Chapter 83 – The Elves Have Yet to be Destroyed

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3380 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count:1827 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Right when Lucy used her trembling hand to reach for the dagger, a light around the wooden dagger knocked her hand away.


Lucy immediately fell silent after taking this attack.

Macy also bent over to look at the dagger embedded in Heather’s chest.

“This item is incredibly holy and divine. Trying to forcefully pull it out will only result in pointlessly receiving injuries like you did.”
“I see. Why didn’t you say so earlier?”
“I wasn’t too sure until you just tried-”

Lucy instantly became rather angry, but her tone was just as icy as always.

“Could it be that you used me as an experimental subject?”
“You could say that. That’s not important, the important thing now is how should we remove this dagger?”

Macy directly admitted that she had been using Lucy as an experimental subject. However, she then glanced again at Heather’s chest.

“I suppose so…”
“Let’s do this. I’ll try to use a go-between to forcefully remove it-”
“A go-between?”

Macy pretended to act mysterious as she blinked. A giant vine then rose up from the ground outside and grew all the way to the 6th floor. Macy used several thin and slender vines to try and knock away the dagger.

However… right when the vines touched the dagger, light flashed everywhere – a powerful light actually burned away all her plants.

“Sigh, this dagger is pretty amazing. It can even influence objects that aren’t vampires…”
“Then what should we do about Milady?”
“This is the worst possible plan – the two of us will risk being injured together in order to forcefully pull the dagger out.”

Macy could only come up with such a bad plan since she was no expert in this field. Trying to forcefully pull the dagger out might result in both of them being physically injured – not only would they suffer immense pain, but even their entire arms would also be burned completely away. If that happened, they would have to spend as long as several dozen minutes in order to recover –

If Heather didn’t wake up during their recovery period, then Mirabelle and the elves would long have escaped then.

At this moment, Lucy glanced towards Heather-

A tear was falling from the corner of Heather’s eye. It was unknown what dream she was seeing.

The vampire queen was actually showing such a weak appearance!?

Lucy could already feel that this was incredibly difficult to deal with. Macy had the same thought as she stood next to Lucy.

Just what should they do-

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-At this moment, an old man who used a cane to support himself hobbled into the room.

“Grandpa Daar!? How come you’re here??”
“Do you think that I’m deaf? How could I not come here after something so major happened?”

This hobbling person was Daar Kanerf, the translator that Heather had arranged to be in the library.

Macy stood to the side and looked at him with suspicion.

Old man Daar hobbled over.

“What happened to the queen?”

Daar asked Lucy when he walked next to her.

“Milady fell into a deep sleep because of this dagger in her body-”
“Yes… this is indeed a strange condition. Is her physical condition fine?”
“There are no physical injuries for the time being, but this dagger still hasn’t been removed from her body…”

Daar pointed at the dagger with his cane and asked for confirmation from the two women.

“This dagger? There’s no way to remove it from her chest?”
“That’s right…”

Daar became really curious about the dagger that Lucy was pointing at.

-What could possibly cause the vampire queen, who had powerful regeneration abilities, to fall into a deep sleep for so long?


Daar supported himself with his cane like usual as he hobbled over to the bedside. He carefully looked at the dagger in Heather’s chest. It seemed like there were some words written on the dagger. Lucy spoke up to warn him when he was about to touch the dagger.

“Don’t… don’t touch that dagger, it’ll…”

Before she could finish-

A light blasted Daar’s hand away right when his fingertips touched the dagger.

Macy went over and helped him up. She then glanced over at Lucy and said, “If this doesn’t work, we’ll have to try and forcefully remove it. Sir, you should hide over there for the time being.”

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“It really is as I expected…”

Daar was only thinking about how to remove the dagger as he kept looking at it. It seemed like he was muttering something. A green light swirled around his hand-

“You still haven’t learned your lesson? Didn’t you just suffer!?”

Macy warned him, but then something unexpected happened –

Daar actually managed to use his hand covered in green light to directly remove the dagger.

“-What exactly just happened?”
“You two can rest assured. Her Majesty will be fine soon…”
“Why were you able to remove the dagger without being injured!?”

Lucy was rather anxious as she asked him, but Daar acted mysteriously on purpose as he raised his head. He directly picked up the dagger and carefully looked at it under the sunlight.

“If my guess is correct, this dagger should probably have been created from the branch of a certain tree which was previously on this land. If my guess is correct, that tree should be known as the divine tree…”
“Divine tree?”
“Ah, we commonly refer to it as the World Tree-”

Daar explained to Lucy that the vampires commonly referred to it as the world tree. Meanwhile, the elves referred to the same tree as the divine tree, a different name.

“World Tree?”
“That’s right. It’s the divine tree that’s always grown in the elven territory since ancient times. It’s the elves’ treasured tree. However, this divine tree mysteriously vanished many years ago. It’s because of this that the elves are unable to receive the divine tree’s blessing.”

It was because of this that the elves had gradually weakened. In the end, they were unable to even protect their own territory anymore.

“As for this piece of the divine tree, when thinking about the old elven palace’s books and records, the elven ancestors probably made this long ago from a broken off part of the divine tree. We need to investigate more about the World Tree’s secrets still. For instance, why does it only give its blessings to the elves? Why did it mysteriously disappear?”
“There’s so much to study on this topic?”
“That’s right. We still don’t understand the elven species. Why do they have such delicious blood? Why do their royals have such a special constitution which gives them their blood scent? And, the most important – why did the divine tree seal Lady Heather – Her Majesty who has inherited the blood of the vampire primogenitor?”

-Countless mysteries spread through the old man’s mind. The last question’s answer would be critical for the vampires. The vampire queen, who possessed Primogenitor Cain’s blood, should have been undefeatable. Yet, how was she defeated by such a wooden dagger?

If this wasn’t understood, it was likely that more such incidents would keep happening. To this old man, the vampires hadn’t completely conquered the elves at all. The vampires had only scratched the surface of obtaining what the elves possessed, basically like only obtaining the fur of an animal.

The elves actually had far more powerful secrets.

“Wait a minute, you said royals with a special constitution for blood scent? Are you talking about Princess Mirabelle?”
“That’s right, I mean Lady Heather’s blood slave. There are even more mysteries with her, especially her knowledge. It’s likely that she knows even more than I do, since she can understand all sorts of languages. Rather than her blood scent, I’m more interested in the ‘knowledge’ that she possesses.”

-Unfortunately, that girl had been stolen away by the elven royal guards right under their vampire noses. In fact, even the supremely powerful Heather Alliyah was defeated by the elven royal guards. The vampire queen was someone who had national-level strength all by herself.

“Her knowledge? How could the knowledge in her mind possibly compare to yours? Daar Kanerf – aren’t you the oldest among all vampires? You actually can’t compare to a little girl?”

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Macy had a sarcastic and condescending tone towards Daar.

Daar lowered his head and hid his eyes under his dense white eyebrows.

“You don’t realize that she knows more languages than I do. Even though she appears to be a little girl, I saw another side to her. Perhaps she’s not just a simple little girl…”
“Haha, indeed. I’m also interested in her.”

Macy directly said her own viewpoint. She was interested in this little girl ever since the first time that she saw her. Although Mirabelle pretended to be a little girl on the surface, every one of her steps was carefully calculated. There was no way that she was just a little girl.

“Lady Macy, there’s something that I’d like to request of you?”
“Request of me?”
“Yes, I implore you to capture Princess Mirabelle!”
“Fine, fine, I understand. Even if you didn’t say so, I would have intended on capturing the elven princess regardless…”

Macy sighed as her lips curled upwards slightly in a smile. She glanced back at Lucy and then at the queen lying on the bed next to Lucy’s side. It was quite rare that the haughty and icy maid would request anything.

Macy then walked over to the window. A gigantic vine instantly appeared at her feet. It was likely this vine was her subordinate –

“Lady Macy?”
“There’s no need for you to go. I alone will be enough. You stay here for the time being and take care of Lady Heather. I’ll go capture her beloved blood slave.”

Honestly, just her strength alone would be sufficient. Even amongst the vampire royals, Macy was one of the stronger among them. The plant-manipulating Macy had the nickname of “Flower Envoy”.

Just like the “Clown”, only vampires who were at the vampire royal level would be allowed to have a personal nickname.

“I sincerely thank you on behalf of Milady.”

Macy didn’t say anything in response. She directly stepped on the vine, which instantly rose up high, taking Macy to the castle top. When her feet landed on the ground again-

The wind blew past her ear as she looked across the entire castle top with a serious expression. There were decorative items on the castle top, so it was possible that the elves were hiding behind some decorative items. Additionally, even though Macy’s ability allowed her to share the plants’ senses, that was limited to only scent and hearing. It wasn’t possible to share touch, vision, or taste.

Thus, she could only find Mirabelle’s location by scent.

Lucy once again looked towards Heather after she watched vampire princess Macy leave.

‘-Milady, hurry and wake up. Otherwise, your blood slave will escape.’


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