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Chapter 88 – A Vampire Princess’ Power Level (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1425 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 805 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle thought about Joanna’s words. She was supposed to think about becoming stronger after escaping?

-Indeed, there was no freedom at all in this dungeon. There wasn’t even any way to gain experience, which was something common to all RPGs. In that case, what type of RPG world was this world anyways?

To put it bluntly, Mirabelle desired freedom – she desired to break free from this cage. She was willing to even be enemies with Heather for the sake of obtaining her freedom.

“As expected of the elven royal guards. You actually have such a level of power… In that case, what about this?”

Several dozen giant vines covered the entire sky like a spiderweb. These vines were as solid as metal. Didn’t it seem likely that Macy would also flatten Mirabelle if these vines smashed down?

However, Macy had no intention of harming Mirabelle. Macy directly used a slender vine to curl around Mirabelle’s slender waist.

“Ack!? This… this is?”

Mirabelle was raised high up into the air. Macy then directly used a small opening to pull Mirabelle out of the vine spiderweb.

“Stop! Don’t even think about stealing the princess away from my side!”

Nim had recovered slightly after a short period of rest after being seriously injured by Heather. Mirabelle’s screams had caused Nim to tense up once again.

“Get away from the princess!”

Nim forced her injured body to directly jump onto the vine as she grabbed the vine with one hand. She then took her dagger out from her waistband-

Macy felt that it was a bit troublesome as she sensed Nim’s weight on the vine. Not only that, she could sense that Nim had drawn her dagger and was cutting through the vine.

So, Macy decided to pull Nim out from the vine spiderweb together with Mirabelle. At any rate, she simply had to deal with a little girl. After dragging both of them out, the two directly fell onto the ground. Macy went towards Mirabelle and picked the latter up.

“Let go of me! Let go, let go!”

Mirabelle furiously struggled in Macy’s arms. However, the more that Mirabelle struggled, the tighter that Macy held on. Mirabelle felt that Macy was clutching her waist like an iron vice-grip that didn’t allow her even the slightest chance to struggle.

“You better behave for me. Otherwise, I’m really going to show you something good-”
“You… you probably won’t harm me!”

Although Mirabelle wasn’t too confident, she figured that Heather wouldn’t treat her like this.

“Indeed, Lady Heather said to capture you alive, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t break one of your legs, you know? For instance, like this-”

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A vine tangled itself around Mirabelle’s slender leg. Mirabelle widened her eyes in surprise, followed by her closing her eyes in fear.

“N… no…”

Macy felt really delighted from seeing Mirabelle’s expression of panic. -Indeed, she had to capture Mirabelle alive. In fact, she was only pretending to threaten Mirabelle. Macy didn’t dare to harm Mirabelle without Heather’s command.

“Stop! Don’t harm the princess!”

However, Nim didn’t know this. She used swift movements to charge over to the vine wrapped around Mirabelle’s slender leg and used her dagger to slice through the vine. Luckily, the vine wasn’t very thick, and it had a relatively low level – that was why even Nim’s attack power was capable of slicing through it.


Mirabelle was rather moved as she looked at Nim – However, the current situation was quite a sticky one. Even though Heather hadn’t arrived yet, just vampire princess Macy alone was really difficult to deal with.

However, Nim didn’t feel any fear. Even though she was facing a vampire princess, she had a fearless expression as she viciously glanced at Macy.

‘-This child clearly isn’t that strong, yet she doesn’t have any fear at all while facing me?’

Macy looked at Nim with a contemplative expression.

‘If this child had been born earlier – before the elves were destroyed, perhaps she could have become a skilled warrior. If that was the case, perhaps she could even become an existence on par with myself.’

But currently –

“You can only blame yourself for being born in the wrong generation.”

Macy instantly pulled and shattered Nim’s dagger. The scattered pieces that fell to the ground injured Macy’s hand. However, Macy smashed Nim to the ground as vines bound the latter. Not only that, Macy’s bloody hand instantly recovered to how it originally was.

Macy also possessed powerful regeneration abilities as Heather did. No, perhaps Macy’s regeneration even surpassed Heather’s. Macy was relying on plants to obtain the power of blood. Indeed, Mirabelle just witnessed Macy’s HP decreasing somewhat, but Macy then restored her health to its original state by using the pollen in the air.


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