Chapter 22 – Bandaging a Wound (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1905 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1050 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Kirsten winced and closed her eyes tightly because of the pain from disinfection. Mirabelle did her best to be gentle in order to not hurt her.

Kirsten was the person she owed her life to –

After Mirabelle finished disinfecting the arm injury, she tore off a small amount of bandage. She then placed the bandage on the wound. The bandage automatically bound itself tightly around Kirsten’s arm.

“Hah… next will be… Wah…”

Mirabelle glanced at Kirsten’s clothes. She would have to remove Kirsten’s clothes in order to disinfect and apply a bandage.

To be honest, Mirabelle was rather embarrassed as her cheeks turned bright red. She felt as if she was taking advantage of Kirsten by looking at her body while she was unconscious.

“What am I thinking? I…”

‘That’s right, that’s right, this is only an ordinary treatment for an injury. That’s right, this is just treating an injury. I shouldn’t view this from a perverted standpoint.’

Although Mirabelle consoled herself like this, her fingers still kept trembling when she reached towards Kirsten’s shirt button. Her mind was also filled with expectation.

“This is so you won’t be in as much pain…”

Mirabelle directly unbuttoned Kirsten’s shirt button. She then supported Kirsten on the sofa and looked at the latter’s pink bra.

Mirabelle’s face became bright red as she looked elsewhere.

Not only did her face feel like it was burning, but even her nose was also feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

“Calm down, me…”

She was someone with a fiancee in her past life. In fact, she wasn’t even a virgin with no experience in her past life.

Yet, Kirsten was truly cute, with snow-white and tender skin.

“This is skin that a princess should have. Isn’t this far too rule-breaking?”

Mirabelle felt that her skin was different from a regular hunter who would have dark and hard skin after always using weapons to hunt.

“Er… Mirabelle, you… what are you doing?”

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“N… nothing, um, I’m first going to help you disinfect, and then bind your injuries with bandages. Otherwise, you’ll keep bleeding!”

Mirabelle’s gaze suddenly became firm when she met Kirsten’s eyes.

‘That’s right, now is the time to abandon feelings of embarrassment-’

She was going to apply medicine on Kirsten so that her injuries wouldn’t become infected.

Kirsten had saved her life. Mirabelle absolutely wouldn’t let Kirsten die in front of her.

“Bear with the pain as I disinfect you…”

Mirabelle carefully applied medicine on Kirsten’s wound, causing the latter to immediately close her eyes in pain.

“A… are you alright?”

Mirabelle was somewhat worried as she inquired about Kirsten’s condition.

“I’m fine, you can continue…”

When Mirabelle heard that Kirsten was fine, she lowered her head again and continued to apply disinfectant on the side of Kirsten’s stomach.

“Kirsten, you really are amazing.”
“I’m not amazing at all. I wouldn’t have been injured so severely if I was amazing…”
“Even so, it’s already amazing that you can hunt magical beasts like this by yourself. Rest assured, I won’t let any injury remain on your body…”

Mirabelle was incredibly serious and careful.

Kirsten watched Mirabelle’s careful side profile and began to feel something special in her heart as she kept staring blankly at Mirabelle.

When Mirabelle glanced at her, Kirsten instantly turned her head away.

“Does it hurt?”
“No, I’m used to it. It’s already the second time that I’ve been so seriously injured…”
“The second time? When was the first time?”

Kirsten had an unwilling expression in her slightly lonely seeming gaze.

“S… sorry, if you don’t want to say it, then there’s no need…”

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However, Kirsten spoke up after Mirabelle lowered her head again.

“My first severe injury was my back. Even now, there’s a really large and ugly scar there. I was scratched by a giant Swordtooth Tiger.”

A Swordtooth Tiger? As the name indicated, it was a giant magical beast with teeth and claws that were as sharp as swords.

“Why? Isn’t a giant Swordtooth Tiger an S-level magical beast?”
“I said too much…”

Mirabelle brought out a bandage and began to bandage the side of Kirsten’s stomach.

“I can do this by myself…”
“No need to be polite. I can finish this instantly anyways…”

Mirabelle stopped Kirsten and then placed the bandage on her injury. The bandage instantly bound itself.

“T… thank you, Mirabelle…”
“What about the last injury? What do you want to do?”

Of course, Mirabelle was referring to the side of Kirsten’s chest. She didn’t know how Kirsten managed to get injured there.

“That… place, I can do it myself… wargh…”

As Kirsten said this, she forced herself to sit up. However, her injury immediately caused her to close her eyes in pain when she sat up.

“Idiot, don’t move around like that. Your injuries haven’t healed yet, so you should let me…”

Kirsten seemed rather hesitant and embarrassed as she looked at Mirabelle.

“No buts. Take your clothes off. I’ll disinfect for you, otherwise your injuries will become inflamed the next day…”

Kirsten was really embarrassed, but for the sake of her injuries, she still slowly removed her pink bra that seemed like a thin veil, and revealed her rather large breasts.

“Um… can you keep a secret? About you seeing my body…”
“Why? Aren’t we both girls?”

Mirabelle didn’t want to admit this, but from Kirsten’s viewpoint, she was indeed a girl.

“Perhaps you don’t know our rules here because you’re an elf from outside. All of us are female elves, and we don’t welcome male elves. It’s possible to reproduce between two girls as well…”
“Eh? Why is there such a rule?”

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Mirabelle asked her own question with a slightly trembling voice.

However, Kirsten also answered with an emotional voice.

“I don’t know either. Regardless, it will be bad if others learn that you’ve seen my naked body…”
“Why? You clearly saw me naked before as well…”
“I should say that it’s fine if just one person sees the other naked, but if both see each other naked, then…”

Mirabelle felt really anxious about how Kirsten kept stopping mid-sentence.

“Then they have to get m… married…”

Mirabelle accidentally dropped the glass bottle with disinfectant inside. It was obvious that she was really shocked by Kirsten’s words.


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