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Chapter 95 – Those Willing to Sacrifice Their Lives (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1625 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 874 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“No ‘mother’ wouldn’t want their child to live on happily. That’s why, as your ‘mother’, for your sake… so that you can have your happiness after leaving here, I’m willing to sacrifice myself!”

“M… Mother!! Stop, I’m begging you…”

At this instant, Heather was really surprised by what happened next. Joanna actually used all her strength to directly jump down from the building’s rooftop.

“Even if I die, I won’t die to you vampires!”

Joanna had already made up her mind that she would use her corpse to help lay the path for her ‘daughter’s’ future. This was despite how her death would bring sadness to Mirabelle. However, this was also a necessary process for becoming stronger.

“Queen, I’ve already completed what you requested of me. That’s why I’m coming to meet you now-”

Joanna closed her eyes tightly and greeted death.

Mirabelle’s eyes overflowed with tears as she watched Joanna’s HP gradually reach zero. She kept crying and crying on the teleportation formation.

“-No, no!!! Mother… Mother!!!”

Just like this, in this unfamiliar otherworld, Mirabelle lost her only relative – her dearest mother. Her mother who had always spoiled and protected her while accompanying her as she grew up.

Her mother died just like this in front of her. Mirabelle instantly felt a sharp pain in her heart.


Nim also witnessed from the side just how adamant Joanna had been in her determination.

Nim was incredibly astonished. She never expected that someone was willing to even sacrifice their life for the princess. It had to be said that Joanna’s action was too extreme. However, this was something that all the elves had to do for the elven princess’ sake –

Heather tightly grabbed onto the back of Nim’s collar. Due to what just happened, she grabbed as tightly onto Nim’s clothes as she could.

“Mira, although it’s really regrettable about your mother, if you still want your friend to remain alive, get out of there immediately. Otherwise, I’m going to make her suffer the same fate as your mother.”

Heather tightly grabbed onto Nim. Heather didn’t want to kill Nim right now – rather, she wanted to use Nim as a hostage to threaten Mirabelle so that the latter would come out of the teleportation formation.

Heather held Nim in her hand as a hostage. To her, this was indeed an excellent method to threaten Mirabelle with –

“Princess, please don’t mind me. Please feel free to do what you’re capable of doing. Thank you so much for saving me from that auction house. I was truly grateful to you at that time. It wasn’t only because you saved me. It’s because that in my heart, you were the person who treated me the best ever since my mother died. Thank you for giving me such wonderful hope, so I felt that there was someone in this world who really cared about me after all – so, thank you, thank you for everything.”

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Nim’s tears kept increasing to the point where her eyes were filled to the brim. Only by sacrificing herself would she be able to open up the gilded cage that the bird named [Mirabelle] was locked in – this way, this bird could fly to a farther place and perhaps obtain true freedom.

Nim thus made up her mind and closed her eyes. She used all her might to try and swing her body onto Heather’s sharp claws.

The claws sunk deeply into her neck as blood constantly dripped down from Heather’s claws.

“N… No! Nim! You can’t die! Nim! Nim!”

Mirabelle was already completely stunned. Her eyes kept overflowing with tears as she called out Nim’s name.

Heather was also unable to react in time. Nim had actually chosen to sacrifice herself as well for Mirabelle’s sake.

“Nim… Nim…”

Even though Mirabelle shouted until her throat was hoarse, Nim simply closed her eyes in silence.

Mirabelle could only watch Nim’s already pitiful HP keep decreasing even more.

At this moment, the pentagram formation that had been constantly rotating finally stopped.

Heather also widened her eyes as she stood up. She then chased after Mirabelle and pounced upon the latter, whose eyes were now completely blank.

Mirabelle instantly vanished from atop the teleportation formation.


Heather gently tried to call out to the beam of light.

“Bro… Brother…”

A pure white light then instantly destroyed the teleportation formation on the rooftop. This light was so that nobody could determine where the teleportation formation led to.

“Your Majesty…”

Macy and Lucy both looked with worry at Heather.

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“Milady, you…”

Heather actually started to laugh out loudly.

“Hahahahahahaha… hahahahahaha…”
“Your Majesty?”

Macy immediately furrowed her eyebrows. Heather seemed to be in a really strange condition.

“Are you alright? Milady…”
“I’m fine, I’m fine. You guys can relax. I won’t feel sad because of something like this…”
“But, don’t you mind how your blood slave escaped?”
“I mind, of course I mind. I want to bring out a large cage right now and immediately capture her. But, I don’t know where she is now, so being sad won’t be of any use…”

Heather had an expression as if she didn’t care about this at all.


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