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Chapter 69 – Issuing a Command (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1408 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 832 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle no longer remembered what happened next. She only sensed that she got in bed after she finished dinner. Heather then drank her blood as she did every day. Mirabelle had zero memories regarding what happened afterwards.

Mirabelle’s consciousness woke up gradually. She could only sense that she was in a dark cage – everything around her was dark, and her heart was filled with fear.

‘-I’m so afraid. Just where is this?’


‘-Why was she here in such a place?’

Mirabelle listlessly looked at what was around her. She felt deep fear about the incredibly suffocating atmosphere around her. She silently hugged her own legs in this pitch-black cage. She then slowly walked to the location where she belonged – the corner.

Mirabelle sat down at the corner and raised her head to look at everything.

‘-Sinking into an eternal sleep doesn’t seem like a bad ending right now.’

Her eyes had no life in them at all as she looked towards the sky. However, the ceiling was completely dark, and it was impossible for her to see anything.


She couldn’t remember what happened before, nor did she want to. Regardless, she would forever be trapped by the chains of fate. She would never, ever be able to escape from Heather’s grasp.

‘-I want to see you so much, Rion.1

This was despite Rion being the person who had murdered Mirabelle in her past life. Mirabelle still thought about Rion, whom she felt the most regret towards in her previous life. Yet, where was Rion right now?

‘Maybe I’ll be able to see her after my death?’


Mirabelle laughed sardonically at herself.

‘Even if I see her again, Nikaidou Rion wouldn’t possibly treat me the same as before. -Ever since Rion told me her true feelings, it became impossible for us to have the same relationship as before.’

Those promises… the promise to accompany Rion every day. She had promised to take Rion to travel all over the world after Rion recovered from her illness. That was the original intention, but she never expected that Rion would murder her.

That was why Mirabelle still had tears of regret.

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-Why hadn’t she noticed earlier that Rion’s illness was constantly getting worse?
-Why had she gone to Rion’s patient room to tell her that she was getting married?

Why? Why? Why? Why?

No matter what, Mirabelle couldn’t understand herself –

She truly was so foolish. Mirabelle smiled sardonically. Perhaps this was punishment for her foolishness.

Silently… the caged canary slowly closed her eyes.

Mirabelle got up from bed just like normal and put on her maid attire. She finished putting on her clothes before Heather got up, and then sat down on the large bed where she slept together with her master. This was because she had been ordered last night to wake Heather up early, hence Mirabelle was now carrying out the command to wake up her master.

“Master, it’s time to get up…”
“Yeah, but I slept too late last night, so I want to sleep in this morning. Mira, sleep together with Master as well…”

‘-Why is it like this? Heather clearly told me to wake her up this morning. Yet, she’s now trying to sleep in?’

“But… I’ve already put on my clothes, which will get wrinkled if I go back to sleep…”
“No need to mind such things. The only reason you wear clothes is to show me anyways. Hurry and get on the bed so we can sleep together…”
“I understand…”

Mirabelle then laid down in front of Heather and was once again embraced by her.

Just what exactly was this? Calling for Heather to wake up, yet then being requested to sleep together.

‘-Master is so difficult to understand.’

Mirabelle didn’t act as awkward as she usually did. She instantly slept right next to Heather.

Upon closer look, Mirabelle looked much different from before. For instance, her water-blue eyes had no signs of life to them at all. Mirabelle was now only living on as Heather’s pet. Heather had stripped away Mirabelle’s consciousness and her ability to think. Even if Mirabelle wanted to escape, Heather had already broken her wings.

Heather smiled in satisfaction as she sensed the warmth in her arms. As mentioned previously, Heather was capable of controlling the vampire virus in a blood slave’s blood. In combination with her Charm ability, she could completely control everything about Mirabelle.

To tell the truth, Heather really hated pets who only knew to listen to every command. But if she didn’t do this, perhaps Mirabelle would be rescued just like her mother was.

Mirabelle’s resistance had been beyond Heather’s expectations. She really had managed to majestically complete the rescue of her mother right under Heather’s watch. That was why Heather helplessly made up her mind.

-Heather would directly use this power to place Mirabelle under her complete control.

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  1. Term change: Urara > Rion
    (The MC’s sick sister)

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