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Chapter 82 – Seal (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1712 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 807 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Princess, hurry and escape from here with me…”
“Okay… but, where should we go?”
“Follow me…”

Nim could barely stand up by herself, so Mirabelle hurriedly ran over to support her. Before Mirabelle left, she glanced over at Heather who was collapsed on the ground with a look like she was slightly unwilling to leave.

“What happened to my master?”
“Her? She probably won’t wake up for the time being. The dagger’s power is to seal. I’m not sure how long it can seal her for. Anyways, we need to hurry and leave now while my other companions have the other vampires distracted!”
“I… I understand!”

Although Mirabelle still rather minded why Heather had called her “Brother”, this wasn’t the time to hesitate. This would be the only chance to escape-

Thus, Mirabelle supported Nim as the two of them slowly left this building. At the same time, Lucy, who felt an ominous premonition, was rushing back to the castle from somewhere else.

Lucy and Macy soon returned to the castle.

“What exactly happened here?”

Macy now felt that Lucy’s ominous premonition had actually been correct after all when she saw the damaged wall. She picked up some of the rubble that had fallen to the floor.

“It must have been a special elven spell that caused this destruction? It’s a special spell that only creates a small hole but can spread the sound to the entire castle.”
“Could it be-?”
“That’s right, their objective was probably to attract attention. This was a tactic to attract all the castle’s guards here. This was really sly…”
“Then, could something have happened to Milady?”

Lucy asked Macy rather nervously. However, Macy was only extrapolating, and she didn’t really understand what had happened inside.

“Who knows? We’ll have to go in and see for ourselves…”

The silver-haired vampire had a deep expression. She was Macy Angelina, one of the 16 vampire royalties. Her clothing was completely black, a contrast to her snow-white skin.

‘This really was a smart plan. It’s simple and effective at attracting the attention of all the castle guards. -Someone was actually able to lead the elves and scheme such a plan despite Heather’s tight surveillance. But, isn’t Mirabelle constantly under Heather’s control? Just how did she manage to communicate with the elven royal guards?’

Macy and Lucy swiftly arrived at the 6th floor. Currently, no other vampire royalties were in the castle, since they were commanded this morning to return to their territories and search for Mirabelle’s [companions].

In fact, the only vampire royalties still in this city were Macy, Dolin, and that clown, Albert Albion.

However, Albert had gone out together with vampire princess Dolin to hunt the elven royal guards.

When Macy and Lucy arrived in front of the vampire queen’s door, they saw a completely chaotic room along with Heather collapsed on the ground.

“Milady!” Lucy rushed over and immediately embraced and picked up Heather.

“Oh my, isn’t this all just too ridiculous?”

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Lucy moved Heather to the floor as she silently looked at the wooden dagger embedded in Heather’s chest.

“We likely underestimated those elves. They actually managed to make the vampire queen taste what it’s like to have a painful defeat…”
“Just where did they run off to!? I’m definitely going to teach them a lesson!”
“I don’t know, but they should probably still be in this castle-”
“What do you base that on?”

Lucy was different from vampire princess Macy. Lucy’s senses weren’t as sharp as a vampire princess’. Hence, Lucy was really curious about what Macy could sense.

“It’s simply what I sense. Don’t forget about my power – I have the ability to control plants. I can control every plant in the city, and their senses are also transmitted to me.”
“So you can see where those two went?”
“I can’t do that, but that Princess Mirabelle has a special blood scent that I can smell…”
“Where are they?”

Lucy asked Macy with an icy tone. Macy pointed towards the top of the building.

“They’re at the top. Although I don’t know why they didn’t escape, they’re definitely at the very top…”

‘-They’ve already used such a strategy to draw away the guards, so why haven’t they escaped? Could they have prepared some method to escape up there? What a strange and difficult group to read.’

“Then let’s head there immediately! We must capture those two elves. Otherwise, Milady will be furious, and it won’t be just that elf who’s unfortunate…”
“No. What will we do about Lady Heather if we go there?”

Macy stopped Lucy who was about to run off as she worriedly glanced at the queen who was quietly lying on the bed.

“We should first remove the dagger from her body. She should be able to wake up then.”


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