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Chapter 66 – Lost the Right Since the Beginning (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1713 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 833 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Is… that so?”

So she had already lost the right to be anything more than master and slave with Mirabelle before this?


‘-Just why am I laughing? Is it because I lost the chance to be in a loving relationship with Mira? Or am I laughing at my own foolishness?’

Heather didn’t know. Perhaps she just wanted to laugh out loudly.

Even though it was her subordinate who came up with the idea of [having the vampires conquer the elven country on the borders.] Even though there were many vampire nobles and princes who had agreed with this sentiment. Despite that, Heather was still nothing more than a perpetrator. She was different from Mirabelle who was a victim. She was an evil and vicious perpetrator. -She was the perpetrator who had killed Mirabelle’s parents.

It wasn’t like she could now act like a victim in front of Mirabelle?
Because she had to face how foolish she was-
Because she had to face how she was acting like a victim-
Heather felt really repulsed.

“I’m sorry-”

‘Even though I know that it’s too late to apologize, even so…’

She still apologized to Mirabelle.


Mirabelle felt really conflicted after she heard this. If she had met her master in a different way – could it be possible that things wouldn’t be like this?

Heather was the vampire queen – at the same time, she was also the leader of the vampires that Mirabelle hated the most. Heather was the person that she should hate the most. That was how it was supposed to be – however, Mirabelle found it impossible to hate Heather when looking at the latter’s face. Mirabelle felt closer to Heather, rather than the parents who had given birth to her.

At this awkward moment, Lucy opened the door to the shower room. -She hurriedly entered the changing room while holding some clothes.

“I’ve already brought the clothing. The hot water has also been prepared! Eh? What’s the matter with you two?”

Since Mirabelle and Heather were sitting rather far away from each other, Lucy thought that the two must be having a disagreement.

“It’s nothing. Thank you, Lucy, and Mira…”

Heather took the clothing that Lucy handed to her and hung it on the wall. Lucy glanced meaningfully at Mirabelle and entered the shower room together with Heather while pouring all the hot water into the bath.

“Milady, please enjoy…”
“Wait, call Mira in as well…”
“Don’t you typically bathe by yourself?”
“I said to let her come in, so make her come in!!”

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Lucy felt afraid at how vicious Heather’s tone was. She knew that her master was really angry right now. If she didn’t listen to Heather’s command, then Heather would instantly snap her head off. Lucy thus came out and called for Mirabelle.

“Princess, Milady is calling for you…”

Mirabelle was still blankly looking at the floor. It seemed that she hadn’t regained her senses.

She finally regained her senses when Lucy gently pushed Mirabelle’s body.

“What is it? Miss Lucy…”
“Milady is looking for you. You better go in quickly. Otherwise, who knows what will happen if she gets angry…”
“Oh… I understand…”

Mirabelle stood up and entered the shower room.

Lucy was the type who really knew how to read the atmosphere. She had excellent observational skills, which was exactly why Heather kept Lucy by her side. Lucy then silently closed the door to the shower room and waited outside for them to [finish].

‘Milady is filled with killing intent – perhaps it will be quite difficult for even that princess to escape the fate of death.’

Mirabelle quickly entered the shower room. She entered the shower room which was filled with steam while still wearing maid attire. Mirabelle immediately saw Heather, who had steam all around her. -Additionally, Heather was completely naked!?

Mirabelle was immediately shocked and covered her own eyes.

“M… M, M, Master… you… why are you naked?”

She was so embarrassed that she didn’t dare to look at Heather’s body.

“I’m the one who should be asking you, Mira. Why did you enter the shower room with your clothes on? Isn’t it common sense to be naked in the shower room?”

Mirabelle didn’t notice the iciness in Heather’s tone.

“What country’s common sense is this?”

Mirabelle’s gaze kept becoming more panicky as she could only silently bow. She then thought about running.

“I’ll be leaving first!!”
“Wait, you’re going to take off your clothes? I’ll be waiting here for you. If you don’t hurry and make me wait for too long, you know the consequences, right?”

-A threat, this was a threat, an absolutely naked threat.

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Mirabelle closed the shower room door and trembled all over as she took off her clothes. Although it wasn’t her showering time yet, she could only take off all the maid attire she was wearing and then go inside the shower room so that Heather wouldn’t punish her.


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