Chapter 16 – Talking (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1704 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 914 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Kirsten instantly widened her eyes. She never expected that Mirabelle would voluntarily talk to her.

“You don’t want to listen?”
“N… no, that’s not it, please say what you want, and I’ll listen to everything that you say!”

Kirsten immediately sat down on a chair by the bedside and turned towards Mirabelle.

“Um… thank you, for saving me…”
“There’s no need for thanks. You’re an elf as well, so it’s only natural that I’d save you… rather than that, it’s better than anything that you’ve become spirited.”

Kirsten smiled in a way that resembled the sun. Mirabelle also sensed her gentleness from her words.

“Rather than that, I’d like to know just what your name is?”
“My name? My name is Mirabelle Brillana…”
“Mirabelle? Mirabelle… is an excellent name…”

Kirsten immediately began to praise Mirabelle’s name upon hearing it.

“This name was given to me by my deceased mother…”
“Is… is that so? S… sorry…”
“No need to apologize. I won’t feel sad about my birth mother. Can I ask just where this is?”
“This place is Zuogu Island, as well as a home for us elves…”

Kirsten slowly spoke the answer that Mirabelle already expected.

“So it was really like this?”

Mirabelle recalled quite well that the elves’ setting in the game shouldn’t have been so easily destroyed.

“If my guess is correct, Mirabelle, you should be from the elven territory on the other side of the world?”

Kirsten… how did she know such a thing?

Mirabelle fell silent and stared at Kirsten with her clear blue eyes.

“To be honest, some of the elves here are from there as well, because their homeland was conquered by vampires. That’s why they escaped from their original elven territory. However, this place forbids male elves from entering. Mirabelle is a girl, so it’s okay…”

Mirabelle immediately clutched at her body and her face became bright red after hearing Kirsten say this.

“You… could it be that you looked at all of my body…!?”

When she saw how her clothes had already been changed, and with Kirsten’s words, this was something unmistakable.

“No… I didn’t want to look, but I couldn’t exactly let you sleep in bloodstained clothes on my bed, you know!? I… I couldn’t help it. If you think that I owe you no matter what, then I’ll take responsibility!”
“No no no, no need for you to take responsibility. It’s not as severe as you say. I just feel like I lost something by having my body seen.”

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Mirabelle then recalled that this wasn’t the first time that someone had seen her naked before – Heather had seen her before Kirsten. If Heather also wanted to take responsibility for seeing her naked, then Mirabelle really wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“Is that so? I can’t do anything at all if you really want me to take responsibility…”
“There’s no need, I said that it’s not so severe!?”

Mirabelle felt like she was becoming ever more fatigued from talking to Kirsten. Why was Kirsten so serious about taking responsibility?

Mirabelle already said that Kirsten didn’t need to take responsibility, yet Kirsten still insisted. Besides, wasn’t it only natural for girls to see each others’ bodies?

Mirabelle’s heart was filled with justice as she truly believed this. The benefit of being in such a body was that even though she had a boy’s heart, she could get involved in the youthful romance between girls and so on. She had never even considered something like what Kirsten mentioned before, however.

Still, she simply didn’t know the rules here.


Mirabelle had a helpless expression as she felt it was really tiring to talk to this girl named Kirsten. Still, Kirsten really was the really cute type. She had long black hair, which was rare among elves. She also had her hair braided with a cute water-blue butterfly tie.

“Could I ask you… why did you want to kill yourself? Although I don’t know why you wanted to kill yourself, but-”

Kirsten had an incredibly serious expression as she stared at Mirabelle’s face.

Mirabelle hadn’t seen Kirsten with such a serious expression ever since Kirsten brought her home.

“Why did you want to kill yourself?”

Kirsten asked this question again.

Mirabelle sighed lightly after a long period of silence and told her, “I’ve lost the place where I belong again – and the people important to me. There’s never been any change since the start…”


Mirabelle saw that Kirsten had a serious expression concentrated upon her eyes.

“My father was killed by evil vampires right when I was born. My mother died from childbirth after I was born. She wouldn’t have died if it wasn’t for all the doctors being sent to the frontlines in order to fight against the vampires. My father never came to see my dead mother even until the final moment, because he was dead, just like my mother.”
“That’s nothing, as I can still tolerate it. I only have gratitude towards my parents who gave birth to me, not any hateful feelings. However, I have deep feelings for my adoptive mother…”

Mirabelle never expected that she would reveal her feelings to Kirsten. However, this was all she could do. Saying everything would definitely be much better than bearing everything by herself. Basically, Mirabelle was unable to handle everything by herself anymore. That was why she treated Kirsten Raphael like Nim and told her all of this.

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