Chapter 79 – Birth of a Queen (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1611 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 909 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

‘-Why aren’t you willing to become my companion?’

Heather’s worried words echoed in Mirabelle’s ears.

Logically speaking, Mirabelle was Heather’s blood slave as well as under Heather’s mind control. Mirabelle should have been Heather’s companion! However, Mirabelle didn’t choose to stand by Heather’s side.


Heather’s rather sad voice went by Mirabelle’s ears. Heather recalled Nim’s shouting from earlier that it was because Heather was using forceful methods to keep Mirabelle by her side. Was this why Mirabelle wouldn’t stand by her side?

Heather’s eyes gradually started showing loneliness. Was all of this merely her one-sided desire? She had always thought that Mira had liked her. Even if Mira didn’t like her, that was fine, since at least Mira didn’t hate her.

However, Mira was looking at her with such a distant expression.

-Heather instantly felt like her entire world had collapsed.


Heather had originally thought that she wouldn’t be lonely as long as Mira was by her side. She thought that Mirabelle would definitely understand her. She didn’t care one bit about anyone else –

“But why are you being distant from me?”

Heather tightly grasped Mirabelle’s clothing. In Heather’s eyes, it seemed like the color on Mirabelle’s body was gradually fading.

Ever since Heather was young, she had been unable to see color in anyone around her. Everyone seemed to be so unfamiliar –

Heather was the vampire queen who had been born in the blood pool through the entire vampire race’s prayers.

Heather Alliyah, the vampire queen, had inherited the blood of Cain, the strongest primogenitor of all vampires. However, Heather saw everything around her, living or nonliving, in shades of gray.

-This was a sign of her being distant from everyone else.

If she used the power hidden within her body, she could instantly destroy an entire country.

The vampires also privately referred to Heather as – [the emotionless monster].

It was precisely because she had no emotions in her heart that she could be called the strongest. Everything around her was meaningless, no matter if it was living or nonliving.

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Heather walked down a burning street. Shattered rubble, the destroyed street, the houses which were on fire, and the castle which had been penetrated with a single blow.

-All of that had happened because of Heather commanding her own subordinates to do it.

Heather stepped all over the baked ground. Coincidentally, she saw –

In a doll store, a dead little girl in the rubble was tightly holding on to a rabbit doll.

Heather stared at the rabbit doll. To be honest, its quality wasn’t very good. Parts of the doll were also burnt, making it seem rather tattered. However, Heather felt a familiar sensation from the rabbit doll.

When had she seen this rabbit before? Heather had no recollection. However, Heather used all her strength to hold on to this tattered rabbit doll. This was the only way she could fill her empty heart.

Even though everything around her still seemed so distant, it was enough that this rabbit doll accompanied her.

After Heather stole the rabbit doll from the dead human girl’s corpse in the rubble –

Heather slowly left this human city that had been defeated in a single attack by her subordinates. This was a city that had simply been blocking the vampires’ way forward. The vampires weren’t actually targeting the two human kingdoms here, but rather the distant territory of the elves.

After Heather conquered the elves’ territory, she would hold her rabbit doll almost every single day.

A very well-meaning maid saw the doll in Heather’s hands and wanted to wash the dirty doll for her.

“Um… the doll in your hands will get your clothes dirty. May I please wash it?”

However, Heather viciously slapped away the maid’s hand when the latter reached for the rabbit doll.

“Don’t touch this doll with your dirty hand. Otherwise, I’ll make you taste something that’s worse than death-”

Heather’s eyes instantly filled with darkness as she exclaimed this in a vicious tone.

Even though the maid had wanted to do something good by washing the rabbit doll for her, the response was so vicious. The maid was obviously really scared.

“I understand, I’m so sorry!!!”

On the very next day, that maid resigned.

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After this happened, Heather no longer had a personal maid by her side for a long while.

An icy maid then arrived after this incident. No matter if it was her appearance or heart, she made others feel like she was really distant from them.

“Lady Heather, I’ll be acting as your personal maid starting from today. My name is Lucy. Milady, if you have anything, you can command me as you please…”

Heather’s expression didn’t change one bit when she heard Lucy’s self-introduction. She still glanced outside the window with a slightly sad expression.

“I won’t bother Milady anymore, then. I’ll be taking my leave.”

It was precisely because Lucy had such an icy personality and seemed like she didn’t care about anything that Heather barely tolerated having Lucy stay by her side.

Actually, Lucy didn’t have an icy personality at all, but rather she knew quite well what she should and shouldn’t ask. It was due to this that she became the maid who remained by Heather’s side the longest.

Lucy’s work was also incredibly simple – all she did was keep Heather’s bed, table, and chair clean and so on.


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