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Chapter 77 – Pure Love (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1612 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 918 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Nim looked at the item that Doris had given her solemnly – the item which was currently attached to her waist. Nim then sweated nervously as she glanced at the vampire queen who was in front of her. Before this, everything that Nim had done was all practice. The current Nim had worked the hardest that she could. For instance, learning how to conquer the fear in her heart, and how to remain calm in front of a vampire. As long as Nim got close to the vampire queen’s side and stabbed this item into her chest – she would be able to save the princess!

After completing this, Nim would be able to take Mirabelle to [that place]. That would end the mission that Doris had given to Nim.

Heather had tightly cuffed herself to Mirabelle, so Nim had no way to secretly steal Mirabelle away. However, Heather’s method also had tremendous limitations – Heather was rendered unable to make large movements or use large-scale magic spells. If she dared to do either of those things, it was certain that she would injure Mirabelle who was standing next to her.

Thus, this was Nim’s chance –

Just as Nim was thinking this, an angry roar could be heard coming over from the enemy.


At this moment, Heather tugged the handcuff attached to Mirabelle and then tightly embraced the latter.


Nim’s mind was filled with confusion. Why was Heather making such an angry roar?

“Why must you come here to get in my way!? No matter if it’s you or those damned elves, Mira is my belonging, so why should she be stolen by you!?”

After Nim finished listening to Heather’s angry shouting, she finally realized what was going on. It turned out that vampire queen Heather was saying such a thing because she didn’t treat the princess as a mere slave? Nim started to really wonder in her heart.


“I love Mira so much, and Mira really loves having me as a master, yet all of you dare to think about stealing her away from my grasp!”

After Nim finished listening to Heather’s words, the pent-up emotions in Nim’s heart also exploded. She used her own words to reject Heather’s way of thinking.

“You love the princess!? You dare to say the word love so casually!?”

Nim also felt a deep pain in her chest. She held on to her painful chest as she viciously glared at the vampire across from her.

“Why must you imprison her in the castle like this? Why must you use violence or other such methods to force her to stay by your side!?”

Even though her enemy was really frightening, even though her enemy was the vampire queen, Nim still wanted to transmit what she was thinking. She supported her body which was covered in injuries as she then drew the ordinary dagger that she had prepared beforehand.

Nim was also really fast, partially due to her small body, as she charged at a speed that the naked eye couldn’t follow. She clenched her dagger in her hand as she stabbed at Heather’s chest.

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“How could someone like you understand anything about Mira and me? You clearly don’t know anything! Mira is willingly staying by my side, that’s definitely how it is!”

To Heather, Nim’s movements still seemed as slow as molasses. Even though Heather was distracted by Nim’s words, she still easily dodged the dagger attack – Heather’s movements weren’t slowed by even one bit, as she was burning up with anger inside. This anger spurred her movements to become incredibly swift.

Heather dodged the dagger that Nim was horizontally slashing at her neck while directly landing a punch on Nim’s flat stomach.

Nim’s pupils dilated as the heavy blow landed a direct hit on her stomach. She was then sent flying by the impact. Nim sunk deeply into the wall and created a large hole with the impact. She started to cough out blood as her entire body was filled with pain. Right when she wanted to make herself stand up…


A tremendous scream came from within her body. This scream reached all the way to her head, causing her to scream so deeply. Moving even slightly caused her to feel incredible pain that seemed like her heart would rip apart. -She was instantly rendered unable to move. Of course, stabbing the dagger into Heather’s chest was even more impossible.

Meanwhile, Heather slowly walked over and used her lolita heels to directly step on Nim’s stomach. Nim immediately started crying out in pain –

“You don’t know your own strength – someone as weak and small as you wouldn’t be able to protect Mira even if you took her away.”

Honestly, Mirabelle had only been standing to the side and watching Nim. However, Mirabelle kept shouting in her heart, ‘Nim, you should hurry and leave! You alone can’t possibly be her opponent, so hurry and leave!’

However, it was impossible for Mirabelle’s inner thoughts to be transmitted to anyone. All Mirabelle could do was obediently let herself be pulled over to the wall where Nim was. All Mirabelle could do was use her blank and emotionless eyes to watch Heather abuse Nim.

‘-Why? Why did the elves let only Nim come to save me!? Where did everyone else go!?’

Mirabelle really couldn’t figure this out. Could it be that even her own mother had abandoned her?

Heather used her thumb to wipe her own slightly injured face.


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