bed on the sixth floor. Please come with me…”

Bertha held onto the medicine box as she followed Lucy. It was quite easy for Bertha to get past all the checkpoints with Lucy leading her. She then followed Lucy to the front of a certain room.

Lucy opened the door. The elf Nim, who was on the verge of death, was on the large bed in the room. -Just like before, her blood had soaked through the bandage around her neck.

Before Heather left, she had specially brought the nearly dead Nim out of the secret dungeon and onto this bed, so that it would be easier for Lucy to have Nim’s injuries treated.

Bertha walked over and immediately began to work. She directly removed the blood-soaked bandage.

“This is really a severe injury. It’s likely that she won’t live until tomorrow if this isn’t treated…”
“Please definitely cure her successfully…”
“Well, this is my responsibility, but I want to ask you, who is this child? Is she the queen’s blood slave?”

Bertha’s question was really prying about everything.

“She’s not the queen’s blood slave. If she was, then you wouldn’t be needed to treat her…”
“I suppose so…”

A blood slave would have the same regeneration abilities as their blood master. However, the blood slave wouldn’t be able to leave their blood master even though they obtained unexpected regeneration abilities.

“So, who is this child?”
“Someone important to the queen…”

‘How could she let someone so important be so seriously injured? This maid is probably lying.’

However, Bertha couldn’t ask any more than this – any more questions would likely be treading on forbidden territory.

Bertha took out a needle and began to sew Nim’s injury. This was the only way to help Nim recover, as she was an elf who didn’t have any regeneration abilities.

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After much work, Bertha finally finished her treatment for Nim.

Lucy was really nervous as she waited outside. This was a mission that Heather gave to her, so she absolutely couldn’t relax.

Lucy immediately went up to ask a question when Bertha exited the room.

“Did you treat her successfully?”
“I’ve already tried the best that I possibly can. If her injury is still like that after tonight, then she’ll probably die. If she’s still alive, then please invite me here again after ten days have passed.”


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