Chapter 20 – How to Share Experience (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2179 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1311 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle was quite familiar with those green crystals-

“I see, so elven ore can be used as an energy source for barriers?”
“That’s right, elven ore. Elven ore can act as a substitute for magic, which is why it’s so convenient. When we left… the old elven territory, we brought along a lot of elven ore with us as a source of energy. Each piece of elven ore can be used for two to three hundred years as a barrier energy source. That’s why we don’t need to risk our lives to go outside to gather or purchase elven ore.”

Kirsten glanced momentarily at Mirabelle’s face when she mentioned the old elven territory. Her words also paused for a small moment.

“So you guys have already calculated everything?”

Mirabelle was really surprised by her explanation. Wasn’t the preparation far too well done?

-Was there something here that couldn’t see the light of day?

“Well, I’m about to start working now, so you should just wait here…”

Kirsten then picked up her bow as she said this and prepared to head deep into the forest.

She was actually extremely experienced at hunting. Thus, there was no need for Mirabelle to worry about her.

However, Mirabelle directly invited Kirsten to form a party with her. It wasn’t that difficult to get Kirsten to accept.

“Can you promise me that you’ll absolutely return safely?”
“Of course I can. I’m an experienced hunter who won’t be injured by something like this…”

Just like this, the party request was accepted by promising to agree to any one condition.

This was how Mirabelle could use Kirsten to help her grind levels.

Once Kirsten agreed to the party request, Mirabelle saw her new ally’s HP and mana values under her own HP status. She could see Kirsten’s level at any time even if Kirsten wasn’t by her side now.

Mirabelle would be able to rush over immediately if Kirsten was in any danger. -This was the convenience of her appraisal ability.

By teaming up in a party, not only would Mirabelle be able to share experience, she could even share in the dropped items.

However, that would depend on who had put in more effort.

It was quite obvious that Kirsten was the only one putting in all the effort right now. Mirabelle was simply gaining ‘free experience’ by leaching. The items wouldn’t have anything to do with her.

Of course, it was also impossible for Mirabelle to complete any subquests. She needed to be at a close enough distance in order to count as completing a subquest.

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Still, Mirabelle’s only goal was to gain experience. She wanted to level up by leaching Kirsten’s experience.

“I’ll be right back then…”
“Okay, good luck, and do your best to hunt lots of magical beasts…”
“Leave it to me…”

Kirsten patted herself on the chest. Her hunting method was really simple as well as safe.

She would simply track one beast at a time and use a paralysis effect arrow to shoot into the magical beast’s blood so that the beast couldn’t escape.

Mirabelle sat down on the stone in front of the doorway after she said goodbye to Kirsten. Mirabelle then paid close attention to the skill board before her.

About ten minutes later, Mirabelle had received approximately 50 experience points. She finally broke past level 0 –

When Mirabelle glanced at her own status again, she saw that her level had finally become 1 instead of 0, which made her feel rather excited.

She would start leveling from 0 and make progress a little bit at a time, until she finally surpassed Heather Alliyah.

Her first goal would be level 50 for the time being. At this rate, she would be able to reach level 5 quite easily if nothing unexpected occurred.

She only had one party member right now, after all.

Mirabelle didn’t know the other elves here very well. The other elves might not agree if she tried to ask them to party.

If possible, she wanted to find more and stronger party members.

It was quite easy for her to add party members with her system. However, kicking a party member out was a lot more difficult.

“Eh? You’re…?”

Mirabelle saw two pairs of white and tender legs as two elven girls approached her.

One elf girl had long green hair and seemed to be really cute.

The other elf girl had long dark pink hair and kept her head lowered, as if she didn’t want to look at Mirabelle at all.

The long green-haired girl stood right in front of Mirabelle and greeted her with an energetic voice.

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“Are you the elf girl that Miss Kirsten picked up before?”
“That… yes, that’s correct, may I ask who you are?”

Mirabelle just noticed that both of them were holding bows. They also had quivers on their backs, just like Kirsten did.

“I am Mia Tatar. She is Reyne Miren. Both of us are here to hunt together with Miss Kirsten, but I think that she must have left long ago?”
“Is that so? She really did that then… that idiot, she always starts hunting magical beasts half an hour early…”
“Eh? Why does she do that?”

Mirabelle originally thought that Kirsten was doing it for the experience, but Kirsten obviously didn’t know what experience points were since she couldn’t see them.

In that case, Kirsten definitely wanted something else rather than experience points.

The pink-haired girl named Reyne snorted loudly at this moment. She then reminded Mia with an icy tone, “There’s no time to explain, so let’s just go already…”

“Okay, okay, I’ll be right there. Although I’d really like to tell you, we don’t have time right now. I’m sorry, I’ll come to tell you next time if there’s a chance-”
“I understand, see you…”

Although it was a pity, Mirabelle wasn’t going to party with them, since she didn’t know these girls very well. Besides, she had also promised Kirsten that she wouldn’t leave here.

Mirabelle glanced at the girls’ bows and arrows.

“I clearly know some archery as well…”

Mirabelle had previously asked her mother to teach her archery. If it was only about shooting an arrow and hitting a target, she had learned a decent amount before.

In fact, she had learned a decent amount of both archery and swordsmanship.

The problem was that her Strength stat was far too weak. She couldn’t really handle using a longsword.

Mirabelle once again glanced at her own stats, which were slowly increasing-

She was now slowly heading for level 3 from level 2.

It didn’t feel too good to be leaching for free. Mirabelle kept feeling like she had wronged Kirsten.

Still, party members would share the same amount of experience points. This meant that she was obtaining the same amount of experience points as Kirsten would. She wasn’t cutting Kirsten’s experience gain in half at all.

Mirabelle had considered this previously when she was designing the experience system of this game. For the experience system – if each person gained only half the experience points, then that wouldn’t make big parties very suitable.

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For instance, if the party had a five-person limit, and if the party had five people, then each person would only gain 20% experience points. -That would obviously slow the game’s pace down too much.

That was why Mirabelle had designed the experience system so that everyone would gain full experience points. Her goal had been to not slow the game’s pace too much.

She never expected that this design would help her so much since she had entered the game itself.

Kirsten could probably help her reach about level 10 today.

Once she reached level 10, she would be able to deal with simple C level monsters quite easily.


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