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Chapter 6 – Fated? (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1560 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 921 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Albert wasn’t actually worried that Macy would steal his territory. He had watched Macy grow up, after all-

“As for the others, just have the other countries’ diplomats come back to this place within one month to give us information…”

Heather issued such a command – she was the vampire queen. Everything that she did had to be flawless. This was only the first step to her ambitions. Controlling the Masa Dukedom was in order to achieve her objective.

Luckily, the Masa Dukedom wasn’t that far away from her Blood Dungeon. The distance could be covered in only 2-3 hours.

Albert and Norris dispelled the control over the other blood slaves who weren’t diplomats – and the party finally continued.

Archduke Nilson, who was completely under the vampires’ control, came out and explained to the guests, “This was simply a rehearsal that Princess Heather and I planned together, about what would happen if an enemy invasion really happened here.”

The corpses on the ground had all disappeared. Even all of the blood had been cleaned up.

The guests definitely wouldn’t believe this just from being told. Thus, Heather first had the vampire royals control the vampire virus and hypnotize the humans. She then took advantage of Archduke Nilson to convince them – that was how the humans believed this matter.

Heather returned to her original seat after all of this drama was over. She had achieved her goal by taking control over the archduke – she now had control over the Masa Dukedom, which connected the two countries that she had originally taken over. Now, she would wait until the next time to take action.

All she had to do was divide and conquer, defeating the disunited human countries one by one – the human countries were even easier to conquer than Heather had expected. The only human country she needed to be on guard against was the Bell Theocracy – that country possessed special anti-vampire weapons that countered her.

That was why the vampires were going to temporarily stop their movements and use economic trade to improve their financial status. The Masa Dukedom was an excellent territory from which to conduct trade.

“Brother~ I’ll soon be able to see you again~~ Ahaha, I’m so happy~”

Heather’s face became completely flushed red when she thought of Mirabelle.

Mirabelle was the only thing that could cause any change in Heather’s icy expression.

Heather sat down by herself on the sofa in the corner and laughed rather strangely.

Anyone would feel that there was something strange about this girl. However, Heather didn’t care one bit what others thought about her – she only cared about Mirabelle, and everything regarding Mirabelle. Heather didn’t even care if Mirabelle hated her. As long as she made Mirabelle stay by her side for a long period of time, then Mirabelle would definitely come to understand her. They were family, after all.

Heather had such a way of thinking, which was why she killed all of Mirabelle’s family, friends, and even companions. Such things weren’t important at all to Heather – she also adamantly believed that those things weren’t important to Mirabelle, either.

Mirabelle hadn’t actually gone into withdrawal after being away from Heather’s side for so long. That was because Heather was temporarily suppressing the virus in Mirabelle’s body and not letting her go into withdrawal. Heather didn’t want Mirabelle to show that type of humiliating expression in front of anyone else. She, Heather Alliyah, was the only person who had the right to watch Mirabelle’s humiliation when going through withdrawal.

Regardless, Mirabelle would definitely obediently return to her side in the end. -Only having her blood sucked could save her life. No other method to do so existed.

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The two of them definitely attracted and needed each other. That was why they were absolutely fated to be with each other as existences who couldn’t be torn apart by anyone else.

Even if Mirabelle didn’t believe this, Heather Alliyah adamantly believed in this. The two of them met each other like this after dying in their previous lives. This had to be the workings of fate – the heavens must have wanted them to have another chance, which was why they used this method to give Heather this [best gift possible].

Ever since Heather learned that Mirabelle was actually her brother, it felt as if her entire world went from black-and-white to filled with brilliant colors. She had found her only goal in this world – to be with Mirabelle forever, until the destruction of the world itself. This was how it was fated to be.

“Brother, heehee, Brother is mine, nobody can steal him away from me. If any wicked person dares to steal Brother away from me, I will use the cruelest method possible to make them regret being born in this world~”

Heather clutched her bright red face as she uttered her words in an icy yandere tone.

Macy listened from the side and also felt like Heather’s words made her sound like a pervert who was crazily in love with her blood-related brother.

However, Macy knew that Heather didn’t have a brother at all. Thus, the “brother” that Heather spoke of couldn’t possibly be a blood-related brother.

Macy wondered, just who could this brother be? For some reason, Mirabelle’s appearance came into Macy’s mind. Macy still recalled that Heather had previously addressed Mirabelle in such a strange way the last time as well.

-Could it be?

Macy Angelina gained some insight into the identity of Heather’s “brother”.


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