Chapter 86 – Trust (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1719 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1004 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Heather once again returned to that familiar girl.

“How was it? Do you still need any other evidence?”
“There’s one more thing that I want to ask you. Why do I sense the same feeling from that man as from Mira?”
“It’s quite simple. She’s our older brother…”
“What did you say?”

Rion’s lips arched upwards in a smile as she stated this astonishing truth in a casual tone.

“I said that the girl named Mirabelle Brillana is our older brother…”
“But, how could she be…?”
“How did he become a girl? I’m not too sure about this part myself. However, she’s indeed our older brother, you know? If you judge based on the feeling…”
“You’re only basing this on your feelings?”
“It’s not just my feeling. There was one time when you read her mind that she called our names. You saw that, didn’t you?”

Nikaidou Rion. This girl instantly pointed out something that happened when Heather and Mirabelle were together.

‘Indeed, Mira once accidentally revealed the name Nikaidou Rion to me. Now that I think back on it, Mira was probably using this name to refer to me, wasn’t she? She probably also felt that I was somewhat similar to Rion.’

However, Heather felt that this girl – was somewhat different from the girl she sensed in the memories. She originally thought that this girl was the weak and sickly type, but the Rion in her mind was this type who loved to tease.

‘-So this is me from my past life?’

Heather’s mind was filled with calmness. This wasn’t something that was difficult to accept for her.

She and Mirabelle both had another identity. She felt warmth filling her heart from this.

“Yes, once you completely inherit all of my memories, you’ll be able to remember everything about brother…”
“Will you merge with me at that time? Will you disappear afterward?”

Heather’s tone didn’t contain any emotion. In her eyes, this was something that was only natural.

“Indeed, you’re right. Well, let’s not dwell on this topic. Have you prepared yourself?”
“Wait, I still have one final question I want to ask you. For you, towards your older brother – Mirabelle Brillana, what feelings do you have towards her?”

Heather temporarily stopped Rion from transmitting all her memories to her. Heather then asked this concern which was on her mind.

Rion’s mouth arched upwards upon hearing this question –

Let us now go back to where vampire princess Macy is.

Currently, she was searching all around for Mirabelle. Actually, Macy’s acute sense of smell had long since detected the elven princess’ special blood scent.

“Princess Mirabelle Brillana and your companions, if you don’t come out, then I’ll kill all of you…”

Macy threatened the distant space that was covered with a wooden board. She could already sense that the elves were behind this wooden board. Macy immediately controlled her vine to attack this decorative wooden board on the castletop. -She directly knocked away that large wooden board.

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“I found you all…”

Mirabelle widened her eyes in astonishment. She hadn’t expected that vampire princess Macy would actually come to chase after them.

The elves gathered all around Mirabelle were wearing black capes that wouldn’t be easily noticed by others.

“It’s Macy Angelina, one of the 16 vampire royals.”

The elven royal guards around Mirabelle all instantly went on guard. They all drew the swords at their waists and stood around the elven princess along with the spell formation under her.

“Haha, I see. If my guess is on the mark, that spell formation should be a teleportation formation? You actually wanted to leave here with a teleportation formation? I didn’t expect that you would actually choose the most dangerous location. Mira…”

Mirabelle broke out into a cold sweat. She was feeling nervous due to the vampire princess who had appeared before her.

Macy was correct. Setting the teleportation formation on the castletop was highly risky. However, she could only do this in order to complete the plan that she came up with. A teleportation formation would require a very large open area with no obstacles at all. For the sake of maximum efficiency in her plan, she could only place the teleportation formation on the empty castletop.

Joanna also drew her sword and pulled Mirabelle behind her.

“Mira, stay back, this vampire is really difficult to deal with…”
“Princess, the queen and I both underestimated you. So you were the central figure in this plan…”

Macy said this to Mirabelle, who was in the center surrounded by many elves.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

Mirabelle clearly knew what Macy meant, but she still pretended to be a fool. Indeed, Mirabelle was the mastermind behind everything – all of this was part of her plan. Mirabelle came up with this plan when she was able to meet the elven royal guards outside the castle. The elves gave their information to Mirabelle, and also used the divine wood which could temporarily seal Heather for a short time. This was how Mirabelle’s plan could succeed completely-

It was no coincidence that Heather had taken control of Mirabelle’s body. That was all within the plan. No matter how much Heather trusted her, Mirabelle figured that Heather would notice that something was really strange about her after her mother just happened to be rescued three days after the first visit.

That was why Heather took control over Mirabelle’s mind. Indeed, Mirabelle had been rather panicky while her mind was under control. Mirabelle wasn’t very familiar with the elven royal guards, after all. She only knew that her mother Joanna was one of the elven royal guards. That was all. In fact, perhaps Mirabelle didn’t really trust the elven royal guards that much.

Still, the only person that she trusted was Nim. She already understood the inner nature of the girl named Nim after interacting with her. So, even if Mirabelle didn’t trust anyone else, she wouldn’t possibly not trust the girl named Nim.


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