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Chapter 92 – Sacrificing Life (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1604 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 904 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle glanced towards where the laser beam came from. However, her blue eyes saw someone unexpected.

Long golden hair, red eyes, and black-and-white gothic lolita clothing. Currently, this person had batlike tiny wings fluttering on her back as she floated in midair.

“Don’t even think about escaping, Mira-”

The girl flying in the sky pressured everyone with her authoritative tone.

The elves all raised their heads to glance at Heather. Their eyes were all filled with despair. They had been so close to being able to activate the teleportation formation. Yet, the vampire queen, Heather Alliyah, actually awakened so early at this critical moment. This was different from Mirabelle’s original calculations.

-As expected, Heather was much stronger than she had imagined.

Heather flew in the air and shouted towards Mirabelle with an anxious tone.

“Don’t even think about escaping. Stay by my side; you’re forbidden from going anywhere.”

Mirabelle was in a daze as she blankly looked at Heather flying high up in the sky. Mirabelle used her analysis ability to check Heather’s level once again.

However, the result was the same as last time. -It was still impossible to determine Heather’s level, not to mention what abilities and stats she had. Everything was as if it was enveloped by fog.

Currently, out of all the elven royal guards on the battlefield, only the three elves who were level 100 or over, vice captain Doris, and Joanna who was taking care of Nim right now remained. There had originally been more than 40 elves. Yet, only five of them now remained?

Macy had basically defeated all of the other elves. Corpses were strewn everywhere. Almost all of them had 0 HP now. Those who didn’t have 0 HP were just barely alive.

Before Heather descended, Mirabelle rushed over really quickly to the front of the teleportation formation. The remaining elves all gathered around the teleportation formation.

“What should we do? The one in charge of activating the teleportation formation has already died. Nobody is in charge of activating it now…”

“Leave it to me, I’ll activate this teleportation formation…”

Mirabelle said this as she listlessly laid herself in the formation. -Her time limit had arrived, which was why she no longer had any strength left in her body.

“It’s fine, this is just a normal reaction. I’ll activate the formation immediately. I only need 15 seconds, so I hope you can help me obtain that time…”

Mirabelle laid on the spell formation which glowed with three different colors. She silently closed her eyes.

Heather saw that Mirabelle was lying on the spell formation, and it was difficult for her to attack Mirabelle, so she directly flew to the top of the building. Vampire princess Macy immediately followed and came to her side.

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“Your Majesty…”
“Thank you for your hard work, Princess Macy. You actually faced so many elves all by yourself-”
“It wasn’t much, it’s my responsibility…”

Macy smiled happily. She was the most loyal vampire princess to the queen.

“Let’s leave rewards and so on for later. I’ll first get Mira back. None of you intervene, and leave everything to me now.”

Heather felt an ominous premonition as she looked at how Mirabelle was inside the teleportation formation.

Honestly, Heather was the only one capable of rushing over to Mirabelle’s side at high speed. Macy and Lucy were both slower than she was. Just as Heather wanted to rush over and carry Mirabelle away, the three level 100+ elves all blocked Heather’s path.

More accurately speaking, the two sword-wielding guards stood in front, while the archer elf stood in the back with her bow.

“Oh? You ants think that you can stop me?”
“Of course we don’t intend to stop you…”

Sophia drew her sword from her waist while showing an incomparably vicious expression.

-Even if she was facing the vampire queen, an absolute conqueror, Sophia was still unshaken-

She didn’t mind even if she sacrificed herself here for Mirabelle, due to her loyalty.

“I’m simply using my life to stall for time so that important person can leave-”
“You don’t know your own strength-”

Heather instantly charged forward-

Sophia didn’t even see Heather’s movements clearly. Heather directly appeared behind Sophia and pierced the latter’s heart with her claws. This took only about two or three seconds. The level 100 elf guard Sophia collapsed just like this.

The archer elf named Cecily was astonished by what happened. While she was shocked, Heather tossed Sophia’s heart onto the ground and emitted massive killing intent, causing Cecily to react.

Cecily hurriedly took out three arrows and shot them in Heather’s direction. However, the arrows missed-

Even though she had a [Precision Shot] skill that guaranteed 100% accuracy, her arrows still missed. All that she shot were Heather’s afterimages. Heather had already reached behind her.

“How regrettable, you’ve been eliminated as well-”

Heather kicked Cecily as she said this. The archer elf standing on the rooftop was instantly kicked down onto the ground by Heather.

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Cecily watched the sky, which was stained red from the sunset, as she quickly crashed into the ground.


The only elf guard who remained was Jean, who still had her sword in hand. She never expected that in a mere eight seconds, both Sophia and Cecily had died to the vampire queen.

This was the power of the absolute conqueror, Heather Alliyah.


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