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Chapter 7 – Lucy Receives a Secret Command (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1315 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 790 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Lucy was feeling greatly troubled right now.

She was Heather Alliyah’s personal maid. Before Heather left, Heather had given her a mission.

When Heather was about to go to the Masa Dukedom, Heather and Lucy had been standing by the horse-drawn carriage while Heather gave Lucy a command.

“Lucy, I have a mission for you…”
“Hah, Milady, just what mission do you have for me?”

Lucy was rather curious as she asked. She would properly carry out any command, no matter what it was.

“It’s regarding the elf that I’m keeping in my secret dungeon…”

Lucy understood quite clearly who Heather was referring to. That was the elf captured several days ago, the elf who had helped Heather Alliyah’s blood slave – Mirabelle Brillana to escape.

Heather had recently been going to visit Nim quite often. Lucy didn’t know what was going on between them. The only thing Lucy knew for certain was that Heather absolutely would never drink Nim’s blood.

Nim’s blood quality was only average, which meant her blood quality was less than 25% of Mirabelle’s. Heather would naturally have no interest in Nim’s blood. However, Lucy had no idea just what her master intended.

Heather didn’t want to make Nim into her blood slave, but she asked for a doctor to come to treat Nim. That was why Lucy really didn’t understand.

“What about that elf?”
“Her injuries have been worsening significantly. I told you to go invite a doctor. Did you invite one?”
“Of course, as I would never dare to go against Milady’s orders. However, may I ask a question? Why do you keep taking care of this useless elf? If it was Mirabelle Brillana, I would understand because you want to have her be your blood slave at your side forever…”

Heather’s expression seemed to change to become another person’s when she heard Lucy utter Mirabelle’s name.

“I’m sorry, my words were too rude. But, could you please tell me the reason? Just what do you want to do with this elf…”
“It’s fine. As for what I’m doing with Nim – that’s of course… a secret. In order to fool the enemy, I must first fool my own people. That’s one of the basics of strategy. Rather than that, I told you to find a doctor. Did you not go find one?”

Vampire doctors were really rare in this city, after all. That was because vampires all had powerful regeneration abilities. They simply needed to bandage an injury, and it would completely recover quite soon.

“I did find one…”
“Is that so? Then cure Nim by the time that I return. You absolutely must carry out this command. You absolutely must cure her, no matter what price you must pay. You can’t allow her to die so easily.”
“Yes, I understand. I will transmit Milady’s intentions to that doctor…”

Lucy nodded slightly as she once again showed an icy expression. However, Heather secretly whispered into Lucy’s ear, “Let me tell you, this is something incredibly important. Whether Nim lives or dies is directly connected to Mirabelle Brillana, my blood slave, do you understand?”

“I understand…”
“Also, about this city, during the time that I’m away, I’ll ask you to temporarily take charge…”
“But, Milady…”
“No need for you to worry. You’ll have the full authority of the queen and can give orders to anyone. Your decisions are my command. Also…”

Heather once again went up to Lucy’s ear and secretly whispered something to her.

Heather would need to leave for quite a long while, as controlling the archduke and controlling the entire dukedom were two different things entirely. After controlling the archduke, she still needed to understand the dukedom’s structure and important personnel before saying that she had truly taken over the entire country. That was why Heather needed to stay there for quite a long period of time.

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“Alright, I understand. I accept these commands. Now then, may you be blessed with good luck in conquering.”
“Haha. Wait for my good news…”

Heather got on the horse-drawn carriage, which gradually disappeared into the distance.

Lucy waved her hand and said her goodbyes to Heather – then decided that it would be best to carry out Heather’s first mission. After all, if Lucy didn’t do anything with Nim, it was likely that Nim wouldn’t even survive tonight.

That was why Lucy began to carry out her first mission. She immediately took a carriage to a certain store in the city. This store sold clocks, ranging from wall clocks to pocket watches.

These were all clocks that were powered by magic.

Actually, the owner of this clock store was a vampire doctor who possessed human medical skills.


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