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Chapter 80 – Birth of a Queen (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1821 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 900 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

On a certain day, Lucy coincidentally saw Heather’s rabbit doll left behind on a chair in the basement, so Lucy brought the rabbit doll to Heather’s bed for her sake. When Heather returned to her room, she discovered that the rabbit doll she couldn’t find for all this time was already on her bed.

‘Did that maid find it for me?’

Heather thus went out of her room and called for Lucy. This was the first time that Heather had ever called for Lucy of her own volition, which was why Lucy soon rushed to her side.

“May I ask what’s the matter? Milady Heather…”
“Did you find this rabbit doll for me?”
“Yes, did I do something wrong? Milady…”
“No, nothing wrong… then that’s fine…”

After Heather understood the general situation, she prepared to go back to her own room to rest. However, Lucy called out from behind her.

“Milady, may I ask you one thing?”

Heather immediately stopped and answered Lucy without even turning her head around, “What is it?”

“Is there anything special about the rabbit in your hands? That’s all I would like to know.”
“Hah… I thought that you were smarter than this, so I never thought you would ask such a question…”
“If I caused you unhappiness, then pretend that I never asked this question…”
“I’m not actually unhappy. I’ve long since abandoned happiness, sadness, and other emotions. Still, about this rabbit doll…”

Lucy asked Heather back as Heather glanced back at Lucy with a contemplative expression. Heather deeply sighed when she saw that Lucy had an expression of wanting to know no matter what.

“It’s fine to tell you, but this isn’t a place for talking. Please come to my room with me…”

Heather then walked into her room after saying this. Lucy followed behind rather nervously into Heather’s room.

“Sit down where you want…”
“How… how could I sit? Someone like me…”
“It’s no matter. Since I invited you in, you’re a guest. In other words, we’re not master and servant right now, so sit down as you please. Besides, how are we supposed to talk if you don’t sit down?”
“If that’s the case, pardon my rudeness…”

Lucy sat down rather nervously on the sofa-

“Um… I didn’t come here for such a thing, I wanted to ask…”
“Ah… about the rabbit? I simply discovered it coincidentally…”
“That’s right, it really was just a coincidence. I found it in the rubble of a city that I previously destroyed – that’s the unassuming history behind it.”
“How could that be? Why would you pick up something like that from such a place? You have such a venerated status.”
“But, the problem is that when I saw this doll, there was an indescribable sense of familiarity, as if it’s my own family.”

Heather had never felt this way towards another doll – no, more accurately speaking, towards any other living creature. It was only towards this special doll that Heather felt something so special.

“That’s right. The rabbit doll you wanted to know about has such an unassuming history. Feel free to stay here or leave as you please. Nothing in the world around me matters anyways.”
“I want to stay! Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Milady!”

After that talk between the two of them – Lucy and Heather’s relationship improved. Should it be said that Lucy became Heather’s friend? It was a feeling similar to that-

After that, when Heather saw Mirabelle, her attention was instantly attracted by the elf girl on the stage. It was as if the colorless world all around her had instantly been lit up by the elf named Mirabelle Brillana, as if a white canvas was instantly splashed with color.

That was why Heather told Lucy – [you absolutely must obtain her].

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In order to obtain her – Heather even spent some pocket change of 300,000,000 gold coins to purchase this little elf.

Heather felt really happy every day while being together with Mirabelle, especially on the night when Mira was willing to have intimate contact with her. Heather had been especially happy then.

Everything that Heather did – including having Mira obey every command, was all an expression of how she wanted Mirabelle to stay by her side far too much.

However, Mirabelle didn’t understand her, and even discussed escaping together with those elves.

Only today, when Heather heard Nim’s words – she felt like her entire world had collapsed. However, Heather didn’t want to feel what it was like to lose her treasure. The elf beside her was the only light she had in the world. The only hope-

Heather absolutely wanted to tightly hold on to this elf slave who was by her side. If it was for Mirabelle, she didn’t care about anything else.

-Wasn’t this back to the starting point?

Heather smiled sardonically. Nothing had changed since the very start. What she should do, the only thing that she wanted.

At this moment, Nim actually reached right above her with incredibly quick speed. Heather only noticed when she saw Mirabelle’s line of sight that Nim was in the air.

Nim was holding onto a strange dagger. With her injuries, and with falling from such a high place, it was as if she was striking a final blow at the cost of her life.


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