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Chapter 4 – Shadow Upon the Dukedom (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2042 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1159 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Hahahahahahahaha, Princess Hars? If you have the skills, then try sending your entire country’s military forces to fight against me by myself? Who here is even capable of summoning an entire country’s military forces?”

Heather revealed her incomparably demonic crimson eyes. Actually, just the killing intent in her eyes already shocked everyone present. Many people didn’t even dare to look directly at her. Even those who didn’t believe her words began to believe her when she looked at them with such eyes.

“You’re not the Princess of Hars!? Just who are you?”

Archduke Nilson had an expression of fear as he suddenly realized this.

“That’s right, your guess is correct, I’m not the Princess of Hars-”

Heather directly admitted this as she smiled. “I am the vampire queen, Heather Alliyah. I might as well tell you in your last moments, since you’ll be under my control soon…”


The archduke was surprisingly able to remain calm as he looked at Heather.

“That’s right, we’re vampires. My goal is really simple. I’m going to conquer this country…”
“What did you say!?”

Nilson had an expression of disbelief. He never thought that Heather would say this so directly.

“This country already belongs to me. It’s already too late for you…”

Heather watched her companions “hard at work”.

She glanced down at Archduke Nilson with the expression of someone superior.

“Even if you kill me, this country still won’t become yours…”

Nilson’s reaction was stronger than expected. He immediately withdrew a sword from his bodyguard’s waist and charged at Heather. Although he was the archduke, he was actually a highly skilled swordsman.

However, his opponent was just far too powerful. Heather closed her eyes and easily dodged his iron sword that he kept swinging at her while still holding onto her rabbit doll with one hand.

Nilson’s exquisite swordsmanship was nothing more than child’s play to Heather. His speed seemed as slow as molasses to her. He was far too slow. He wasn’t capable at all of following her movements –

Heather dodged another one of Nilson’s sword swings. She then directly punched Archduke Nilson in the chest.

The archduke was sent flying by the impact and crashed into the wall behind him.

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“Cough cough…”

-He spat out red blood from his mouth.

At this instant, Heather moved in front of him at a speed that made it seem like she instantly teleported.

“Your sword techniques are so slow, way too slow. You actually managed to obtain a knighthood like this before?”

A knighthood was an honor that an ordinary person would have to train for really long in order to obtain.

The archduke had spent more than half of his life training swordsmanship in order to obtain a knighthood title, yet she actually said that his swordsmanship was so slow. This was an incredible insult against his knightly code of chivalry.

“No, it’s not that you’re too weak, but rather than I’m too strong…”

Heather’s blood-red eyes looked at him – Nilson faced her eyes that seemed so demonic.

‘-Monster, just where did such a monster come from!?’

Nilson recalled the international conference from a few days ago, when the Bell Theocracy had mentioned vampires –

Out of everyone attending the conference, only the Bell Theocracy actually cared about the vampires. The other countries all seemed like they didn’t care, which was why Archduke Nilson also readily overlooked the matter of the vampires.

At that time, he felt that information on the vampires wasn’t of any value whatsoever.

Of course, now that he was facing real danger, he didn’t think so anymore – the Bell Theocracy had good reason to be so highly on guard against the vampires. The vampires were far too scary, especially this girl who called herself the vampire queen.

“As for you, you just said that this country won’t become mine even if I kill you, is that right? In that case, I’ll do the opposite, and I’ll keep you alive…”

Heather smiled to herself as she tightly clutched the rabbit doll in her arms. She was already hugging a doll so tightly. If this was Mirabelle, it was likely that Heather would hug her even tighter.

“No matter how much you torture me, I’ll never hand my country over to a monster like you!”
“Torture? How could I possibly be capable of such a cruel thing?”

It seemed like Nilson’s threat didn’t have any effect on her. He tried to crawl up from the ground and cause at least some slight damage to Heather, who had her back turned on him. However, Nilson discovered to his astonishment that he was actually incapable of moving his body anymore.

Heather walked over to the nearby sofa. She elegantly raised her wineglass as she silently admired the sight of her vampires dominating the humans and drinking their blood.

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Heather, the vampire queen, felt disgusted even about the idea of sinking her fangs into the humans’ necks.

-Thus, she left it completely up to her subordinates to drink the humans’ blood.

Macy was a vampire who only drank pollen, so Macy was also spared from drinking human blood.

Nilson was astonished as he watched the other humans collapse after having their blood sucked. It seemed as if they had become completely different people. They had listless eyes and appeared like zombies.

“Archduke, do you understand now? Just what I meant with my words…”

Heather felt even more delight from seeing Nilson’s stunned expression. She gently bit the rabbit doll’s ears with her fangs-

“So, you already planned to control everyone here?”
“Of course. Controlling everyone here means that this country will be mine, even if I don’t appear in public. Isn’t that right? Archduke?”
“Argh, how could I possibly let you have your way!? I’ll never let you succeed, even if I must kill myself!”

Nilson did his best to move his sword to his own throat. He truly intended to end his own life.

However, a lightning-fast javelin of light managed to precisely hit the sword and melt it.

“It’s not that easy to die… please continue to live and work for my sake.”

Albert walked over to Nilsen and used his fangs to directly bite Nilsen on the neck. The vampire virus traveled along Albert’s fangs and injected itself into Nilsen’s neck.

Without a doubt, everyone present at the party was now under the control of the vampire virus.

There wasn’t a single person present who was capable of resisting the vampires’ charm and sealing techniques. Everyone present was a noble from Masa Dukedom, or a powerful noble or diplomatic envoy from another country, after all.

Nobody outside was permitted to learn about what happened here at the archduke’s palace. Norris searched every single room in the palace, and didn’t allow even a single person to escape.

The sky was immediately covered by dark clouds. The entire Masa Dukedom became covered in shadow.


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