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Chapter 70 – Issuing a Command (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1724 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 882 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Ever since their first meeting, Heather felt that this elf absolutely had to become her pet. Staying like this forever seemed quite wonderful to her.

“My pet, you can only belong to me. Everything of yours is mine,” Heather whispered these words that sounded like a curse into Mirabelle’s long elven ears.

These words deeply embedded themselves into Mirabelle’s mind. These were words that she wouldn’t forget easily.

Meanwhile, Heather was thinking, ‘These insects dare to even think about stealing Mirabelle away from me? Unforgivable.’

Heather was absolutely furious about this. Merely limiting the elves’ movements wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to capture those wild elves as quickly as possible. Heather didn’t feel tired at all as she thought of this.

“Master? You’re not going to sleep?”
“No, there’s still something I have to do today. Come with me…”
“Yes, Master…”

Mirabelle obediently let Heather carry her. Heather was carrying Mirabelle like she would carry her rabbit doll around.

“Once I capture all of those insects, I’ll return your freedom to you…”

It was as if Heather wasn’t saying this to the current Mirabelle. She was basically saying this to Mirabelle who was imprisoned somewhere deep inside her own body. Mirabelle, whose consciousness was imprisoned in her own body, was unable to do anything at all. She could only watch her body obediently listen to Heather’s commands while Mirabelle mentally buried her head between her knees and silently cried.

-Was she going to be trapped by Heather’s side forever?

Mirabelle had lived for about 30 years in her past life, and she had also lived for 15 years in this life, but she still didn’t know what forever would entail.

Would her life be extended endlessly since she was a vampire’s blood slave? This would basically be the equivalent of eternal servitude by Heather’s side. Why did the world treat her so unfairly like this?

No matter if it was Earth or in this RPG world, Mirabelle was always an eternal loser. The person who caused her to be such a loser was her dearest younger sister who was so weak and sickly.

At least, even if only once, could she please become a winner in life? She wanted to be able to control her own life.

At this moment, to her surprise, Heather carried her to the forbidden area where Mirabelle had been strictly banned from going to – the basement. The vampire princes all stared in astonishment at the elf in Heather’s arms.

Since when had their queen started raising such an elf? They were even wondering if this was the real vampire queen. Wasn’t she originally not interested in elves at all?

By the way, they had also seen Heather’s personal maid Lucy taking this elf around the castle for a walk a few days ago.

“I use my status as the vampire queen to issue this command to all of you-” Heather spoke in an authoritative tone. The sixteen vampire princes present all had looks of surprise as they devoutly lowered their heads.

“My command is to eliminate the pests, which are every single elf that is hiding in this city. Every single city district must have checkpoints established. Any wild elf that’s discovered must be captured immediately.”

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Although the vampire princes wanted to ask questions, they were really frightened by Heather’s crimson gaze upon them.


“Listen up, this isn’t a request. There’s no room for discussion. This is an order. All you need to do is obey me. Eliminate all uncertain elements within this city. This is what’s supposed to be your responsibility.”

Since Heather was issuing this command using her status as the vampire queen, the vampire princes would have to carry out this command. If they dared to ask too many questions, it was likely that blood would start flowing in this basement.

After issuing this command, Heather left while still carrying Mirabelle. As they were leaving, Heather saw someone that she wanted to see the least right now.

“Oh my, oh my, isn’t this Her Majesty the queen? What an honor it is. I never thought that the first person I would see when I was summoned here would be you…”


Heather had great hostility in her gaze as she looked at this seventeenth vampire princess – Dolin Croft.

“Also, your little pet’s name was Mirabelle, right? What’s the matter with her? When I saw her a few days ago, she wasn’t like this before. Just what could have happened?”

Dolin wanted to reach out with her hand to touch Mirabelle, but Heather slapped her hand away.

“Get the hell out. Don’t touch her with that dirty hand of yours.”

Heather was incredibly angry as she tightly embraced Mirabelle in her arms.

‘Mirabelle belongs to me. Nobody else is allowed to touch what belongs to me.’

However, Dolin simply looked at Heather with an expression of ‘so that’s how it was,’ as if she had seen through everything.

“Okay, okay, then do your best to watch over your precious treasure, Your Majesty-”

Dolin then left and went to the basement, as she was also a vampire princess.

“What an annoying person. Mira, just ignore such an annoying person, and we should hurry and go back…”
“Yes, Master…”


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