Chapter 13 – Rion and Mirabelle’s Feelings (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1627 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 938 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Rion was somewhat enthralled as she looked at Mirabelle under her. At this moment, Mirabelle was certain that this wasn’t her real sister Rion – the original Rion wouldn’t look at her with such an expression.

However, since she was far too similar to Rion, and also harmless towards Mirabelle, Mirabelle decided to treat her as Rion.

“Brother, why did you want to die?”
“Because I’m already alone in this world. Even if I didn’t die, who would be by my side? Everyone… everyone is already dead.”

Mirabelle’s voice trembled slightly when she mentioned the word “everyone”.

“Brother, your way of thinking is wrong. I’m already dead now, and a dead person can’t come back to life no matter what you try to do. But, you’re still alive. You’re still living in this world, which is why I don’t want you to die. The most important person to me is you. I believe that there will definitely be someone who thinks the same as I do…”

Mirabelle tilted her head as she listened to Rion.

Rion saw that Mirabelle had an unwilling expression. She understood that Mirabelle wasn’t the type to be so easily convinced.

“Brother, you’ve always been the stubborn type. You’re not willing to listen to others, and you’re also not willing to tell me what’s in your heart… I’m clearly your only little sister, but you hide so many things from me…”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t hide them from you intentionally, which is why I’m saying sorry…”

Mirabelle’s expression became somber as she recalled memories that were difficult for her to deal with.

In the past, she had concealed the family situation and the medical fees from Rion so that the latter wouldn’t feel any worry. That was why Rion hadn’t known anything.

However, Mirabelle had no idea that Rion actually already knew about such things.

“I know that everything Brother does is for my sake. Still, sometimes concealing too many things isn’t actually a good thing. Brother, have you self-reflected?”
“Y… yes, but… I keep feeling like today’s Rion is a different person…”
“Heehee, I haven’t changed. I’m me, Nikaidou Rion.”
“Is… is that so?”

For some reason, Mirabelle’s expression had become rather steely. This was because she never thought that Rion’s true nature was like this.

Rion also noticed that Mirabelle might be thinking something bad about her, so she used her hand to attack Mirabelle’s breasts.

“I never thought that such small breasts could also be so soft…”
“Eh? Eh?? Eh???”

Mirabelle was really confused and allowed Rion to attack her breasts.

“Eheehee, I didn’t expect that Brother would actually become such a cute girl. This is really such a surprise…”

Nikaidou Rion directly reached out with her hand and held on to Mirabelle’s soft and silky blue hair. Mirabelle’s hair color was a color that couldn’t be made with any type of hair dye. Her hair was the color of the azure sky.

“Brother, you’ve really become so cute…”
“You… what are you saying!? Also, don’t treat me like this, as I’m your older brother!”

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Mirabelle’s face was bright red as she used a strong tone to resist Rion. However, Rion’s strength was surprisingly much greater than her own – she was rendered completely unable to move when Rion was on top of her.

“It’s useless. Brother’s strength is much weaker than mine is now, which is why I’m the one on top of you, you know?”
“Er… Rion, you…”

Mirabelle was about to be angry, but Rion immediately interrupted her.

“Brother, do you really not like me?”
“What are you saying? Don’t joke around at such a time…”

Mirabelle felt really helpless. She didn’t know how to deal with her imaginary little sister. In fact, Rion still continued to rub her breasts as Mirabelle spoke. When Rion’s fingers touched Mirabelle’s nipples, Mirabelle felt a strange sensation as if an electric shock was causing her entire body to be drained of all energy.

“I’m not joking!”

Rion roared at Mirabelle and also stopped rubbing the latter’s chest in a teasing manner. Instead, she placed her own hand atop Mirabelle’s.

“Brother, do you truly not like me even a little? Rather than Rion, is that woman so much better?”

Mirabelle knew quite clearly which other woman Rion was referring to. She was likely referring to Mirabelle’s fiancee – Mayuko Akatsuki.

“No… that’s not how it is… if it wasn’t for not having enough money to maintain your medical treatment, I wouldn’t have married her…”
“Then, Brother likes me and hates that woman, right?”

Mirabelle looked at how expectant Rion seemed to be. Plus, there was the fact that Mirabelle had previously failed to respond in time to Rion’s feelings. These various reasons combined caused Mirabelle to decide to give an answer to Rion’s feelings.


She nodded silently in tacit admittance.

Only after reincarnating into this world did Mirabelle realize what a grave mistake she made, and what was truly important to her.

“Wonderful, Brother really does like Rion after all…”

Mirabelle instantly felt some happiness in her heart when she saw how Rion’s face now had a bright smile. At the same time, Mirabelle also felt some disappointment inside.

‘But… it’s too late, it’s too late to say such things, because even if I want to say them, it’s probably impossible to transmit my feelings to Rion anymore? Now that I think of it, I really have wronged her so much…’

“Brother, don’t blame yourself. It’s actually all because of me… if it wasn’t for me doing something so foolish, this wouldn’t have happened…”

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