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Chapter 71 – The Beginning of the Plan (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2028 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1184 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Heather kept carrying Mirabelle in her arms, as if she was carrying a precious treasure that she absolutely wouldn’t let go of. Mirabelle was having trouble breathing because of how tight Heather’s hold was. She could only weakly gasp, “Master… it hurts… it hurts…”

“Mira, rest assured, I’ll never let you go…”
“No… that’s not it…”

Mirabelle felt extremely helpless. She was unable to resist Heather’s overly passionate embrace.

Suddenly, Mirabelle began to rub her legs against each other. Even though her body was now completely under Heather’s control, she still couldn’t help her cheeks flushing slightly red. She was unable to hold it in anymore.

“Um… Master, I want to go to the bathroom…”

Mirabelle mentioned what she had wanted to do since this morning.

Going to the bathroom was quite a normal physiological necessity. Mirabelle had been at Heather’s bedside and serving her since this morning, with no opportunity to go to the bathroom. Although Heather also didn’t go since this morning, it didn’t seem like Heather was in a hurry to go.

“Alright then, I’ll go together with you…”
“No need to be so reserved. Are you dissatisfied in some way that I’m accompanying you?”
“N… no…”

The current Mirabelle didn’t have even the slightest ability to resist. All she could do was obediently remain in Heather’s arms and act out her part as a ‘pet’.

Heather thus carried Mirabelle by her slender waist over to the bathroom. Mirabelle was forced to go to the bathroom under Heather’s passionate gaze. Right after Mirabelle finished, Heather immediately started carrying her again.

She didn’t even have the slightest bit of freedom while going to the bathroom. It had to be said that Heather was watching over her far too closely. Even though Mirabelle’s body was under Heather’s complete control, Heather still kept such tight surveillance on her.

After Mirabelle returned from the bathroom, she didn’t even know what she thought as she blankly looked at some documents.

The previous Heather would never be without her rabbit doll or let her rabbit leave her side. Now, Heather refused to let Mirabelle leave her side.

Heather completely ignored everything else around her, even when documents were brought to her office. All she did the whole day was hold on to Mirabelle. Currently, Heather’s delicate nose was buried in Mirabelle’s water-blue hair as she gently inhaled the fragrance coming from the latter’s hair. It seemed like Heather didn’t even notice that someone had entered the room.

“Um… Milady, a guest is here for you… Milady?”

Heather finally returned to her senses only after hearing Lucy call out to her. Heather became furious when she found that someone was trying to bother her.

“Who is it? Who wants to see me? I’m really busy right now! Make them get the hell out if there’s nothing urgent!”

Heather was feeling really frustrated right now, since she saw someone that she really didn’t want to see early in the morning. She kept having a premonition that today would be a terrible day.

“There’s no need for you to be so angry… Lady Heather, you’ve really scared your pet…”

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Upon mentioning this, it seemed that Mirabelle was indeed trembling in Heather’s arms.

“Why are you here?”

Heather had a hostile and vigilant gaze as she looked at Dolin’s familiar and annoying face.

“It’s nothing much, didn’t you want to know where the insects hiding in the city are located? I just happen to know where they are.”

Mirabelle didn’t say anything, but she still widened her eyes.

-Could it be!?

“Is this information real?”
“Of course it is. I don’t gain anything from lying to you. Still, that place is a bit far from here, so as for her…”
“It’s no matter, I’ll take proper care of her… However, I want to ask you something. Why are you helping me?”
“What are you saying? We’re both vampires, so shouldn’t we be helping each other out?”
“Help each other out… Fine, then I’ll…”

Heather was just about to agree, but then she thought things over again and felt that something seemed to be odd.


Heather called for Lucy, who was standing beside her.

“Milady, what’s the matter?”
“Princess Dolin says that she’s discovered the elves, so I want to leave this matter up to you. You’ll be able to capture them, won’t you?”
“Understood. I’ll definitely complete this mission.”

After receiving Heather’s command, Lucy replied in an icy tone as she immediately lowered her head towards Heather in devotion.

Meanwhile, Dolin stood to the side and clapped her hands as she started laughing loudly towards Heather.

“As expected of the vampire queen. You really are so cautious. Well, I’ve also summoned other vampire princes to go along with me, so it doesn’t matter…”

Dolin then left the room after saying this. After Dolin left, Lucy whispered to Heather, “Milady, do you really believe her rubbish?”

“It doesn’t matter. If you discover that she lied, then she’ll have committed the crime of deceiving the queen, and you can arrest her immediately on the spot…”
“But, my strength alone is likely insufficient to defeat Princess Dolin…”

No matter what, Dolin was still a vampire princess. Lucy, who was only an ordinary vampire noble, would naturally be unable to defeat her.

However, Heather tossed her personal token over to Lucy. This golden token was a symbol of Heather’s status as a vampire queen. Lucy could use this token to command the other vampire princes who were coming along to help capture Princess Dolin. If this token was lost, then that also meant Heather’s status as vampire queen would basically disappear. Heather giving something so important to Lucy meant she recognized Lucy’s status and trusted her.

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“Please definitely don’t disappoint me, Lucy…”
“With profound respect and humility, thank you for your trust, Milady…”

After both Dolin and Lucy left the room, Heather once again returned to her seat.

‘Dolin actually wanted to use the old trick of drawing me out of my base to separate me from Mirabelle? She’s too naive. I won’t be fooled by anyone!’

As long as Heather stayed in this castle, the vampire princes would act as her strongest shield. Staying in this castle meant that she would be safe.

“Master… why aren’t you going? Didn’t you really want to capture them?”
“Mira, if I go, who would protect you? If there’s a battle there, then wouldn’t those ants be able to capture you? That’s why I sent Lucy and some vampire princes instead…”
“I… why would I escape? I love Master the most, and I won’t trust anything that anyone else apart from Master tells me…”

Heather really liked how obedient Mirabelle was like this. That’s right, she liked Mirabelle no matter what the latter was like, as long as Mirabelle was by her side.

It didn’t matter if Mirabelle was obedient or resistant. Heather only wanted Mirabelle to remain by her side forever. This was the only light that could illuminate the darkness on her path forward.


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