Chapter 17 – Her Wish (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1704 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 783 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle immediately showed a sad expression after saying this and turned her head away.

“Could it be that your adoptive mother is already…”

Kirsten knew that it was obvious from Mirabelle’s expression.

Mirabelle’s adoptive mother had also been killed by the vampires. Kirsten could guess this easily –

Silence fell over both of them as an awkward atmosphere filled Kirsten’s heart.

Kirsten was still the first to break the silence. She sighed deeply, as if she was resolving herself to something.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know how to console you. Actually, I’m the same as you.”
“The same?”

Mirabelle asked her back as Kirsten nodded before continuing.

“When I was young, I was forced to leave the home that I had always been living in. It was all because of vampire attacks that we were forced to move somewhere else when we were already at the border. My parents were already dead when we arrived on this island. Many elves were sacrificed on the long journey here, including my parents. They didn’t eat their share of what little food and water remained, saving it for me instead, which was how I survived until now. I would have died on the way already if it wasn’t for them. Thus, I’m really grateful to them for what they did, but my heart is also filled with questions and blame. But then I think about how they did what they should in order to let me survive… I think that your adoptive mother was probably the same…”

Mirabelle had an expression of astonishment as she looked at Kirsten’s face.

‘So she’s the same as me? No, she has an even sadder past than I do.’

Mirabelle and Kirsten had both experienced the pain of losing their families because of the vampires.

“I never thought that you also… sorry…”
“It’s fine, it’s not like you’re a vampire. I’m already really happy that you were willing to tell me all this. This means that you’ve opened your heart to me and no longer want to die, right? You must believe that your parents have done everything in order for their own children to live a better life. Even if reality is quite cruel, however, you still must live on like your parents wanted you to. Otherwise, what your parents did would have been wasted.”

Kirsten grabbed Mirabelle’s shoulder and used a serious tone to try and convince Mirabelle. The expression in her eyes was incomparably sincere and true.

“I suppose that all parents do such foolish things for the sake of their own children…”

It was just like Joanna’s final words before she died.

“No ‘mother’ wouldn’t want their child to live on happily.”

Mirabelle also needed to live on properly for the sake of her younger sister that died in the previous world. Mirabelle still had something that she had to do – something that only she could do. She had to surpass Heather and prove to her that she wasn’t an elf who was merely a puppet.

However, Mirabelle didn’t have a concrete goal. -Heather Alliyah was the only vampire that Mirabelle’s analysis ability didn’t work on. It was impossible to determine Heather’s level or how strong she was. All of this was shrouded in dense fog.

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However, Mirabelle was certain that Heather was at the level of the strongest magical beast. The strongest magical beast’s level was around 400.

Thus, Mirabelle temporarily set a goal of level 400. She then glanced at how she was still level 0.

-It was time.

She felt that it was time to break through this level. It was time to make progress- even though she didn’t know just how far ahead Heather was or to what extent. Still, she was going to catch up –

Nobody would possibly grind experience faster than Mirabelle could. Mirabelle Brillana had successfully conquered the dark trauma in her heart and metamorphosed thanks to Kirsten Raphael’s encouragement.

Perhaps this day was a huge revolution for Mirabelle Brillana. -She needed to catch up to Heather, at least to become her equal.

“Um… Miss Kirsten…”
“You can just call me Kirsten, Mirabelle…”
“Then, Kirsten, could you take me to hunt magical beasts with you tomorrow?”

Kirsten was naturally really astonished. Why had Mirabelle made such a request? It was only natural to rest a few days after just recovering her spirit.

“Heavens, your body hasn’t even recovered yet. It’s nothing more than suicide in my opinion to go hunting right now.”
“No, I must go. My body’s already mostly recovered, which is why I’m requesting you…”
“First, let me confirm a question. How did you know that I was hunting magical beasts?”


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