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Chapter 87 – Trust (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1527 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 848 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

So, Mirabelle told Nim her complete plan and tightly grasped Nim’s hands.

“Perhaps this plan will be rather hard on you, but I believe in you!”
“Princess, I will try my best for your sake!”

Nim squeezed Mirabelle’s hand with all her strength as she showed off a resolute expression.

Mirabelle chose to trust in Nim, which had been a really wise decision. However, they had now come across the greatest obstacle they faced so far. That was the vampire princess, Macy Angelina.

The elves had already done surveillance and had confirmed that other than Heather, none of the vampire royalties would be returning within a short period of time. Why had vampire princess Macy come here?

Mirabelle had been gambling on this small time difference.

However, currently-

“Miss Macy, could you please let us go? Seeing the relationship between us…”
“That won’t do. I can’t abandon Lady Heather for your sake. There’s also my reputation and status as a vampire princess. So, could you please obediently come back with me? Lady Heather shows you so much concern, so why can’t you remain by her side? The outside world is like a fierce storm. Wouldn’t it be better for you to hide by Lady Heather’s side as your only port of safety?”

Mirabelle silently lowered her head at this time. She began to think this matter over. Macy was correct, as she was a really weak existence. It would be impossible for her to survive without relying on someone as powerful as Heather. Since Mirabelle was only level 0, what could she even do against any random magical beast?

-Was she capable of defeating a magical beast? The answer was naturally a no, since she was so weak. But, even so-

“No… I… I want to escape; I have no freedom here at all. All I can do is be locked up in the castle. A vampire princess like you wouldn’t understand what I feel!”

Mirabelle still didn’t want to be raised by someone else like a pet. What she desired was freedom-

“Is freedom that important? Freedom is more important than your life?”

Macy’s blood-red eyes became a deeper color after she heard the reason for Mirabelle wanting to escape.

“Let me say this beforehand. The order I received was to capture only Mirabelle Brillana alive. If any other elf dares to get in my way, then I’ll slaughter them all…”

Macy had a fearsome expression as she glanced at the elves standing all around Mirabelle.

Mirabelle’s vision began to shake as she glanced at her interface which showed that she was a mere level 0. She could only deeply sigh.

She then raised her line of vision and – analyzed everyone. All the elves’ stats instantly appeared before her.

-[Flower Envoy] Macy Angelina.
-Level 300.
-HP: 30000/30000.
-MP: 24000/25000.

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Mirabelle then glanced at her companions. She discovered that the highest level elf among them was only at level 110. This… this wasn’t possible to win with at all. There was such a tremendous difference in levels.

Additionally, vampires had their special subordinates and powerful regeneration abilities. A vampire princess would be a bug-like existence.

“We’ll go first to stall her, while you’re in charge of activating the teleportation formation-”

Mirabelle’s mother Joanna gave this command to the elf standing in the formation’s center.

“Yes, I understand…”
“Rest assured, Mira. We’ll definitely send you out of here safely…”

Even if Mira was the only one left, she would absolutely send Mira out of here.

“You think that you’re capable of accomplishing such a thing?”

Macy’s eyes became blood red as she directly waved her arm. Gigantic vines extended out from both sides of the building and smashed towards the elves in a way that resembled green tentacles.


Two elves standing in the front row used their longswords to block the gigantic vine’s attacks.

Both of these elves were at level 100. However, it was still rather difficult for them to block the gigantic vine.

“Sophia, Jean!!”

Joanna also charged forward. She had a decent level as she was the captain of the elven royal guards. She instantly drew her longsword and sliced through the vine on the right by Sophia’s side with a single strike. Right after that, she moved with incredible speed as she sliced through the large vine by Jean’s side. However, she felt all her strength being exhausted after she performed these swift movements.


Joanna inserted the sword into the ground and used it to support her body. Mirabelle swiftly ran over and supported her adoptive mother.

“Mother, are… are you alright?”
“I think I’m fine for now. I’m sorry, with my injuries, I can’t protect you even if I want to…”
“I’m the one who should be saying sorry. I’m so sorry, mother. I’m so useless. All I can do is make trouble for all of you…”
“Silly child, you shouldn’t be thinking about such things right now. Instead, you should slowly consider how to become stronger after you escape from here…”


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