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Chapter 94 – Those Willing to Sacrifice Their Lives (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1406 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 850 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Macy stood to the side and watched everything happen. Both sides were in a stalemate situation now. She couldn’t possibly go over and try to intervene. If she got in her queen’s way, she wouldn’t be able to take responsibility. Now then, would this be her queen’s victory, or the elf’s victory?

Macy looked forward to seeing the result-

No matter who won, it would be a huge change for both sides. Currently, Nim was hurriedly trying to convince Mirabelle otherwise as Heather threatened her neck.

“Princess! Please don’t come out anymore!”
“N… No, I can’t watch you guys die in front of me…”

Tears dripped out from Mirabelle’s eyes. She couldn’t stand back and watch her only family member and her only friend die in front of her. If that happened, then she would truly be alone in this world. Her throat felt pained, as if she was choking. She truly didn’t want to lose anyone.

After seeing so many companions die as their HP values reached zero- Mirabelle didn’t want anyone else to die, especially her own family.

Her mother that she liked the most. Her mother who had always accompanied her as she grew up.

Also, there was her most loyal friend. Although they only knew each other for a short time, she still didn’t want to let Nim die in front of her. Both of them were the most precious people to her-

No matter who died in this world, Mirabelle didn’t want to see these two people die in front of her.


Joanna made up her mind when she saw that Mirabelle was about to crawl out from the teleportation formation. She directly shouted towards Mirabelle-

“Mira! Hurry and go back. Otherwise, I… I’ll refuse to recognize you as my daughter!”

‘-Please, Mira, you have to listen to me. Listen to me and go back right now. Everything that I did was all for your sake. If you don’t escape, then Doris’ death, Sophia’s death, Jean’s death, and all the other elves’ deaths would become completely meaningless.’

Every single elf in this area wished that Mirabelle could return to the teleportation formation. This included the already dead elves and the elves who were barely alive. All of their hearts transmitted – the thought that Mirabelle should hurry and leave immediately.

“M… Mother… why? I clearly want to save you. Why? Whether I escape or not doesn’t matter anymore, whether I stay here or not doesn’t matter anymore. To me, the most important thing is that you’re alive…”

Half of Mirabelle’s body was already outside of the teleportation formation’s effective radius.

Heather smiled in delight as she watched how Mirabelle was about to crawl out despite the latter’s difficulty with doing so.

‘-You’re still going to be within my grasp, Mira.’

Heather’s heart was filled with delight. Mirabelle was the only thing in the world that she truly desired. Mirabelle was going back to her grasp- no, in fact, once Mirabelle came out a little more, Heather would be able to intervene and pull Mirabelle out.

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Nim glanced over and saw that Heather had a victorious expression as if her scheme had succeeded – so Nim tried to convince Mirabelle once more.

“Princess! We barely managed to get some time, only for the sake of letting you – escape from here! If you come back like this, then the others – those who sacrificed their lives for you, doesn’t that make their sacrifices a complete waste? You’re desecrating their sacrifices!!! I implore you, hurry and go back, hurry and leave!”

Mirabelle’s heart felt a slight chill as she heard Nim’s words- she immediately looked seriously around her. Elves were strewn all over on the ground everywhere. All of them seemed to be looking in her direction while transmitting hope.

“All of you, shut up. Mira, don’t think that I won’t dare to harm them!”

Heather’s fingernails gradually sunk into Joanna and Nim’s necks. -Blood started dripping from their necks. This was followed by countless tears flowing from Mirabelle’s eyes.

“Don’t, Master. I’ll go back with you. Don’t harm them!”

But at this moment, Joanna suddenly smiled with tears in her eyes.

“Mira, as your adoptive mother, I truly feel so happy. I think that my time together with you was my happiest time of all? I still remember that you were really cute when you were younger. Even now, I still remember quite clearly…”

“Mother, I’m begging you… I beg you to not say any more…”

Joanna saying such words at this time – seemed like she was about to leave a dying message behind.

“No, Mira, I’m going to complete the task that your mother gave to me before she died. Even if it wasn’t for your mother’s sake, this is almost my wish. I hope that you can escape from here. That’s why-”

Tears slid out of Joanna’s eyes. She closed her eyes, as if she was giving up. Even if the previous elven queen hadn’t requested this of her, she would do this herself as well.


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