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Chapter 76 – Surprise! A certain princess doesn’t want to go back because she’s become addicted to having her blood sucked (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2007 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 953 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

However, while the plan was really simple, there were definitely many obstacles. This included the fight to take back Princess Mirabelle.


The elves had been spying nonstop on Mirabelle ever since the day that she was kidnapped. However, they didn’t dare to rush in to save her. The elves kept spying on her for about three days before there were finally some results.

The vampire queen took Princess Mirabelle outside the castle. Although the two of them disguised their appearances, the elves were able to know who the two were thanks to the maid following them.

Thus, the elves constantly followed the two in secret, from the coffee shop to the pet store.

Nim also received this information, so she also gathered near the pet store together with the other elves.

Originally, they intended on forcefully creating a commotion and charging in to take back Princess Mirabelle. However, Doris stood to the side and prevented the other elves from doing this.

“Calm down. It’s complete suicide to rush right now into a place that’s filled with vampires. All of you wait here, as Princess Mirabelle will soon be coming out of there…”

Doris smiled slyly as she calculated what to do next.

“Vice-captain, why are you so certain? Also, where did you go just now?”

The person who asked this question was the elf maid who had taken care of Nim previously.

“Just now? A little adventure, that’s all. Well, at any rate, all of you should just watch.”

Doris had the several dozen elves all keep a close watch on the rear door to wait for the elven princess Mirabelle’s appearance.

They waited for a really long time before Nim finally saw Mirabelle’s really small and careful movements due to nervousness as the latter slowly stepped out. Just as Mirabelle was intending on escaping –

“Catch her, Sophia!”

Doris immediately commanded a female elf whose eyes had already gone blank due to the elven princess’ appearance.

Sophia was the tallest elf among them. She also had excellent physical abilities.

The other elves all surrounded Mirabelle after receiving the command.

Mirabelle was immediately frightened to the point of not being able to move when she saw a group of black-clad individuals surrounding her. She didn’t know what she should do.

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She said something in a panic as she immediately started running from this place at a high speed.

-Well, upon seeing the elves’ appearances, it would have been strange if she could just accept things calmly.

However, Mirabelle’s path of escape was blocked by the elves. Right when Mirabelle stopped –

Sophia directly carried Mirabelle on her shoulder and started running without even saying anything.

Yet, Mirabelle kept struggling and thrashing around. In the end, Mirabelle even delivered a powerful bite to Sophia’s hand before jumping down from the latter’s shoulder.

“It seems that she won’t be willing to come with us unless we explain who we are to her first. There’s no helping it. Nim, calm her down first. Otherwise, we’ll attract too much attention if she runs out onto the street,” Doris commanded Nim who was at the side, figuring that Mirabelle would definitely relax her guard after seeing Nim who she knew.

“Okay, I understand!”

Nim listened to Doris’ command and ran in front of Mirabelle before taking off the hat covering her head.

Nim had always been waiting for such a reunion ever since she was saved. Thus, she was really excited as she called, “Princess Mirabelle, it’s me! Nim!”

Mirabelle was rather stunned to see Nim’s appearance and hear her voice.

“N… Nim!? Why would you be here…?”

Once the elves all gathered around, they requested that the princess leave together with them. However, Princess Mirabelle refused. She was unable to leave her mother. She also said that she would only leave once they were able to find her mother.

Mirabelle only asked for a needle, which was an item to unlock the collar around her neck. She then told the elves, “Rest assured, I’ll leave together with you all once I know where my mother is.”

After she said that, Mirabelle returned to the vampire queen’s side again.

-Nim kept having a terrible premonition as she watched Mirabelle leave. However, this was Princess Mirabelle’s decision, even if it was a highly risky decision.

All the elves knew quite clearly that if Mirabelle was exposed and leaked the secret, the vampire queen would likely kill her. Doris also mentioned this danger just now, but Mirabelle simply forced a bitter smile.

“It’s fine, I’ll be alright, Master won’t kill me…”

After Mirabelle said this, all the elves chose to trust the elven princess. She was staying behind in order to save her own mother, after all – such a courageous and noble action. If it was Nim, she never would have been able to do something like this. Hence, Nim started worshipping the princess even more.

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Nim didn’t remain idle after that, as she was constantly training her physical abilities due to a [certain thing] that Doris had told her.

This was in order to be able to get close to that venerated vampire queen’s side.

This was in order to no longer be afraid of that venerated vampire queen.

This was so that she could save Mirabelle from her dangerous situation when it was time.

What Nim had to do was incredibly difficult, with an infinitesimally small chance of success. Yet, she still had to try. Not doing anything at all would mean certain failure, while trying meant there was still at least a chance – at success!


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