Chapter 12 – Nikaidou Rion (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1768 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 972 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Although she wasn’t certain, she felt that the elf girl would still be in her house, due to the severity of the latter’s injuries.

The girl searched the living room, bathroom, study, shower, and everywhere, all in order to find the elf girl.

Finally, the girl arrived at the kitchen. She saw that Mirabelle was collapsed on the ground with a vegetable knife in her chest. The girl revealed an expression of astonishment as she covered her mouth. She immediately ran over and picked up the elf girl from the ground.

Why would this girl want to commit suicide? This girl-

The girl who saved Mirabelle didn’t know anything about what had happened. However, since the elf girl was now dead – it was impossible to ask any questions.

The girl had an expression of regret. She had clearly wanted to save the elf girl, but she never expected that this would cause the latter’s death.

Just as she was thinking this, Mirabelle actually started to cough violently as she coughed blood from her mouth.

“How… how is this possible? Could it be that she’s still not dead?”

The girl – she put her fingers under Mirabelle’s nose and detected warm breath from the delicate nose.

“She’s still not dead!? This truly is an unexpected miracle…”

The girl discovered to her astonishment that when she removed the vegetable knife from the elf girl’s body, the tremendous injury actually began to slowly mend itself.

“Her regeneration abilities are really unusual…”

‘Let’s ask her later, this girl who wanted to commit suicide right after she woke up.’

Mirabelle sunk into a deep sleep after she stabbed her own heart with a vegetable knife. Her consciousness was in pitch-black darkness where she couldn’t see anything at all.

“Am I dead?”
“Not at all, Brother…”

For some reason, Rion actually appeared next to her.


Mirabelle’s reaction was a voice filled with delight. She was truly happy to meet Rion while having the status of Mirabelle Brillana.

‘Does she still remember me? Eh? Wait, being able to see Rion means that I’m now in heaven, right? Otherwise, why would I be able to see Rion? And if she really is Rion, she probably won’t recognize the current me?’

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Mirabelle wanted to test Rion after she thought of this –

“Rion, um, do you recognize who I am?”
“Of course I do. What sister wouldn’t recognize their older brother…?”

Rion immediately pounced into Mirabelle’s arms and pushed down the girl Mirabelle. She completely pressed Mirabelle down into the ground from all over.

“Ehehe, I caught you, Brother…”
“C… caught me? No, rather than that, you should get off me first…”
“Nope. If I let you go, you’ll definitely escape, and I hate that…”
“But you… shouldn’t keep staying on top of my body…”

Upon closer inspection, Rion was wearing somewhat revealing clothing. Mirabelle was also wearing a noodle strap dress, the same as Rion.

Both of them had their smooth legs exposed as they rubbed their legs against each other. Rion also had her head against Mirabelle’s chest. Mirabelle was rather embarrassed as she stayed under Rion. This was her first time being at such a close physical distance with her younger sister – the girl named Nikaidou Rion.

As always, Mirabelle seemed to not notice Nikaidou Rion’s charisma at all. Additionally, Rion greatly resembled Heather.

“Brother, I’ve finally met you again…”
“R… Rion, where exactly are we?”

Mirabelle swallowed her saliva as she silently closed her eyes.

‘Idiot, what am I thinking about? She’s my blood-related little sister. Not to mention, I’m also a girl now.’

Although Mirabelle wouldn’t admit that she was a girl, this was indeed a fact –

Mirabelle forced herself to calm down as she asked Rion that question.

“Do you want to know?”

Rion stuck her face against Mirabelle’s body. Rion’s silky smooth black hair was incredibly soft, to the point where one would want to really caress it.

“I’ll tell you if you give me a kiss, Brother…”

Rion smiled teasingly as she said this.

“Eh? A kiss?”

Mirabelle swallowed her saliva as she glanced at how Rion’s alluring pink lips seemed to be so exquisite and soft.

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Rion also noticed Mirabelle’s attention, so Mirabelle twisted her head away while flushing red in embarrassment.

“Hurry, Brother~”
“Er… Okay…”

Mirabelle went right up against Rion’s face and lightly pecked her cheek. Once Mirabelle felt her lips make contact against Rion’s soft and tender skin, she then swiftly removed herself.

“Just the cheek? Well, it’s fine. If I have a chance, I’ll definitely make you kiss my mouth…”

When Mirabelle turned her head away, not daring to look Rion in her black eyes, Rion also took the chance to kiss Mirabelle on the cheek.

“Rion, you…”
“Ehehe, you didn’t expect that, did you?”
“Regardless, I’m the older brother, so could you please stop teasing me?”

Mirabelle’s voice didn’t have any brotherly authority to it whatsoever. Instead, her voice was really soft as she pleaded.

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you where this is. This is, well, I suppose… it doesn’t matter where this is. It’s fine as long as I can see Brother.”
“You’re trying to fool me like this again…”
“Anyways, you only need to know that I’m your little sister…”

Mirabelle’s face became even redder when she heard this. This was the Rion from her own impression. Did this mean that her subconscious actually wanted for such a thing to happen between them?

“You, what ridiculous things are you saying!?”
“I’m not saying anything ridiculous at all, Brother. Still, Brother, you really are such an idiot. Why were you thinking about suicide!?”

Rion had an incredibly angry tone as she asked Mirabelle this. She kept pressing down on Mirabelle as their smooth legs rubbed against each other.


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