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Chapter 91 – Ability Modification (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2174 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1182 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Just where do you get such tremendous strength from?”

Macy recalled that Mirabelle was a weak little girl. Even an ordinary little girl’s strength was enough to easily push Mirabelle over.

However, this girl named Mirabelle Brillana seemed to suddenly obtain such tremendous strength. In fact, her strength was probably stronger than that of a giant’s-

“Who knows? If I want this power to actually become even stronger-”

If she had the same level of power as her master, then would her master treat her slightly gentler?

‘-No, why am I thinking of such a thing at this time?’

Mirabelle shook her head. She put this thought in the back of her mind.

Besides, if she had such strong power, then why would she still be under Heather’s control!? She couldn’t understand why she would think such a thing. She clearly hated Heather, but she had also imperceptibly started treating Heather as her support. That absolutely wouldn’t do.

“Indeed, you have strong power. However, if it’s a battle of attrition, I’m sure that your stamina won’t hold up?”


Mirabelle raised her water-blue eyes. Macy’s giant vine covered the entire sky, just like the previous green vine before it.

Mirabelle’s eyes glowed blue – she used her [Analysis] ability again. When she glanced at Macy, she discovered-

Name: [Flower Envoy] Macy Angelina.
Level: 300.
HP: 30000/30000.
MP: 20000/25000.

The elven royal guards had fought for so long against her vines, yet they had only managed to use up 5000 of her MP? The enemy was too strong-

If it wasn’t for having two level 100 elves on their side, it would have been impossible to make Macy use even that much MP. The MP represented how many vines Macy could still summon.

Mirabelle couldn’t even imagine how terrifying it would be if Macy used all her MP to summon vines – perhaps this entire Blood City would be instantly destroyed by her? Just a vampire princess was already so terrifying. In that case, what about their ruler – Heather Alliyah’s strength? That was unimaginable.

According to what Lucy said, Heather simply needed to lightly wave her hand, and an entire country would instantly be destroyed. This meant that Heather simply needed to summon one subordinate to destroy an entire country.

However, this was only limited to small border countries with no standing armies. Even so, that was still terrifying-

An entire country could instantly vanish from the map. Her master was a monster capable of doing such a thing. -No wonder Macy said something like “only Heather was capable of protecting her”.

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In that case, Nim must have been lucky to have won the earlier battle against Heather. If it was the normal Heather, a little girl like Nim who wasn’t even level 10 should have instantly been torn apart by Heather, right?

As Mirabelle thought about this, she glanced at the dense vines in the sky and couldn’t help but retreat. Mirabelle backed up against the backs of the other two elves who were much taller than her.

“You guys?”
“Although this might not be the best timing, we still want to exclaim that we never thought we’d have the opportunity to fight together with the princess…”

To be honest, Mirabelle was feeling rather complex inside. In order to escape, they had to fight together against their current enemy – a vampire, who was the mortal enemy of the entire elven species.

Mirabelle did her best to conserve her stamina.

“Huff… puff…”

She had only used her ability to change her Strength stat. Her stamina was still at the level of a weak little girl’s.

She also wanted to be able to pick up a large stone and throw it at Macy, a type of attack only possible in a game. Back when Mirabelle had seen such an attack on her computer screen, she thought it was really cool.

However, doing such a thing in real life was completely unreasonable – it would consume far too much energy. Mirabelle was already at her limit just by swinging her sword around awkwardly and slicing the nearby vines. She was already having more and more difficulty after slicing through two or three gigantic vines. The sword in her hand kept feeling heavier and heavier. Before she realized it, a vine bound her slender foot again.


However, there was an archer not far away who was in charge of sniping. She directly used her arrow to shoot through the slender vine binding Mirabelle’s foot.

The archer elf shouted at Mirabelle who was collapsed on the ground, “Princess! I’ll provide covering fire for you with my arrows, so feel free to attack-”

“Huff, puff, puff…”

Mirabelle gratefully glanced at the archer providing support in the distance. This archer was the only elf in the royal guard squadron who used the bow and arrow. However, Mirabelle didn’t understand why she would provide support with arrows at such a close distance.

Wasn’t it really difficult to hit arrows accurately at such a close distance?

However, the archer elf wasn’t like what Mirabelle expected. She was able to hit with one hundred percent accuracy at this close distance. Every single one of her arrows was useful in providing covering fire. She either broke slender vines with her arrows, or knocked thick vines away.

‘-Just how high is her level?’

Mirabelle thus glanced at the archer elf. She saw the personal information.

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Name: Cecily Nihemaya.
Level: 110.
HP: 11000/11000.
MP: 2376/5000.

Mirabelle then focused on Cecily’s skills section and was able to see her skills.

Skill: Precision Shot (100% chance to hit the enemy), +10% damage.

Mirabelle was rather stunned when she saw this skill. Cecily’s level and attack power were insignificant, but Mirabelle hadn’t expected that Cecily would have such an amazing skill. She didn’t think that there was such an expert in the elven royal guard squadron.

“Princess Mirabelle, everyone! Hurry and come to the teleportation formation, the formation will be activating in about two minutes-”

The elf in charge of activating the teleportation formation was excitedly waving her hand at everyone. Wouldn’t anyone be filled with excitement upon being able to leave this hellish city filled with vampires?

Macy had an expression of dissatisfaction. At the very least, she had to capture Mirabelle-

Macy was thinking this as she directly used all the vines to attack Mirabelle, who was running towards the teleportation formation. Macy used the vines to block Mirabelle’s path-

Mirabelle directly used the longsword to instantly slice through the vines. She still currently had 9999 Strength, so she wasn’t afraid of Macy. The teleportation formation was activating in two minutes, while her data modification ability could still persist for another three minutes. This was enough!

-Just as she was thinking this, a golden beam of light sliced through the sky. This was all it took to pierce through the heart of the elf who was activating the teleportation formation.


“Mirabelle Brillana, are you truly intending on escaping?”

The maid Lucy’s icy voice came from the sky.


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