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Chapter 81 – Seal (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1416 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 835 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Several minutes earlier, Nim saw that Heather sunk into a state of confusion. She never expected that Heather would go into such a state just because of her words.

-Nim knew that she couldn’t let this chance go. This was a chance to defeat Heather. The vampire queen wouldn’t possibly show such an opening in front of her a second time.

Thus, Nim drew that special dagger from her waist. She supported herself against the broken wall and slowly rose her slender body. She fell over on the ground several times on the way, making Mirabelle’s heart really ache for her. Mirabelle even wanted to walk over and help support Nim, but she was still tightly bound to Heather by the handcuffs.

In the end, Nim finally managed to stand up on the floor. She walked over shakily and directly used a secret technique. She leaped high into the air, wanting to use gravity to assist in stabbing the dagger into Heather’s heart.

When Heather finally regained her senses, it was already too late. Nim was already stabbing her heart.

This dagger was the elves’ secret treasure. It was a dagger passed down since ancient times, and it possessed ancient power – this ancient dagger used the elemental spirits in the air. The ancient elves created this dagger from the branch of their divine tree – the World Tree – which was known as the origin of the world.

The World Tree was a divine tree that had existed since the battles of ancient times. However, the World Tree’s current location was now unknown. Still, this dagger was indeed created from a branch of this divine tree – only the weakest and most powerless ones would possibly be able to seal the strongest evil existence.

It would be through prayer, a prayer that was pure and spotless. Only then would this dagger be able to overturn everything. This was the elves’ final treasure.

However, the current elven royal guards no longer had anyone who satisfied the requirements for using this dagger. Only a child whose heart and soul were still pure, not having experienced the world yet, would be able to use this dagger.

The elven royal guards then coincidentally discovered that Nim possessed the ability to wield the dagger.

This was precisely why Doris had given this divine weapon and important mission over to Nim. There would only be one chance to help the princess who had helped Nim before. She would absolutely do this-

When Nim leaped from the ground, she drew the dagger from her waist. She headed straight for Heather, stabbing towards that frail seeming girl who actually possessed tremendous power.

Heather was still in a daze as she reminisced about the past – she didn’t notice at all that Nim was already in the air. By the time that Heather finally regained her senses, Nim was already close to her body.

Actually, with Heather’s reaction speed, it should have been quite easy for her to still dodge this wooden dagger. However, this dagger emanated a light that made her feel really comfortable, which caused her to widen her eyes in surprise.

At the same moment, Heather also glanced over at Mirabelle who was next to her. This elf girl simply stood still next to Heather as her figure was reflected in Heather’s eyes.

-At this moment, Heather seemed to suddenly remember something as she called out to Mirabelle next to her.

“Bro… Brother!?”

Mirabelle’s lifeless eyes also widened upon hearing this inconceivable way that Heather just addressed her as.

The vines tangled around the dagger instantly expanded as divine wood covered in flashing lights embedded itself into Heather’s body-

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Heather was then knocked over onto the ground by Nim-

No, more accurately speaking, Heather had only been sealed. Her ability to move had temporarily been sealed. That was all.

Heather was an undying vampire, after all. This divine wood only had the ability to seal.

-This was the elves’ final ultimate weapon. However, they didn’t know how long the dagger could seal the vampire queen for. Just how effective would this dagger be against Heather? Heather was the undying vampire queen – someone similar to the primogenitor of all vampires.


When Heather fell into a deep sleep, the dark cage trapping Mirabelle inside also directly broke. Mirabelle finally took back the ability to control her own body.


Mirabelle sighed deeply before looking at her own arm. Only then did she discover that she could control her own body normally. Mirabelle then saw that Heather and Nim were both collapsed on the ground.


Mirabelle hurriedly ran over, crouched, and asked Nim, “Nim, are you alright?”

Mirabelle kept shaking Nim’s injured body as she asked this.

“I suppose… it counts as being fine.”

Thus, Mirabelle took off the symbol of humiliation on her neck. Since the collar had been removed once before, the special needle was effective. When the collar hit the ground, Mirabelle finally regained her own powers-


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