Chapter 46 – The Two Who Leave in the Rain

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 03122 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1887 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

As the three of them traveled, they were currently in a really strange condition – Kirsten was carrying Reyne, while Mirabelle was carrying Kirsten.

Kirsten was really interested in the huge explosion as she was being carried.

“Just how did you think to tie so many explosive arrows together to use them?”
“It was just a sudden flash of inspiration. I need to say first that you can’t use such a reckless method…”
“Reckless? Aren’t you already reckless enough? The explosion almost reached us as well…”

Even Mirabelle had no idea that eight explosive arrows tied together would actually produce such a great explosion.

“At any rate, it’s fine as long as you two are alright. Kirsten, what should we do next?”
“I suppose you’re right. We’ll be captured and forced to marry each other again if we go back…”
“In that case, what do you want to do?”

Mirabelle intended on letting Kirsten choose whether to go back or not. Still, Mirabelle did want to remind Kirsten.

“I need to say first that if we go back, we won’t be able to leave until we get married…”
“In that case, does Mirabelle want to live together with me outside?”
“I… I do want to do that, and the issue is that I don’t have any feelings for that town, but it’s different for you. You’ve been living in that town for more than ten years, so you should still have feelings for that town, right?”

Kirsten couldn’t help but think about a certain incomparably familiar elf buried in a distant grave. Kirsten then spoke in a sad tone, “No, the person that I care about is no longer in this town – she died long ago. That’s why, I don’t have anything I care about apart from Mirabelle anymore…”

Kirsten saying this was her affirmation of Mirabelle’s proposal. Actually, she also wanted to try living together with Mirabelle in the outside world.

“In that case, shall we secretly slip into town and put Reyne in an obvious location?”
“An obvious location? Leave that to me. I’ll put her there before the guards return to town, so that someone will find her right away.”
“I’ll leave that to you. I’ll go back first and organize some of our luggage…”

Mirabelle was really anxious. Her five minute time limit for modifying her stats was almost up. At that time, she would no longer be able to move her body.

Kirsten and Mirabelle thus separated. Mirabelle stood by Kirsten’s home and easily jumped into the window. Although Kirsten did give her a key, she couldn’t exactly waltz in through the front door in these circumstances.

The luggage that Mirabelle needed to retrieve was all basic life necessities, such as some extra clothes to change into, spices, and some food for them to live off of for a short time being.

Everything here was produced here so as to be self-sufficient.

That was why salt was also produced here through filtering. Mirabelle already knew the method for filtering salt. That was why she only placed some clothes, bedding, blankets, and so on in a suitcase.

Kirsten pushed the door open and entered not long after.

“How is it? Did you put Reyne somewhere successfully?”

“Yes, I’ve already taken care of it. By the way, what should we do about your bow? Since your bow is broken, shall we just leave it there?”
“No need for the bow. I can make another one with a rope. The problem is… ack!?”

Just as Mirabelle was about to say something, she collapsed listlessly on the floor, as if she was an electronic doll that had just run out of batteries.

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‘Is the five minute time limit up already? Damn it, it’s really too short.’

“Mirabelle!? What happened!? Why did you suddenly collapse!?”
“I’m fine. I’m just a bit tired, and I’ll recover tomorrow. Firstly, we need to move out of this town during this time. That’s the most important thing right now. Let’s organize our luggage and then leave…”

To be honest, Kirsten was rather worried about Mirabelle’s physical condition, which was the same as when Kirsten had just picked her up. But since Mirabelle was saying that she was fine, Kirsten believed Mirabelle’s words.

The two of them then finished organizing their luggage and walked far away from the town. Kirsten intentionally acted like she was disgusted as she looked at Mirabelle.

“Mirabelle, you really have given me so much trouble. You actually became tired at such a critical moment. Thanks to you, I have to carry the luggage as well as you…”
“I’m so sorry for giving you trouble…”
“It’s good that you’re an honest child…”
“Don’t treat me like a little child. Besides, I’m already fifteen!”

When Mirabelle responded with a childlike tone, Kirsten was unable to resist her laughter anymore as she laughed out loud.

Mirabelle thought that Kirsten was making fun of her, so her face became bright red as she didn’t know how to respond.

Mirabelle was also feeling despair. If it wasn’t for saving Kirsten and Reyne, Mirabelle wouldn’t have been in this situation.

The side effect of using her [Data Modification] ability was that she would suffer extreme fatigue after five minutes, to the point of almost being completely unable to move.

But actually, Kirsten was really happy about the current situation. Because of the rules in town, they were forced to leave her hometown, and Kirsten needed to go somewhere far away to live with the person that she liked. This seemed like a plot right out of a romance novel.

“By the way, Kirsten, this place is separated into the inner safe district and outer safe district, right? It’s done by the inner and outer walls…”
“Yes, is there some problem with that?”
“Since that’s the case, will we be safe from magical beast attacks if we live in the outer safe district?”
“No need to worry. I’m going to take you to a safe district within the outer wall. That place is the highest location in this entire area. The scenery on that mountain is far prettier than on the mountain above the river in town…”

Kirsten held on tighter to Mirabelle as she carried the latter.

“The problem is that this mountain is rather tall. Nobody chose to go there because it’s too difficult to go up and down the mountain…”
“Since that’s the case, why are we going there?”

After hearing this, Mirabelle asked Kirsten out of curiosity. To Mirabelle, her mental minimap of this island was like an entire map covered in gray shadows. Her minimap was the type where her party members could share what they had seen. Basically, any party member who went somewhere would also reveal that part of the map. Wasn’t that a common type of minimap in real time strategy games? Mirabelle could only see parts of the minimap that her party members had gone to after they joined her party, not before.

“I say, we finally managed to have a chance to escape because we made a deal with Reyne’s father to help find Reyne, right?”
“Yes, that’s correct…”
“Then do you really think it’s a good idea to casually build a new home near the town?”
“It’s not a very good idea, because the area around town should also count as their territory. They’ll probably be able to find us as long as they try to search….”

Mirabelle answered Kirsten in a trembling voice, while Kirsten nodded.

“That’s right, that’s right. Our enemies aren’t only the elves in town. We also need to watch out for the S rank magical beasts on the island. If the S rank magical beasts come attack our home, even if we’re able to escape with our current power level, it’s not like our home can escape with us, right? Because of that, we need to find a high location…”
“Even so…”

At this moment, Mirabelle had already arrived at the tall mountain which Kirsten had mentioned. Mirabelle looked up at the seemingly endless mountain. Of course, her heart became filled with despair.

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“How are we supposed to go up this mountain!?”
“Heehee, of course we climb up…”
“Climb up and down it!? Every single day!? Please spare me. No wonder the elven queen didn’t choose to establish the town in such a place…”
“Hey hey, don’t say that. I’ve been up there once before. There’s a forest as well as a lake up there. It’s a really nice place. Before, I thought that it would be really comfortable to build a home up there…”
“When I think about having to climb up and down the mountain every day, I’ll feel really pained no matter how comfortable it is up there…”

Mirabelle sighed as she constantly objected to Kirsten’s proposal. Mirabelle had lived in a modern world in her past life, and she was fully urbanized. She had no experience whatsoever with climbing mountains, nor did she have any desire to do something dangerous like climbing a mountain. Additionally, she was a princess in this world, so she had gotten accustomed to being spoiled. That was why she had no opportunity to ever climb a mountain before.

“If that’s the case, then just go back to town with me and get married there…”
“Rather than the elven town, I’d prefer to climb the mountain then…”
“Do you have any more complaints?”
“Although I’m still unwilling, I have no more complaints.”
“Relax. I’ll pull you up with a rope as I climb. It’s just a little risky…”

Kirsten brought out a mountain climbing pick and prepared to ascend the tall mountain.

‘Haha, she even prepared a mountain climbing pick. She really prepared so well.’

Mirabelle smiled helplessly at Kirsten. At this moment, Mirabelle suddenly discovered a certain something.

“What is it?”
“I think I discovered something…”
“I say, didn’t I already mention it? Stop complaining!”

Kirsten had obviously misunderstood Mirabelle. She thought that Mirabelle was stalling because of not wanting to climb the mountain.

“That’s not what I mean. I was thinking if it would be possible to climb this tall mountain without using your method. I just don’t want you to get hurt. Plus, it’s raining, and everything is really slippery. Won’t you get hurt if some accident happens if we climb up there with this unreliable method? I don’t want you to get hurt!”
“Mirabelle, you’re still saying something like that…”

Kirsten gently touched her own cheek as she blushed. Obviously, she was embarrassed because Mirabelle had said “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“But, is there a safer method?”
“At any rate, can you loan your bow to me first?”

Mirabelle’s face was filled with resolution.

For some reason, Kirsten felt like she was enchanted by Mirabelle’s side profile. As she handed her bow and arrows to Mirabelle – Kirsten just blankly kept staring at Mirabelle.

Meanwhile, Mirabelle used her [Data Analysis] ability. Her water-blue eyes kept staring at a strange corner at the foot of the mountain.


It wasn’t convenient for Mirabelle to shoot arrows while being carried by Kirsten, so she commanded, “Kirsten, raise me up higher…”


Kirsten raised Mirabelle up really high, so Mirabelle finally had a shooting angle in midair.

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