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Chapter 39 – An Opportunity to Escape

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3525 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1917 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle walked by Heather’s side as the latter led her out of the room after smashing that vampire into the wall with great force. She had no idea what Heather and Dolin had talked about that made Heather so angry. Since she didn’t understand, she figured she would simply ask.

“Um… Master, may I ask you something? What did she say to make you so angry?”

Mirabelle tried to ask in as careful a tone as possible since Heather was still really angry. Heather glared at her right after she asked this. Mirabelle backed away instinctively in fear, but then Heather’s gaze became gentler.

“S… sorry for scaring you.”

“It… It’s fine, Master was angry because of me, which makes me slightly happy… so, what did she say to make Master so angry?”

“She said that in order to preserve the royal elven bloodline, that you should be thrown into the production…”

“Eh? P… production? What does that mean?”

Mirabelle tilted her head in confusion.

“That’s using an effective method to make you give birth to the royal elven bloodline. Do you know what that means? Basically, force you to become pregnant and give birth to children, do you understand!?”

“Eh? S… such a thing, I could never do it… even if I die, I wouldn’t want to do such a thing…”

Mirabelle trembled in fear. Making her pregnant meant that a male elf would –

-No, that was something she would never do!

“Calm down, those lowly elves don’t have the right to copulate with you. Rest assured, as long as I’m by your side, I won’t allow you to copulate with anyone. I’m the only one who has the right to touch your body…”

Mirabelle saw Heather’s wide-open icy eyes and sensed fear due to her gaze.

‘No matter how I think about it, aren’t you the scarier one?’

“Is that so? Do you want to stay here then? You want to try comparing who’s scarier?”

Heather immediately left Mirabelle behind and kept walking down the corridor after saying this.

Mirabelle looked around at the other elves who were still locked up in the cages. Plus, that other vampire had just suggested to Heather to make her pregnant. She was really afraid that Heather would leave her behind here without even saying anything. Thus, Mirabelle directly started chasing after Heather. She even clutched tightly onto Heather’s arm and told her,

“No no no, I have no interest in that at all; I want to return home with Master.”

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Naturally, Heather had only been joking, as it would be really easy for her to abandon Mirabelle. The fact that she hadn’t abandoned Mirabelle was evidence that she was only joking. Heather didn’t even try to stop Mirabelle from clutching onto her arm, which meant that she really enjoyed how Mirabelle was acting spoiled.

The two of them soon reached the end of the corridor, which had a very large door. Although this was still the pet store, walking so far inside gave off a sensation as if they had arrived at another dimension.

So tall-

Why was this place the only place that was constructed to be especially tall? It was as if the building designer had especially intended on making the tallness of this section to be as obvious as possible.

Yet, Mirabelle recalled how when she was outside the pet store, she hadn’t noticed any such protruding structure at all. She couldn’t understand the vampires’ construction style which really seemed quite unique.

Heather had Mirabelle sit down on a chair next to the stairs.

“Mira, wait here for me for a while. I’ll be right back after seeing something, so don’t run around…”

“Alright, alright, I know, Master. Even if I wanted to run, I wouldn’t know where to run to. Didn’t I tell that to you before? Besides, didn’t you put your card that you’re so proud of around my neck? Even if I get lost, someone will help you by capturing me and returning me to you…”

Although Heather still felt somewhat anxious, she could only admit that it was indeed difficult for Mirabelle to escape.

“I suppose so. However, I really hope to see that you’re still sitting here obediently when I return, understand?”

“Yeah, yeah, I understand…”

Mirabelle sat down on the chair and kept swinging her body around happily.

Heather pushed the door open and entered the conference room while still feeling anxious. The room was filled with relatively famous vampire nobles.

-That’s right, she hadn’t come here just to take Mirabelle out for a walk. In fact, this meeting was actually her primary objective. Taking Mirabelle for a walk was simply an aside.

Heather was the only one possible who could suppress the other vampires that loved to act on their own accord. Thus, it was obvious why Heather had come here. It was Heather’s responsibility to tell them about the conference with the vampire princes that happened a few days ago.

When Heather entered the conference room, all the chattering instantly died down. The vampires all turned to look at Heather simultaneously, and were then all rendered stupefied. None of them dared to make any noise in front of her. Maybe this was an instinctive fear of her.

“It seems that not all of the vampire nobles have arrived yet…”

Heather coldly glanced at the vampires, who all had slender female elves within their embraces. Female elves had more delicious blood than male elves did. Thus, blood from female elves was considered to be upper class. This meant that both male and female vampires alike chose to have female elves with them. There wasn’t a single male elf present.

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Heather’s face was filled with dissatisfaction upon seeing this scene. This was a highly important meeting with secrets that couldn’t be exposed to outsiders. Otherwise, she definitely would have brought her pet with her.

The other vampires below the platform saw that Heather was obviously angry, but didn’t know what they should do. They were unsure of what they had done to make her so angry. Still, the nobles had good observational skills. They noticed that Heather had been constantly staring at the elves in their laps, which made them think that the elves had done something to anger her.

Additionally, Heather didn’t have her own blood slave with her, so maybe she was jealous of the blood slaves they had for supplying themselves with blood. However, the vampire nobles’ guesses were all off the mark.

Heather was thinking about Mirabelle too much, which was why she was venting her anger on the other elves.

One of the vampires who thought that Heather was jealous of them having blood slaves stood up and made a recommendation.

“Hey, do all of you realize that this is a highly important conference? Why bring outsiders from another species in here? Hurry and kick out everyone who isn’t a vampire.”

The elves then all stood up and walked towards the door.

As for Mirabelle, she was really obedient and remained seated on the chair by the stairs. Heather had commanded her to remain here, so she had obeyed to the letter and hadn’t taken even one step away. She absolutely didn’t want to break Heather’s trust. She could only tolerate things and sit here without escaping for the sake of her future escape plan, despite the fact that nobody would discover her in this corner with nobody around.

Suddenly, a voice spoke up from in front of her.

“Oh? What a coincidence, aren’t you the elven princess? Where is Lady Heather? Has she gone inside already?”

This was the vampire princess from earlier – Dolin Croft. She was currently smiling and looking towards Mirabelle. No, not only her, the purple-haired woman that Mirabelle saw at the entrance, Wendy Telorop, was also standing by Dolin’s side.

Still, Mirabelle didn’t want to talk to any vampire apart from Heather, so she folded her arms and turned her head away, ignoring them.

‘Any ordinary blood slave being asked a question by me surely would have answered with a trembling tone of fear. Yet, she’s different. She’s far more arrogant than those lowly elves. How amusing.’

If it wasn’t for the card around Mirabelle’s neck indicating her master’s identity, Dolin would have long since charged forward and kidnapped Mirabelle, followed by teaching her a good lesson about what would happen when she was rude to Dolin.

“Let’s leave-”

Dolin and Wendy intended to leave since Mirabelle was ignoring them. However, halfway on their way out, they heard footsteps coming from inside.

The large door in front of them was opened as many elven girls came out. All of the elven girls passed by the two vampires and Mirabelle and left this place.

“Oh? How interesting. She actually had all the nobles dismiss their elves. They must have angered Lady Heather. Aren’t you leaving? Shouldn’t you take this opportunity to have a little chat with your own kind?”

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“Sorry, my Master told me to wait here, so I won’t take a single step away from this location!”

“I see. It seems that you’re quite obedient to Heather’s commands? Just what has she done to you?”

“What she’s done to me has nothing to do with you? If you need to join the meeting, you should just hurry and go inside! Don’t bother with me.”

Mirabelle was very angry with these two vampires who obviously desired her when they couldn’t have her. She felt really disgusted and revolted by how both vampires simultaneously looked at her with such an obvious desire to abuse her.

“Fine, fine, I got it. Still, if you want to go to the restroom, then go behind [that door], and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed…”

Dolin intentionally acted mysteriously while pointing at a door at the other end of the corridor.

Mirabelle currently felt no need to go to the restroom. Thus, she replied in a stern and just tone.

“Thank you for your concern, but I don’t want to go to the restroom right now…”
“Alright, but if you do want to go to the restroom, remember to go over there. No, definitely go over there.”

Dolin and Wendy then left after saying something so mysterious. They entered the conference hall and closed the door heavily behind them.

“Restroom? How random could she be? I don’t have any urge to go to the restroom right now…”

Mirabelle talked to herself while thinking about something.

‘-Could there be something over there? If she’s the owner of this pet store, then she should know the layout of this place by heart. Could it be that she wants to help me escape?’

That seemed possible, since Heather and Dolin now had a grudge against each other. Perhaps Dolin wanted to help her escape as a form of revenge. Mirabelle felt that she understood what was going on.

Mirabelle secretly swallowed some saliva after coming to this realization. She felt quite nervous about if she should go check what was behind that door or not.

No… she didn’t care about the consequences anymore. She would just take a little peek. Even if Heather discovered that she was no longer here, she could use the excuse of going to the restroom to cover things up. Thus, Mirabelle worked up her courage and stood up to head for the direction of the “restroom” that Dolin had pointed out to her.


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