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Chapter 5 – Fated? (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1661 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1085 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The vampire royals all came to report to Heather after they cleared out the entire palace.

“I’ve finished checking the second and third floors. Nobody escaped…”

Norris kneeled in front of Heather on one knee and loyally made his report.

“There’s also nobody left on the fourth and fifth floors. Have we finished our mission now?”
“Don’t get complacent. We must have them properly pretend to be themselves, or otherwise the Bell Theocracy will become suspicious of us…”

Heather had a steady tone as she issued commands to Albert and the other vampire royals.

She had brought three vampire royals with her for this mission. On top of that, Heather herself had more than sufficient combat strength to topple an entire county – this victory had been incredibly easy for Heather.

However, she didn’t let down her guard from this. To her, the true battle was just beginning. Even if she was victorious here, she still knew quite clearly that there were quite a few humans who were on par with her power level. It was simply that the Masa Dukedom didn’t have anyone at that level.

-The truly difficult battle will begin now. As for suppressing the Masa Dukedom, that mission is completed now. What still needed to be done was – simply removing the vines and wiping the humans’ memories.

The various diplomats would all be permitted to return to their own countries and continue acting as themselves.

“The question is, which of you is willing to stay here?”

As long as both vampires were willing, a vampire could give control over a blood slave to another vampire. Any of the vampire royals could stay here, but the question was, which one should she leave behind here?

It could be said that the vampire royals Heather brought were all relatively loyal to her. They were all vampire royals who had stood on Heather’s side ever since she was born from the blood pool. This was especially so for Macy, as she was a vampire born at the same time as Heather. Perhaps Macy had also inherited part of the primogenitor’s power, as she was also an “abnormal” vampire. She was a vampire who didn’t need to survive by drinking human blood.

Both of them were considered abnormal, so perhaps they had a mysterious sense of connection with each other.

“If you trust me, you can have me stay here…”

This was the vampire prince nicknamed “Clown” – Albert Albion.

He placed his hand on his chest and volunteered without Heather needing to choose-

“If it’s you, you can’t… don’t misunderstand, it’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s that you and Prince Norris both have your own territories to take care of, which is why I’ve decided against you and Norris already…”

Heather added that at the end so that he wouldn’t misunderstand it as her not trusting Albert.

“It’s fine. I shall do whatever the queen commands. No need to worry about my feelings.”

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Albert’s volunteering was met with rejection, but he didn’t seem angry about it at all. Heather thus eliminated Norris and Albert as candidates to stay in the Masa Dukedom.

“As for strategist Griffin, he also needs to return with me, so that only leaves…”

That only left Princess Macy, as she didn’t have a territory of her own. Ever since she became a vampire princess, she hadn’t had any interest at all in possessing a territory, since she would be fine anywhere that had plants.

“If this is Your Majesty’s command, then I will accept ruling over this country…”

Macy preferred living a free lifestyle, which was why she hadn’t asked Heather for a so-called territory. Macy Angelina was the only vampire royal who lived in Heather’s palace. The other vampire royals would need to spend a lot of time commuting to the vampire queen’s castle. Meanwhile, Macy was the only vampire royal who permanently resided in the queen’s castle.

“But I don’t think that I’m able to… don’t forget that I can’t drink human blood. Don’t blood slaves require that? They have to have their blood sucked every day, right?”

“Indeed, that’s a problem. If we must do this every day, it’ll be quite troublesome just to travel here every day. Just what should we do?”

The other blood slaves would also have to come here from their home countries every day, from up to thousands of kilometers away, in order to have their blood sucked. That would be far too troublesome.

If they did this every day, a mistake would definitely occur sooner or later, which would then expose the vampires’ existence.

“Then, we can temporarily suppress the vampire virus in everyone’s blood, so that they temporarily understand the blood slave condition…”

The new blood slaves’ vampire virus hadn’t reached deep into their blood yet.

That was why such manipulation was possible. Heather made this decision after weighing the pros and cons.

If too much time passed, such as someone with Mirabelle’s condition of being affected by the vampire virus, it would become impossible to suppress the virus inside the person’s body.

“If we do that, it will weaken our control over these humans. We can suppress the virus for one month at most. The virus will lose effect after one month’s time.”

The vampire virus in the blood would likely be cleansed after a long period of the sun’s illumination. It was precisely because Albert knew this that he mentioned his worries. If the humans here were no longer under the vampires’ control, it was highly likely that they would tell other humans about what happened here today. If the Bell Theocracy learned about this… the Bell Theocracy would surround and attack the vampires.

“It’s fine. Our goal this time was the archduke of the Masa Dukedom. Everyone apart from the archduke doesn’t matter to us. Thus, I’ve decided to leave Prince Albert here. Prince Albert, your territory will temporarily be managed by Princess Macy for the time being. That’s no problem, right?”

Albert listened to the queen’s command and then glanced towards Macy. However, Macy thought that this meant he had misunderstood herself.

“Rest assured, I’m only going to manage your land in name. I don’t have any interest at all in stealing your territory, since I’m not interested in these things…”
“I’m not worried about that, but rather the people inside my domain might not submit to your management. Since that’s the case, I’ll transmit my intentions over to them…”

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