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Chapter 93 – Sacrificing Life (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1761 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 972 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

There was far too much of a difference in power. That was a power level that Jean would never be able to even come close to.

“There’s also you…”

However, Jean still stalled as long as she possibly could. She still held her sword up high, although her hand kept trembling-

“How regrettable-”

Just as Heather said these two words, Jean’s sword and neck were torn apart by Heather’s sharp claws.

“You’ve also been eliminated…”

In less than 10 seconds, the three level 100+ elves all died to Heather.

“Now, Mira, come back with Master…”

Heather immediately headed towards Mirabelle’s direction again.

However, Jean still forced herself to support her body as she grabbed Heather’s foot.

“Don’t… don’t think about going over, I’ll stop you…”

A beam of light resembling a laser cut off Jean’s arm.

Mirabelle obviously witnessed everything from within the teleportation formation. In just an instant, her royal guards had all been annihilated-

Long ago, Mirabelle already knew that Heather was an incomparably strong existence. However, she had never sensed that for herself before. Now, she finally experienced today just how terrifying the vampire queen Heather Alliyah really was.

At this moment, Doris also spoke up as she was standing by the side.

“I’m sorry, Princess, I’m going to bequeath my loyalty to you here, together with them-”

As the vice captain, she should die together with her team members. Since they were all dead, then it was also time for her to join them.

Joanna was really shocked as she questioningly looked at Doris’s face.

“Doris, you…”
“Joanna, take care of the princess for me…”

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After saying this, Doris charged towards Heather’s direction despite knowing the tremendous difference in strength.

Blood then immediately splashed onto Joanna’s face.

A certain elf then collapsed on the ground-

Joanna really wanted to charge forward and stop Heather. However, her old injury had flared up again. All she could do was sit on the ground and hold her injury while being unable to move-

“So stinky. Lower-class elves have such stinky blood…”

Heather walked towards Mirabelle’s direction. She also wanted to enter the teleportation formation’s effective radius. Mirabelle couldn’t help but close her eyes as Heather approached.

‘-I’m going to be recaptured. I don’t want that.’

She closed her eyes tightly while lying in the teleportation formation. Just as Heather was almost about to succeed in reaching her, the teleportation formation let off a blinding glow.

A voice then spoke to everyone from above the teleportation formation.

“The spell formation is about to activate. Three minutes remain until activation.”

“This is bad, Your Majesty. The teleportation formation has entered the preparation phase. It’s impossible to interfere with what’s inside now!”

Macy shouted loudly towards Heather who was now far away from her. She naturally knew how teleportation formations worked. It was now the preparation phase-

Those who were inside could come out, but it was impossible for those outside to enter. That was the current situation. Basically, Mirabelle would have to come out of her own volition.

Heather looked over at Joanna and Nim, who were to the side.

“Mira, you must escape this place, even if it’s just you alone!” Joanna shouted to Mirabelle who was inside the teleportation formation.

“Princess, hurry and escape! No need to worry about us.” Nim called out in a voice that sounded like she was almost dead.

Both of them had HP values that were almost zero.

“How… how could this be!?”

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Mirabelle was instantly filled with tears. She hadn’t thought that this would be the result. Originally, she had wanted to have the others hurry and get inside the teleportation formation before Heather arrived. Yet, she had hurriedly activated the teleportation formation.

Mirabelle wasn’t the original expert who was supposed to activate the teleportation formation, after all. -This meant that the others would have to be abandoned here.

Heather looked at Mirabelle who was inside the teleportation formation. There was no time for hesitation. Threats would always be far more effective than trying to convince her with words.

Thus, Heather instantly went to Joanna and Nim’s side. She raised her sharp long claws and aimed them at both of their necks.

“Mira, I recommend that you come out immediately. Otherwise, I’ll kill your mother and your dearest friend right in front of you!”

Mirabelle’s pupils contracted in astonishment. She didn’t want to lose her family. There was also her friend Nim. They had finally become friends.

Mirabelle felt that she would go insane if they died in front of her? Even if she left them behind here, at least they were still alive. But if Heather killed Joanna and Nim right in front of her, then Mirabelle would no longer be even permitted the tiny hope of [coming back to save them].

“Don’t… don’t touch them. Master, I’ll go back with you…”

Mirabelle used all her strength to try and escape from the teleportation formation.

“Mira, no need to mind us, just hurry and escape!”
“N… no, I can’t leave you guys behind…”

One step, two steps. She gradually crawled out of the teleportation formation. As long as Mirabelle completely left the teleportation formation’s effective radius, then the spell formation would no longer permit her to enter again.

In that case, Mirabelle would be completely under Heather’s control here again.

“Right, Mira, obediently listen to your master and crawl out from there. I guarantee that I won’t harm them…”

Mirabelle was having great difficulty with moving her body due to the aftereffect of her data modification ability. She was unable to properly control her own body. Even crawling was quite slow for her.

However, it still wouldn’t be a problem for her to finish crawling out of the teleportation formation within the two minutes that remained.


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