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Chapter 24 – Feeding (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1987 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1054 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle faced the snow-white wall and heard the sound of clothes rubbing against each other.

“You can turn around now.”

Kirsten called out to Mirabelle after she put on her blue pajamas. Mirabelle then turned around to look –

Unexpectedly, Kirsten no longer seemed like a hunter at all when she put on her pajamas from yesterday. Instead, she seemed more like a dainty rich girl.

-This caused Mirabelle to remember how she took care of her younger sister in her past life.

It seemed that Rion had also insisted on wearing her own pajamas back at the hospital?

“You should have the porridge first. Otherwise, it will get cold…”
“It’s fine. It’s still really warm now, thank you. You even made dinner for me-”
“It’s nothing. Isn’t this only natural? However, you don’t have any more rice in your home. Do you know where to buy some?”

Mirabelle asked Kirsten who was laying on the bed. She took a spoon and began to feed the porridge into Kirsten’s mouth one small bite at a time.

As she fed Kirsten, she even carefully blew on the porridge to cool it down.

“They sell rice right in town. However, our currency here is rather strange. We hunters rely on what we hunt in order to exchange for food and weapons. For instance, the magical beast teeth that I gather can be used as currency…”
“Such an archaic exchange method? Don’t they feel like it’s quite difficult to calculate an exchange?”

Mirabelle kept feeding Kirsten as the latter began to explain as she ate.

“It’s not that difficult. We basically have no interaction with outsiders here, so there’s no use for us to use the common currency in the mainland – gold coins. For us, the more local currency that we have, the more it means that we’ve contributed to the village.”
“Eh? Is that so? Then how much does the richest person possess right now?”
“One S level magic beast, 30 A level magic beasts, and about 200 B level magic beasts…” Kirsten replied in an icy tone.
“Eh? For real? So amazing…”

Mirabelle sat to the side and had a praising expression.

“But wait a moment, an S level magic beast means that person has killed an S level magic beast before?”

Kirsten nodded seriously. Mirabelle felt even more impressed after hearing this.

-If there really was someone like that around here, Mirabelle really wanted to recruit her into her party.

“Who is that person?”

Kirsten became rather slow to speak.

Mirabelle saw that she had a serious and icy expression, which was quite rare for her.

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‘Could it be that she has some type of conflict with the richest person here?’

“D… don’t keep me hanging. Could you please tell me?”
“That person is me…”
“For real? So amazing…”

Mirabelle’s brain instantly short-circuited for several minutes after hearing this.

Quite a while later, Mirabelle kept retreating backwards while looking at Kirsten with fear in her eyes.

“Eeeeh? It’s… it’s you? The richest person?”

Kirsten closed her eyes. It was precisely because she was one of the strongest hunters in town that she had always been someone isolated by the others.

That was why she was somewhat afraid that Mirabelle would leave her because the others were isolating her.

However, it seemed as if Mirabelle heaved a sigh of relief.

“I feel much more assured now… since you’ve killed an S level magical beast before, can you take me out of this island then?”

Mirabelle had an expression that this was wonderful. Kirsten couldn’t conceive why this girl was so accepting.

She looked at Mirabelle’s expression and didn’t know if she should tell her the truth or not.

After hesitating for quite a while, Kirsten found herself unable to say it, so she changed the topic to dinner.

“Um… how come there’s only my dinner? Where’s yours?”
“Er, as for me, I’ve already eaten while downstairs. It’s alright, no need to worry about me…”

Mirabelle told a really obvious lie. Her lie was just way too obvious, to the point where Kirsten made a displeased expression.

“W… what’s the matter?”
“I’m really unhappy. I hate most when others lie to me…”

Mirabelle lowered her head in disappointment after hearing this.

“No matter if it’s a white lie or a lie with bad intentions, I hate them all. Did you know? My parents used white lies to deceive me. On the way here, they saved the little amount of food they had for me. I told you this before, right?”
“Yes… you told me…”

Mirabelle spoke in a trembling tone as she sat by Kirsten’s bedside.

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‘-I heard this just yesterday. How could I possibly forget after just one day?’

“They – my parents also had the same expression as you as they lied. In order to leave their food to me, they smiled at me and claimed to be not hungry even if they were starving to the point where their stomachs rumbled. In order to leave their food to me, they smiled at me and claimed to be not hungry even if they were famished to the point where they were only skin and bones. This continued until the end when they starved to death in front of my eyes…”

Mirabelle understood why Kirsten mentioned this. Thus-

“I’m sorry for making you remember something sad…”

She wasn’t able to think of any words to console her apart from an apology.

“It’s fine. I’m mentioning this again because I don’t want you to lie to me like they did, that’s all…”

Mirabelle buried her head deep in her arms. She clearly didn’t understand anything at all, yet she still touched upon someone else’s sore spot. She kept feeling like she was the worst.

However, Kirsten gently raised Mirabelle’s chin.

“It’s fine. Let’s eat together. Half for each of us…”
“I’ll go get another spoon then!”
“No need. We can just stay here. One person, one bite at a time…”
“Eh? Isn’t… that not good?”

Mirabelle was immediately stunned by her words. She never expected that Kirsten would actually say such a thing. Wouldn’t that be an indirect kiss?

‘Calm down, Mirabelle Brillana. She’s obviously the type who doesn’t mind such a thing. I must be overthinking things.’


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