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Chapter 40 – Heather’s rage

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2552 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1409 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Meanwhile in the conference room, Heather already had a really impatient expression. Her thoughts were solely on Mirabelle, who was supposed to be waiting outside the room for her.

‘I hope that after I leave, I’ll find that Mira is still obediently sitting there without having moved a single step.’

“If I may ask, do you have any opinion about our plan?”


Heather showed an expression of confusion after hearing this. She had been in a daze and hadn’t heard what the others were saying at all. However, Heather’s reply really scared the vampire who asked her this.

“Um… did you not hear the plan just now? Or, perhaps you’re feeling unwell somewhere? We could do this on another day…”

“No need. We can do as you say. I’ll be relying on you at that time…”

Heather hurriedly summed up everything as quickly as she could. Without even waiting for the other vampires to agree, she immediately stood up and started walking towards the door.

“Please wait… Milady, the conference isn’t over yet. Just where could you be going in such a hurry?”

The woman walking over towards Heather just happened to be Dolin Croft, the vampire noble who was recently recognized as the 17th vampire princess as an exception, as well as the pet store’s owner.

Vampires were all incredibly independent existences. This was especially more so for vampire nobles. The vampire nobles would definitely have refused to come if the conference had been held in any other location.

However, out of all the numerous vampires attending this conference, there were only two vampire nobles who hadn’t attended.

Dolin had “requested” that the vampire nobles attend, after all…

Even amongst the vampire nobles, Dolin was an existence who was considered a monster. She also possessed authority similar to that of Heather’s. That was why an exception had been made in recognizing her as a vampire princess.

After Dolin walked over to Heather while asking this, Heather replied in a polite tone.

“I’m feeling rather unwell today. I hope that it’s alright for me to miss the rest of this conference, that’s all. I apologize if this causes you to be dissatisfied…”

“There’s no need for apologies. Still, you won’t be able to see the person you want to see even if you leave now, Lady Heather…”

Heather walked closer to Dolin and interrogated the latter in a low voice after hearing this.

“Just what is your objective?”

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“No, I don’t have any objective at all. I simply used my meager strength to help Mirabelle run away. For instance, I told her where the side door was, and I also opened the lock on the side door.”

“Impossible! I believe that Mirabelle definitely won’t try to escape…”

“According to what I see, you don’t treat her very well, do you? Why do you have the confidence to make such a statement, then? Unfortunately for you, you’re more than welcome to see for yourself by opening the door to see if the child you like so much is still there or not.”

“You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲…”

Heather’s eyes immediately became filled with killing intent. Many of the surrounding vampire nobles could acutely sense Heather’s rage. The vampire nobles all glanced towards Heather and Dolin’s direction to see that Heather had picked Dolin up while grabbing her by the neck.

“L… Lady Heather!? Just what are you doing!?”

“Even for you, isn’t it bad to use violence in Lady Dolin’s territory?”

The vampire nobles all saw Heather raising Dolin high into the air. The vampire nobles nearest to the two all ran over to try and convince Heather to back down.

Indeed, this was Dolin’s territory. Almost all of the vampires here were part of Dolin’s faction. Openly using violence against Dolin here was indeed something that was disadvantageous for Heather.

‘This b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, has she calculated things to such an extent?’

The vampire nobles all surrounded Heather and Dolin. It was quite evident that they didn’t dare to act to save Dolin, so they could only try to convince Heather to not do anything to Dolin.

The bodyguards hired by Dolin also completely surrounded Heather. Yet, Dolin acted like nothing was wrong at all as she waved her hand.

“This is an issue between myself and Lady Heather. It has nothing to do with any of you. All of you, back down.”

“Just what is your objective?”

Heather interrogated Dolin once again. It was evident that Dolin’s previous answer didn’t satisfy her at all.

“Haha, I really can’t fool you after all? To tell you the truth, I’m really interested in that pet of yours. I’d be really happy if you could ‘loan’ her to me to play with for a few days.”

“I refuse. She belongs to me. I won’t allow you to suck her blood or force her to copulate.”

“I have no interest in forcing her to copulate. You only have to loan her to me to play with for a few days. I can’t even have that?”

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Indeed, it was relatively common for vampire nobles to exchange pets to play with. However, Heather replied once more in a severe tone.

“No! Nobody apart from me is allowed to touch her…”

“If that’s the case, then please feel free to go out from here and see if your pet is still there or not…”

Heather gritted her teeth and was filled with rage as she used all her strength to smash Dolin into the wall. Dolin crashed into the wall with such force that a gigantic hole appeared. Inside the conference room, Dolin felt pain all over her entire body due to the impact.

“Ouch, it hurts so much… it really isn’t a good thing at all to get involved with her…”

Heather ignored all of this as she opened the conference room’s door and glanced outside. Not a single shadow could be seen where Mirabelle should have been standing.

Heather’s mind was instantly filled with bloody rage because of this. She instantaneously moved in front of Dolin at a speed that the naked eye was unable to see. Heather glared with her eyes that glowed with the light of blood at Dolin, who was buried in rubble from the smashed wall.

“Where exactly is Mirabelle?”

“Oh my, dear Empress, who was the one who said our Empress is a cold-blooded creature who isn’t interested in anything at all? Isn’t this the best evidence right here? You’re not a cold-blooded creature at all. You have a weakness as well, and your weakness is…”

Dolin didn’t get to finish her sentence, because flames spurted from Heather’s hand and burned her face, preventing her from saying anything else.

“Haha, you care so much about your pet? Go and search for her then! Still, it’s a big problem whether you can even find her or not!”

Dolin still taunted Heather despite being surrounded by flames.

Actually, it would be incredibly easy for Heather to kill Dolin. Still, Heather knew that now wasn’t the time to be dealing with Dolin, as her current priority was to find Mirabelle.

‘I can’t lose her-’

Heather ran towards the door as she thought this in her heart.

‘-Mira, Mira.’

Every time that she thought this, she felt like her heart was about to explode. Heather was incredibly quick, to the extent where even the guards were unable to catch up with her.

However, she saw a very familiar figure next to the staircase. Heather slowed herself down after seeing this familiar figure.

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“Master? Is the conference over now? Is it time to go back home?”


Heather didn’t reply. Her eyes had a look of confusion as she looked at Mirabelle with an expression that this was inconceivable.

‘-Could it be that Dolin lied to me? Mirabelle didn’t leave at all?’

Heather immediately pounced on Mirabelle before the latter could say anything else while tightly embracing Mirabelle. Heather tightly held on to Mirabelle’s slender body while inhaling that faint sweet scent on the latter’s body.

‘No, I can’t confirm that this is Mirabelle just with the smell alone.’


“Wait… wait, wait, Master, what are you doing? Wah!?”

Heather easily pushed aside the shoulder of Mirabelle’s shirt and viciously bit into the tender skin revealed underneath.

“M… Master!?”

Mirabelle didn’t feel that this was painful-

Rather, it was far too embarrassing to have her blood sucked in such a location.


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