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Chapter 84 – Heather Alliyah (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1413 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 848 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Milady, hurry and wake up. Otherwise, your blood slave will escape!”

Heather was still crying crystalline tears as she laid on the bed. She was currently walking in a dark world. The blinding light in front shone on her crimson eyes.

“Just where is this?”

She could still clearly recall that when the divine wood pierced her chest – she remembered something at that moment. When she looked at Mirabelle, the latter’s figure seemed to overlap with a certain other person’s figure.

‘-My head hurts so much that it feels like it will explode.’

When she directly felt that divine wood piercing her chest, she finally remembered – she had experienced something similar before. Her chest had been pierced through by a vegetable knife, which caused her death. Not only that, she herself had been the one who did it?

However, she couldn’t remember at all why she would be here? And in that final instant, why did she call Mirabelle “Brother”? The two of them clearly hadn’t ever interacted before until a few weeks ago. She was a vampire, while Mirabelle was an elf. The two of them were just like two parallel lines of fate that would never intersect.

No matter how she looked at it, the two of them couldn’t possibly have any connection. It was even more impossible for them to be sisters. Even if they were sisters, then – why did she call Mirabelle “Brother”?

Why wasn’t she calling Mirabelle something like “Sister”?


Heather didn’t understand as she kept repeating this word. She could only feel that her heart was slightly heavy as she silently muttered this word. She really wanted to know the truth behind everything. So, Heather walked towards the light. Heather only felt that she was gradually enveloped by the light. The white light covered her eyes, forcing her to close them.

Birdsong could be heard outside the window. An unknown scent remained lingering in the air. There was a snow-white bedsheet, snow-white walls, and a snow-white blanket with a red cross emblem covering her blanket. Heather was currently lying on this large bed.

She looked curiously around her. This was a place that she didn’t recognize at all.

‘-Just where is this? How come nobody’s here?’

Heather was about to get out of bed when she felt a sharp pain in her heart. The pain was such that she had to support herself against the wall as cold sweat poured down her forehead.

‘Why? Why is my body in such poor condition? I simply took a few steps and felt so uncomfortable. Why do I suddenly have such a body!?’

“Damn it…”

Heather slammed the wall with her hand. She supported herself while barely managing to walk to the bathroom. Only then did she discover to her surprise that she wasn’t familiar with anything in the bathroom –

The wall was filled with white porcelain, just like all the white porcelain outside. There was also a large bathtub made of white porcelain, as well as a similarly white toilet. The most important part was – the mirror in front of her reflected someone that wasn’t her at all.

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This was a different girl whose appearance was somewhat similar to hers, but had a completely different hair and eye color.

“H… how could this be? Just who are you!?”

The girl in the mirror didn’t actually answer her, as this was merely Heather’s reflection.

“I suppose there won’t be an answer after all by asking like this?”

Heather originally thought that she would be able to speak to the girl in the mirror. Normally, anyone would be really afraid if such a thing happened to them. However, Heather was different. For some reason, she felt a sense of familiarity from this place.

Heather supported herself against the wall and slowly laid herself on the snow-white twin-size bed. Whenever she used too much strength, or had a fluctuation in her emotions, she would feel violent pain coming from her heart.

“Damn it so much! Just why is this body in such poor condition?”

At this moment, a nurse entered from outside. She spoke in a really excited tone to Heather.

“Miss Rion, your older brother is here to visit you…”
“Rion? Older brother?”

Heather was really curious about this. She was unfamiliar with the name Rion, just like how she was unfamiliar with having an older brother.

A rather young youth walked in from outside the room. He seemed to be about 18 or 19 years old. So he was her older brother?

“How are you? Rion, how’s your body’s condition?”
“Brother? You’re my older brother?”

Heather really minded what she said before she fell unconscious.

“Rion, did something happen to you!? Are you confused because you slept too much?”
“I’m not confused from sleeping too much at all. Are you really my older brother?”

Heather carefully looked over Nikaidou Yuuki’s face. He had a completely different appearance from Mirabelle. Well, this couldn’t be helped, as Mirabelle was a real girl, while Yuuki was a normal teenage boy.


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