Chapter 78 – Pure Love (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2011 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 858 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Although Heather was rather stunned when she touched the injuries on her face, her heart became filled with anger once more. Even though these minor injuries were completely insignificant to her, that wasn’t the most important problem here –

‘Such a b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ is actually capable of injuring me!?’

Such a thing was an extreme challenge to Heather’s pride. Not to mention, Nim was actually looking at Heather with some pity in her expression despite being under Heather’s foot.

“What’s the meaning of your expression? Just what is this? Your expression!?”

It was quite simple for Heather to kill a mere elf. However, Heather wouldn’t permit anyone to slander her love for Mirabelle. She loved Mirabelle so much, treating the latter like a treasure. No matter who it was, nobody was permitted to slander her love for Mirabelle!

That was why Heather was so furious to the point where her heart was filled with anger.

“You really are so pitiful. You don’t even know the right method to love the princess.”

Nim’s tone was filled with sarcasm. However, she made her own injuries hurt in her excitement. At the same time, Heather’s eyes became even icier and vertical, like a monster’s.

“What did you say?”

Heather used all her strength to stomp on Nim’s broken bones. Heather’s high heels forcefully stomped on Nim, causing the latter’s rib bones to make cracking sounds.

“Just what are you treating my love as!? I love her forever, so is there something wrong with wanting her to stay by my side? You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ keep wanting to steal away my Mira. This is all your fault!! It’s all your fault, it’s all because of you that I’m so angry!”

Heather directly stomped down with her hard heels –

After Nim was stomped on, she started screaming even louder.


She was feeling the pain of having her bones forcefully crushed from Heather’s stomping. However, Nim was unable to do anything about it at all. All she could do was scream in pain where she was.

Perhaps Nim would soon be killed by this vampire in an even more painful and cruel manner. However, there was something that Nim absolutely had to transmit to this prideful vampire.

-Loving someone absolutely wasn’t like this. Although Nim had never experienced love before, she knew-

In the dark night, under the silver moon’s illumination, on such a quiet night, she was in her mother’s arms not long after being born. They lived in a really small home. In the morning, even if they didn’t want to, the vampires would force them to wake up and start laboring. The night was the only time when they could rest.

During the nighttime, her mother would tell her some stories because she was really bored.

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To be honest, Nim’s mother had intended on hiding Nim in their home for a really long time. That was why Nim was really bored. She would have to wait in their home until nighttime by herself for her exhausted mother to return home.

At nighttime, Nim’s mother told her a story – a story regarding Nim’s parents.

Nim – it was precisely because this girl was so naive and innocent that she could think of love in such a pure way and know what love was.

“Mother previously told me that if you truly love someone, you need to sacrifice everything for that person. My father, for the sake of my mother, for the sake of you vampires to not kill her, he took my mother’s place and was killed by you vampires! Can a ruler like you possibly do such a thing?”

Tears slid out of Nim’s eyes as she started crying really sadly. If it wasn’t for the vampires, her parents wouldn’t have died. Despite this, the girl named Nim didn’t feel hatred –

She hadn’t come here in order to take revenge against Heather. Instead, she wanted to save the princess like a knight in shining armor.

Mirabelle’s eyelashes blinked when Nim roared those words. Mirabelle had reacted to Nim’s words.

“You’re saying to sacrifice everything? Stop joking – I can also give up everything for Mira’s sake. I’ll feel satisfied as long as she’s together with me.”

“No, you’re wrong! If you love someone, you shouldn’t restrain her freedom! You shouldn’t take away her right to be free! Your love is nothing more than mere domination!”

Even though Nim was covered in injuries and was feeling pain worse than death, even though she might be killed in the very next instant by Heather, Nim still shouted this out loud.

As Nim said this, Heather kept backing away. Heather really couldn’t understand just what she had done wrong?

Heather then glanced at Mirabelle –

“Mira… why? Hey, Mira, look at Master, alright?”

As Heather backed away, she also begged Mirabelle with a weak voice. If the two of them hadn’t been cuffed together, it was likely that Mirabelle would be standing by Nim’s side.

Heather understood this – and felt as pained as if a pair of invisible hands were squeezing her heart.

“Mira! Why aren’t you willing to stand by Master’s side?”


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