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Chapter 89 – A Vampire Princess’ Power Level (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1904 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1036 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Even Heather would have to spend MP in order to cure her injured hand. However, Macy didn’t have to use any MP at all to restore her HP to its original state. The only thing that decreased her MP was when she manipulated her vines-

“Your ridiculous healing ability, even Mas… even Heather’s isn’t as strong as yours…”
“Thank you for your praise. As long as you obediently return with me, I’ll be able to relax a lot more.”
“If my guess is correct, everything down below the city should be a source of power for you?”

Macy’s expression towards Mirabelle became much sharper when Mirabelle revealed this information.

“Why do you know such a thing?”
“It’s something that I can easily learn by comparing your MP stat to the data being transmitted from the plants on the ground below…”
“Data? MP? Just who are you? Why do you know so much about me…?”

Macy couldn’t help but narrow her eyes. She was really curious about Mirabelle’s identity.

“Only the heavens know who I am? And if I tell this to Master, just what will you do?”
“Hahahaha, I admit that you’re indeed quite difficult to deal with, since you’re smarter than I expected. However, I’m not afraid of you snitching. I absolutely trust Lady Heather. If you want to snitch, then feel free…”

Mirabelle felt that Macy was too calm? Macy was actually speaking to her with such a calm tone. -In that case, it seemed likely that Macy was just acting.

“You must really want to know why?”
“Actually, the queen wasn’t the one who gave me the command to capture you. It was her maid, Lucy…”

Mirabelle instantly widened her eyes in fear. -Why would Macy agree to Lucy’s request? Logically speaking, Macy shouldn’t have obeyed a command from anyone other than the queen. Was she truly completely loyal to Heather?

“N… no… I don’t want to go back…”

Mirabelle’s body began to tremble. She was feeling afraid inside. Just what would happen to her if she was captured and taken back? It definitely would be like in her dreams, wouldn’t it? Maybe Heather would permanently cripple her and then imprison her in this castle forever?

‘No… No, I don’t want that… That feels even worse than death…’

“I’m begging you, don’t take me back there…”
“I’m sorry, this is my duty and responsibility as a vampire princess…”

Even if Macy didn’t want to take Mirabelle back, this was her duty and responsibility. She had to take this little elf back in order to remain a vampire princess. Additionally, this little elf was of great use to Heather. Mirabelle’s special blood scent constitution meant that her blood could help a vampire to increase their power level.

“Give… the princess back to me…”

Nim used this time to speak in a weak voice as she reached her hand towards Macy, still unwilling to admit defeat.

“How regrettable…”

It seemed as if Macy was speaking to both Mirabelle and Nim.

“Too much time has passed? It doesn’t matter, as I had lots of fun playing with you, Princess…”
“D… damn it, let go of me. Let go! I absolutely won’t spare you!”
“Oh? What basis does the current you have to say that you won’t spare me? I’m looking forward to it…”

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As the two of them spoke, the vines were suddenly broken through.

The “spiderweb” wasn’t merely one layer. It was actually a large empty shell made from countless layers wrapped together. That was why even the higher level elves were unable to instantly break this giant spiderweb open. Hence, they had taken so much time.

“Hurry and save the princess!”

Several dozen black-caped elves surrounded Macy completely.

“Oh? You dare to fight me directly with just so few?”

Although the elves had Macy surrounded, there were only two elves who were over level 100. In fact, Macy didn’t have any trace of fear on her face. No, it was only natural that she wasn’t afraid. She was a dominator, after all.

“I am in charge of bringing back the princess to Lady Heather. She is the only one who has enough power and the right to possess the elven princess. All of you are far too weak. You can’t even defeat me-”

Just as Macy said this – a sharp arrow with magic power entwined around it shot towards her at amazing speed. However, she reached out with her hand and caught the arrow. This arrow coated with a paralysis drug was easily snapped just like that.

“Your arrows are unable to surpass my dynamic vision. How regrettable…”

The elves all instantly sensed tremendous pressure.

As expected, ordinary vampires couldn’t compare to a vampire princess’ level. A vampire princess really was rather ridiculously strong.

No matter how much the elves worked together, it was impossible for them to defeat an overly strong opponent like Macy.

Just what should I do? Mirabelle began to feel anxious— she would lose completely if Heather arrived. Would she have to use her ace card here? No, this ace should be preserved for later use. But, no matter what, if she was forced into a helpless situation, she would use this ace.

At this moment –

“Captain, vice-captain! The teleportation formation is almost completed, so you guys should hurry over!”

A voice came from behind the elves. The elf in charge of the teleportation formation was using her loudest voice possible to notify the other elves.

“The teleportation formation? Isn’t that quite nice? All I need to do is take Mirabelle back. All of you can do whatever you like…”

Macy carried Mirabelle and jumped high up into the air. She then jumped onto a thick vine. However, Macy didn’t expect that Mirabelle, whom she had a tight grip on, would actually use tremendous strength to directly break free from Macy’s grasp.

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Mirabelle jumped down from the vine in midair. When she jumped down, she actually smashed a crevice into the ground. Macy was really astonished as she looked down from upon the vine at Mirabelle on the ground.

“Haha, you really are quite interesting, Princess Mirabelle Brillana…”


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