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Interlude 2

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1248 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 579 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle slowly trudged over to the so-called “restroom” door. She took a good look at the iron door before her, and found that it seemed to be sealed tightly shut. However, Mirabelle gently caressed the iron door, which definitely didn’t seem like it led to a restroom. Even vampires wouldn’t put so many random objects in front of a restroom, right?

If it wasn’t for Mirabelle being careful, she would have tripped on all the random objects on the ground long ago. Based on her experience, she felt that this was likely a door that led to the street outside, although this was probably some sort of side door.

Normally, a side door like this wasn’t used much, which was why there were so many random things cluttering the hallway. Regardless, that wasn’t the main issue. The main issue was that many iron chains were bound around the door.

-No matter how much she thought about it, it would be impossible to open the door with her strength, right?

“Damn it, that woman is teasing me like she would a monkey…”

Mirabelle sighed deeply and then kicked the door while abandoning her hope. However, she never expected that she would succeed in kicking open the door.

She saw the sun high up in the sky outside, along with a cloudless blue sky. Most importantly, she didn’t have that damned vampire Heather next to her right now. All of this caused Mirabelle to taste the scent of freedom.

‘-Should I really leave this place?’

Mirabelle kept contemplating this matter in her heart. Logically, now wasn’t the time to leave yet. However, she already started running outside even as her thoughts remained at a standstill.

She had to take this opportunity to escape, since she wasn’t exactly addicted to being a blood slave!

Thus, Mirabelle swiftly ran off into the distance, despite the fact that she had no destination, despite that she was really confused, and despite that she had no idea where to go.

Yet, she had to run forward.

When she reached a street corner, some people wearing black capes that concealed their figures emerged from both sides of the street. Currently, Mirabelle was in a place similar to a small alleyway. Thus, nobody would feel that anything was strange even if they wore strange attire.

‘Are these people Heather’s underlings who are keeping surveillance on me?’

Mirabelle immediately stopped when this thought came into her mind. Before she got closer to those people, she turned around and started running back in the direction that she came from. However, another two people appeared in this direction. These two tall figures blocked her path of retreat.

-I… I have been surrounded.

No matter what happened to her, she decided to first beg for mercy.

“I’m b-begging you, please don’t tell Master about this. I’ll go back… go back to the original place, I’ll just go back to the original place…”

Mirabelle kept pleading. She intended on getting around the black-clad people while they weren’t paying attention. Mirabelle directly headed for the direction of the side door from the pet store.

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However, someone immediately put her on their shoulder before she could even react.

“Hey… what are you doing!? I even said that I was going back! Let me go! Let me go!!”

Mirabelle kept struggling on the person’s shoulder. Yet, the group of black-clad individuals completely ignored her struggles. They simply carried her away from this location.


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