Chapter 85 – Heather Alliyah (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1950 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1044 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Even though it was only very slightly, Heather did sense that Yuuki was similar to Mirabelle in a way, in that he was also concerned about her. -Just why would that be?

“Yes, I’m your older brother, Nikaidou Yuuki. Did something happen to you? Or are you feeling ill? Should I call the doctor to give you a checkup?”
“There’s no need. I’m a greatly venerated vampire, I don’t need something like a doctor at all…”

Heather responded with a vicious tone towards this so-called “brother” of hers. However, she accidentally leaked too much information. -She immediately covered her mouth.


Yuuki looked at her with curiosity.

In Heather’s eyes, his expression really seemed similar to Mirabelle’s. The boy Yuuki wasn’t as timid as Mirabelle, but he really was quite similar to her. Mirabelle was the person closest to Heather, so she had observed Mirabelle down to the tiniest details.

Just as Heather was thinking this, Yuuki glanced at the book by Heather’s bedside. This book was named [Vampire Earl]. Thus, Yuuki picked up the book and directly smacked Heather gently on the head.

“You… you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, why are you hitting my head!?”

Heather shouted really loudly in anger after she was smacked on the head.

“Eh? It hurt even though I hit you so lightly? I’m so sorry-”

Yuuki then gently caressed Heather’s head. Heather originally wanted to vent her anger, as she had never experienced something like this before. She was the vampire queen, so nobody had ever caressed her head. Originally, her anger should have exploded instantly. However, she was unable to explode in anger at only this person.

“Honestly, Rion, you must pay attention to getting your rest. Your illness will only get worse if you’re addicted to reading books…”
“It’s none of your business…”
“Ahaha, is that so? Once you recover, didn’t we promise to go all around the world to see the sights? That’s why you must properly take good care of yourself…”
“Is that so?”

-Had she made such a promise before? She couldn’t recall at all-

However, when mentioning this matter, both of them had sad expressions for some unknown reason.

“Let’s talk about this some other time. Rion, what would you like to eat? I’ll go buy it for you right now…”
“Whatever is fine…”
“I… is that so? I keep feeling like you’re rather cold today, Rion, but… well, this is the normal reaction… you’re normally a bit too clingy…”

After saying this, Yuuki gradually left with a slight smile on his face. At this moment, Heather didn’t understand why – her heart kept beating at a rapid rate due to the words he just said.

Heather discovered to her astonishment – wasn’t this sensation the same as what Mirabelle gave her!? Although Yuuki and Mirabelle’s attitudes were different, the two of them really seemed so similar.

“Do you understand now? The reason why you addressed her as brother?’

Since an unknown time, the scenery around Heather had instantly been covered in endless darkness. Only then did Heather notice that the girl standing in front of her right now was actually the girl she saw in the mirror from earlier.

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“Who are you? What meaning is there in showing me these things?”
“Who am I? Heehee…”

That girl tapped herself on the lips and laughed rather happily. She then pointed in Heather’s direction.

“Who am I? I’m you-”
“You’re me!? Just what evidence do you have to prove this?”
“Because I’m inside your body, that’s the best evidence…”

Heather had no idea what she could counter with after hearing this.

‘-That’s right, if she isn’t me, then why would she be inside my body? Also, why would I see her memories? At the very least, this wasn’t any magic that someone else had cast on her to disturb her mind or invade her body. If that was the case, then she would definitely be able to identify the trails of magic. Besides, even if it was either type of magic, it would be completely ineffective when cast upon her. This meant – what this girl said was true? -But why?’

“Could you be wanting to ask why you only remembered this today?”


‘Why? Why does she know what I’m thinking in my heart?’

“Ha, it’s only natural, because we coexist in the same body…”

Rion – no, this person who referred to herself as a little girl, had a bright smile on her face.

“I don’t believe it. Do you have any evidence apart from this?”
“Well… if you really insist, then I’ll show you my evidence. The rabbit that you treasure so much is a present that brother once gave to me…”
“Take a look for yourself if you don’t believe me…”

Rion – the girl in front pointed at an image behind Heather.

“Rion, this is the present I’m giving to you. Happy birthday…”
“T… this is?”

The girl on the hospital bed looked at the rabbit doll that Yuuki was handing to her. Although the rabbit doll was made in a clumsy manner, Heather felt a sense of familiarity with the rabbit doll. Still, the color was different, as Heather had picked up a pink rabbit doll in the rubble of the destroyed city, while this one was blue.


This rabbit doll’s appearance was almost exactly identical to the one that Heather had picked up in the rubble.

At this moment, Rion’s image saw that Yuuki’s finger was bandaged. He even hurriedly hid his own finger when Rion noticed this. He didn’t want Heather to notice the injury on his hand. Maybe it was because he didn’t want Rion to feel guilty.

“That injury on your hand is?”
“Ahaha, I accidentally pricked myself when I was sewing my own clothes…”

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Yuuki was under the impression that Rion wouldn’t notice that he had personally crafted this rabbit doll.

That was why his hands were covered in injuries, wasn’t it? -It was all for her, for his only younger sister.

Even Heather sensed the same warmth as Rion did. Was this the sensation of having a family? -No, this was something that surpassed having a family. Not only that, all of this seemed so incomparably familiar to Heather.


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