Chapter 65 – Lost the Right Since the Beginning (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1465 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 804 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle immediately ran over anxiously to Heather upon her return. Heather was completely soaked by the rain. Her long blonde hair, clothes, and hair accessories were all completely wet.

“M… Master, why are you soaked all over? Hurry and take your clothes off. You should then take a shower, otherwise you’ll…”

Actually, Mirabelle didn’t know what would happen. Would vampires catch colds if they were soaked by the rain? Mirabelle silently mulled this question over when-

Heather asked her a question in a dark tone.

“Hey, Mira… do you think that I’m important?”
“Eh? Why are you asking this question now?”

Mirabelle had a confused expression. She didn’t really understand what Heather was thinking. However, she still led Heather by the hand over to the shower room on the 6th floor.

“Um… Miss Lucy!”

Mirabelle called Lucy’s name while facing the ceiling. She knew that Lucy was always watching her at all moments apart from in the shower and bathroom. Mirabelle had an idea as she called for Lucy.

Lucy soon jumped down from the direction of the ceiling and asked Mirabelle, “Princess, is something the matter?”

“Hurry and help Heather wash up and change her clothes. Also remember to notify the others to prepare hot water, otherwise she’ll catch a cold…”


Lucy wanted to say that nothing would likely happen if a vampire got wet from the rain. She silently glanced towards Heather for directions. Lucy had received Heather’s command to never relax her surveillance of Mirabelle for even a moment, after all. This [moment] also counted. That was why Lucy was really afraid of going against Heather’s orders.

Heather raised her head to look at Lucy – and then she silently nodded, meaning that she tacitly accepted Mirabelle’s suggestion. Lucy then stood where she was as she bowed to Mirabelle.

“Very well… I understand. Please, the two of you should wait for a moment in the shower room. I’ll immediately have the maids who are free go heat some water.”

Mirabelle then supported Heather over to the changing room after Lucy left. She hurriedly picked up a towel hanging on the wall and carefully wiped Heather’s wet long hair. As she did so, Heather’s blood-red eyes didn’t leave Mirabelle for even an instant.

After Heather saw Mirabelle’s concerned expression, she felt even more that it would be impossible for her to ever let Mirabelle get away from her side.

“Master? Are you alright? A vampire won’t catch a cold, right?”

Mirabelle asked what she was worried about.


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However, Heather didn’t reply. All she did was stare at Mirabelle’s face. After a long while – Heather reached her hand out towards Mirabelle and started caressing the latter’s cute face. Mirabelle couldn’t help but feel anxious when she felt how ice-cold Heather’s hand was.

“Master, are you alright?”
“Of course I’m alright. Mira, didn’t you want to know what happened? Your mother is still within my hands. So, if you understand, properly stay by my side, okay?”
“But Master, I…”
“Listen up, this isn’t a request, it’s an order. You must stay by my side. You’re not allowed to go anywhere…”

Mirabelle bit her lower lip. It was quite difficult for her to promise this to Heather. She started hesitating when she saw Heather like this – her heart started beating at an inconceivably rapid rate.

After being with Heather for so many days already, Mirabelle understood quite clearly that Heather wasn’t a bad person. However, Mirabelle’s parents and her species – even Mirabelle herself was being completely suppressed by Heather.

Pity. Hatred. Vengeance. Mirabelle’s own feelings about Heather-

All of these mixed together to form one single word.

“Why did you have to be my mortal enemy?”

Heather thought, ‘Ahh… this makes things quite clear. The two of us are different species who can never stand together. Vampires are her enemies who eradicated and enslaved her species, and I’m basically personally responsible for having killed her parents?’

Heather’s body gradually became colder. She also recalled something that happened in the past. She could still faintly remember that she had once stood on the outskirts of the elven territory and used her own power. At that time, how many elves did she directly kill using her power? Heather had long since forgotten the number, but she recalled that there was a very familiar scent amongst the elves who had died. That male elf had the same scent as Mirabelle.

-Blood scent.

Heather recalled when she had first smelled this scent. She had used her subordinates to set up a large scale attack. One of the elves who died to her subordinates’ attack was definitely Mirabelle’s father.

Although nobody else knew about this, Heather had far sharper senses than others and knew about what happened.


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