Chapter 15 – Talking (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1568 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 925 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Several days later, Mirabelle had yet to get out of bed even once. No matter how much Kirsten tried to convince her to eat, Mirabelle refused to listen. Kirsten had no idea just how she should try to convince this elf.

“I don’t understand. Why are you so dejected?”

Kirsten sighed deeply as she asked Mirabelle in a really helpless manner.

“I don’t know what happened to you, but it’s not good for your body to keep everything bottled up inside you. You’ll die of starvation if you don’t eat soon, you know?”
“Haha… if I really can die of starvation, I’d truly like that…”

Mirabelle smiled sardonically as she replied to Kirsten.

Mirabelle then glanced at her status, which had a debuff labeled “empty stomach”.

She then silently glanced at the buff by her HP.

Name: Mirabelle Brillana.
Sex: Female.
Age: 15.
Species: Elf (Blood slave: if your blood isn’t sucked for one day, you’ll go into withdrawal.)
Level: 0
HP: 50/100 (super recovery ability: it is impossible for your HP to reach zero. Your HP regeneration is increased by 50%. Empty stomach: your HP will decrease by 2 every minute.)
MP: 50/50
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 20
Endurance: 20
Intelligence: 400 (Mirabelle’s special ability: super memory)
Physical attack: 2
Accuracy: 10
Dodge: 20%
Critical rate: 0%
Abilities: Level Analysis, Data Modification, Blood Scent (suppressed)

Even though she now had a debuff that decreased her HP every minute, it was unable to cancel out the 50% HP regeneration increase buff. Thus, Mirabelle knew that no matter how much she starved herself, she would never starve to death. If she continued like this, she would only feel discomfort from being hungry, nothing more. She understood quite clearly that she wouldn’t die, and the words about how her HP would never reach zero imprinted themselves quite clearly in her eyes.

At first, she was astonished, but then she felt deep despair – she was now undying, which meant she now had to spend an eternity in pain.

“No need to care about me. Just leave…”

Kirsten couldn’t do anything about Mirabelle’s depression. All she could do was place a plate with bread over to the side and then remind her, “You absolutely must remember to eat…”

Before Kirsten closed the door, she glanced one more time at Mirabelle who was still sitting on the bed, not wanting to leave just like this.

Mirabelle watched Kirsten close the door – and then she buried her face in her hands again as more tears flowed down.

The feeling of wanting to die but being unable to kept torturing her body and mind.

“Why…? Why? I spent so much effort to escape from the demon’s side, so why do I want to die?”

Mirabelle recalled that her own companions had all sacrificed themselves in order to protect her – and even her mother had hoped that she could obtain her own happiness. Her mother had sacrificed herself for Mirabelle’s sake.

Mirabelle felt really conflicted inside. Her emotions that she was unable to vent kept twirling around inside her and bothering her heart.

Mirabelle wanted to ease her discomfort somehow – and she saw the bread by her side. She could only pounce upon the bread and eat what Kirsten gave her in order to dispel this uncomfortable feeling inside her.

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Kirsten leaned against the door and quietly listened to the movements inside the room. Her sense of hearing was just as acute as Mirabelle’s. Kirsten was also an elf, after all, so her ears were really sensitive.

Kirsten’s mouth arched upwards in a smile when she heard how Mirabelle was eating the food that she brought. Kirsten then went downstairs.

Naturally, Mirabelle also heard Kirsten’s footsteps gradually leave as she was also an elf.

‘She really is a good person. She stayed behind the door because she was worried about me. Even though I clearly have no relationship with her, she’s still so worried about me.’
“She’s so gentle. Her name is Kirsten Raphael?”

Mirabelle silently muttered this name as she got down from the bed and glanced outside the window. Only now did she wonder just where she was. She then discovered to her astonishment that she was actually in a forest.

The nearby homes were all about the same size as this one. Kirsten was an elf, so did that mean this was also elven territory?

That was impossible. Mirabelle found it incredibly hard to believe that there was another elven territory somewhere other than her homeland.

“But, why is there an elf here?”

Mirabelle sat down on the bed again. She was currently feeling really chaotic. She decided to ask Kirsten once the latter returned. She believed that someone as gentle as Kirsten would surely tell her.

Mirabelle kept sitting on the bed to wait for Kirsten to return home. Kirsten had left when it was afternoon, but it was almost dusk when she returned.

When Kirsten returned home, the first thing she did was to check if Mirabelle was still in her room.

Kirsten felt reassured when she saw that Mirabelle was lying on the bed. She was really worried that Mirabelle would do something foolish like attempt suicide in the kitchen again.


Kirsten was about to sneak out of the room so that she wouldn’t disturb Mirabelle’s rest when Mirabelle called out to Kirsten with her beautiful voice.

“So you were awake? Did you need anything? Could it be that you’re hungry?”
“No, I have something to say to you…”


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