Chapter 23 – Feeding (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1578 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 942 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Kirsten somewhat wanted to laugh at Mirabelle’s reaction, since the latter’s reaction was a bit overboard. However, she was unable to laugh – this was because Kirsten had been telling the truth.

If someone else learned about them seeing each other naked, then it really wouldn’t be a good thing.

Kirsten carefully asked Mirabelle, “A… are you alright?”

Mirabelle brought a broom over and cleaned up the glass shards from the disinfectant bottle.

She then immediately cleaned the floorboard that now had the thick smell of disinfectant.

“S… sorry, I… I wasn’t paying attention…”

She formally apologized to Kirsten after she finished cleaning.

“No need to apologize. It’s because I said that at such a time which caused you to break the bottle. I’m the one who should be saying sorry. Were you hurt?”

As she said this, Kirsten checked to see if Mirabelle’s hands and feet had any scratches.

“I’m alright, and my hands and feet weren’t hurt. Rather than that, I’ll help you upstairs after I finish bandaging you…”
“I’m sorry for all the trouble…”

Kirsten seriously expressed her thanks to Mirabelle.

Mirabelle felt even more awkward after hearing this.

Mirabelle was clearly the one borrowing a place to live here, and she had only done something so minor.

Mirabelle wrapped bandages around Kirsten’s injury. She then helped Kirsten up the stairs while the latter limped.

“Wait here for a moment, I’ll go cook dinner…”
“Got it, thank you…”
“No need to be so polite with me. You saved my life. This is all I can do to pay you back.”

With her abilities, this was really all she could do.

However, it had been really long since Mirabelle last cooked personally.

In fact, she couldn’t even remember clearly when she had last cooked.

As a busy worker in her past life, she actually returned home less than the number of times that she stayed in a hotel.

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Additionally, she often stayed at the company ever since the game started development.

Now that she thought back on it, she had cooked food two or three times for Rion before while the latter was hospitalized.

Kirsten’s current condition caused Mirabelle to remember this. Both Kirsten and Rion were patients who needed care.

However, Mirabelle searched the entire kitchen and found that there wasn’t much rice left. She could only helplessly sigh after seeing this.

She could only use this rice to cook some porridge for Kirsten –

As for bread, Mirabelle had no idea how to make bread, since she was no baker.

There also wasn’t anything convenient like a bread machine here-

Mirabelle used a slow fire to cook the porridge and adjust the flavor. She did her best to make it so that the porridge didn’t taste like water.

After that, Mirabelle pushed the door open and entered the room to discover that Kirsten had actually removed all of her clothing.

“Ahh…! You… what are you doing!?”

Mirabelle awkwardly turned her head away when she saw that Kirsten was completely naked-

“Shh… don’t make too much noise. We’re finished if others notice us…”
“I got it… I understand…”

Mirabelle placed the porridge on the bedside stand and turned away with her face reddened.

“I’m just changing my clothes. It won’t feel comfortable to sleep in clothes that are covered in blood…”
“If that’s the case, you should have told me earlier. I could have helped you out…”

Kirsten stared with astonishment at Mirabelle – “Did you want to see me naked again?”

“N… no… I, I, I, I, definitely didn’t mean that…”

Mirabelle stuttered as she replied. Kirsten couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the expected response as she said,

“Don’t misunderstand. I’m not trying to blame you. This really is a strange rule. Why is it that two girls seeing each other naked are forced to marry each other?”

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Kirsten recalled the words that Mirabelle had told her before.

She and Kirsten were both outsiders here. It really was quite unreasonable for outsiders to be forced to obey the rules here without even knowing beforehand.

Upon hearing this, Mirabelle replied, “R… right… I think it’s really strange after all. It’s just girls seeing each other naked. Isn’t that really normal where we were before?”

Naturally, she was referring to the old elven territory that had been conquered by the vampires.

“Yeah, but it’s still best to not let anyone else know about this. Let’s count this as a secret between the two of us. If you want to look, then feel free to look as much as you want. We’re both girls anyways, so it doesn’t matter if we see each other…”

Mirabelle swallowed some saliva. She had to admit that she was rather tempted. A really cute girl had just told Mirabelle that she could look at her naked body as much as she wanted, after all.

“N… no, we can’t do such a thing…”
“I know. I was just slightly teasing you. I won’t actually show you. Wouldn’t anyone feel really embarrassed if someone else kept staring at your naked body?”
“That’s… only natural…”

Mirabelle obviously wasn’t the type to take advantage of others. For some reason, she suddenly recalled the first time that she and Heather saw each other naked.

However, at that time Mirabelle was in no mood to enjoy Heather’s body back then. She kept feeling like Heather’s body had etched itself into her mind.

Heather’s body was indeed the type that she preferred. Heather had a petite body and alluring skin.

However, this didn’t mean that Mirabelle had forgiven her. Mirabelle was simply being objective about Heather’s body.


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