Chapter 21 – Bandaging a Wound (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1448 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 803 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle stayed at the doorway and watched her level continuously increase through sharing experience.

Kirsten indeed killed a lot of magical beasts. Mirabelle knew that the way to obtain experience points was to reduce a magical beast’s HP to zero. This meant that Kirsten really killed a lot of magical beasts.

However, Kirsten’s HP had also decreased by about half.

Had she been ambushed by a magical beast?

It was indeed bad for a ranged archer like her to be ambushed by a magical beast.

With her physical abilities, it was likely that she could deal with it?

Mirabelle glanced at Kirsten’s HP –

-Name: Kirsten Raphael
-Level: 163
-HP: 8230/16300
-MP: 7893/10100

Her HP had decreased by approximately half, which made Mirabelle start to worry.

Luckily, Mirabelle saw that Kirsten’s HP was no longer decreasing. If her HP had kept decreasing, then Mirabelle would have ignored Kirsten’s warning and rushed into the forest to help out.

Although Mirabelle was only level 3 right now, she still had her uses. At the very least, she would be able to save Kirsten from the magical beasts.

Mirabelle anxiously paced around and was unable to calm down.

This persisted until it was almost dusk-

Kirsten and the other hunters finally returned from the forest while covered in blood.

Mia was supporting Kirsten, who was limping.

“K… Kirsten! Are you alright!?”

Mirabelle rushed over and asked Kirsten.

“It’s nothing, it’s just an accident…”
“What happened? Why is she so seriously injured?”

Mirabelle asked Mia, who was still supporting Kirsten.

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Mia responded in a sad tone, “An accident happened inside the wall which caused an S level magical beast and all A level magical beasts to break into the wall from outside, which caused her to be hurt…”

“What!? Why would this happen? Isn’t there a barrier for defense against S level magical beasts on the outermost layer?”

Mirabelle didn’t know anything at all as she shouted.

The other elves all lowered their heads without saying anything.

“M… Mirabelle… actually…”

Kirsten coughed twice to stop Mia from continuing to tell Mirabelle the truth. Kirsten then forced her injured body to break free from Mia’s arm that supported her. Mirabelle caught her when she almost fell onto the ground.

“I’m fine, so let’s hurry and return home…” Kirsten told Mirabelle in a rather anxious and slightly pained voice.

Mirabelle glanced at the other elves who had their heads lowered.

“Okay, let’s hurry home…”

Mirabelle supported Kirsten on the way to her home.


Reyne suddenly called Kirsten and chased after her. Reyne then looked at Kirsten’s back with tears filling her eyes.

“Um… you… are you alright?”
“Relax, I’m fine… I’ll recover after resting for a while with such a small injury…”

Mirabelle couldn’t help but feel some doubt when she watched the two. Had something happened between the two of them?

Unfortunately, she was in no position to ask them.

Reyne kept looking at Kirsten with tear-filled eyes, while Kirsten didn’t even turn around as she said to Reyne, “You should go back and rest now, and I’m going back as well… Mirabelle, let’s go…”

Kirsten made Mirabelle speedily leave before they could say much. Mirabelle supported her all the way home. She then removed Kirsten’s [Equipment] of bow, arrows, and quiver and placed them on the shelf by the entrance.

She then helped Kirsten to sit down on the wooden sofa by the entrance. Mirabelle instantly saw a blood streak on Kirsten’s slender arm from falling over. Plus, it seemed as if something sharp like a knife had caused a slice injury on Kirsten’s stomach. Blood was also seeping through her clothes. There was also a similar blood streak on the side of her chest.

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“Where’s the first aid kit? I’ll help you bandage it…”
“Over… there…”

Mirabelle went to where Kirsten pointed and swiftly brought over the first aid kit. By the time that she brought the first aid kit over, Kirsten had already fainted because of too much blood loss.


Mirabelle felt rather guilty inside as she looked at the unconscious Kirsten. Why hadn’t she noticed that Kirsten was in danger? Mirabelle was really angry with herself, but-

Now wasn’t the time to be blaming herself. Kirsten’s life would be in danger if she didn’t help her to bandage her injuries quickly.

Mirabelle brought out some items similar to alcohol and bandages from the first aid kit. She intended to first disinfect Kirsten’s wounds.

Mirabelle’s ability was really convenient. The bandages would automatically bind the injury simply by putting the bandages on the injury.

However, Mirabelle still needed to personally do the disinfecting.

Thus, she started from the relatively easier to disinfect arm. Mirabelle carefully used an alcohol-infused cotton swab to wipe Kirsten’s injury.


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