Chapter 11 – Nikaidou Rion (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1372 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 808 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Currently, Mirabelle Brillana was lying listlessly on a bed with no life in her eyes whatsoever. She was unwilling to accept the reality that her mother and best friend had both died.

She was once again living alone in this unfamiliar world.

-Why did Heather have to do this? Why did things become like this?

Mirabelle Brillana had only wanted her freedom.

-And now?

She had obtained her so-called freedom at the cost of causing her mother and best friend’s deaths- things hadn’t developed in the way that she thought they would.

“Nim… Mother…”

Once again, tears dripped down from her eyes as her expression turned blank.

Mirabelle Brillana. Just why was she living in this world? She was clearly someone who had died once already, but she didn’t understand just why she was alive in this world?

Why was she revived into this world? This world that she had created?

“Just who was it? Who was the person who revived me into this world!?!?”

Mirabelle roared like crazy in this room. However, it seemed like the master of this room wasn’t here, as there was no reaction from anywhere in the house no matter how loudly Mirabelle shouted.

Mirabelle’s family had all died right in front of her, when they were the meaning for her to live on. In that case, what meaning was there left for her to live on? Instead, she might as well-

Mirabelle had such a way of thinking as she directly got out of bed. Her tiny feet caused the wooden floorboards to creak as she walked.

Mirabelle’s steps were absent-minded and chaotic as she slowly walked to the first floor. As she walked, she fell over twice, causing her knees to become red and swollen from the impacts.

However, Mirabelle wasn’t in a state of mind to notice or think about why her knees no longer hurt after a while.

Nobody was on the first floor. The entire house seemed to be empty.

Mirabelle began to search for a weapon that she could “kill” herself with. She slowly came to the kitchen and saw a sharp vegetable knife on top of the table – that was the weapon that Rion had previously killed her with. Mirabelle had a complex expression as she looked over the sharp weapon.

Mirabelle slowly moved the point of the knife towards her slightly bulging breasts. As long as she stabbed this into her chest, she would be able to say goodbye to the world forever.

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Mirabelle was far too weak. Giving up on one’s own life was a coward’s way out. However, she truly had been forced to the brink. To her, perhaps death was a way of finding release.

When the icy weapon sunk into the skin around her heart again, blood instantly started flowing down her chest and stained her clothing blood-red.

“Rion, I’m sorry, I’m coming to see you again…”

Mirabelle called out the name of her sister in her past life.

It was far too unfair for only Mirabelle to have revived in this world. Perhaps this was a punishment that Rion had given her.

After experiencing such sadness, Mirabelle could only choose to die.

Now that she thought back on things, she had wronged Rion far too many times before. Nikaidou Rion was clearly her family- her only family member. Mirabelle should have spent more time in her past life to accompany this family member of hers.

However, this was already a mistake that was in the past. No matter how much Mirabelle regretted it, she wouldn’t be able to make up for it. If it was possible, she wanted to see her beloved sister again before she died.

The sharp and icy metal was about to target her constantly beating heart. Once it made contact, perhaps she would be able to die again?

Mirabelle took a deep breath and steeled herself as she directly stabbed the vegetable knife into her heart. She felt bone-piercing pain as she immediately collapsed on the ground and fainted.

The girl who had brought Mirabelle to her home returned not long after. She had just returned from the outside. Currently, she was wearing green hunter attire and also had a bow and arrows on her back.

She locked the door when she returned home. After she entered her home and put down her bow and arrows, she immediately went to check up on the elf girl that she picked up outside. The elf girl seemed really cute and petite to her.

However, when she returned to her room, what she saw was an empty bed and a slightly messy blanket. The girl who should have been on the bed had suddenly vanished, despite being unconscious for almost three days.


The girl’s face showed worry as she hurriedly ran downstairs.


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